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Species: Pegasus Gender: Colt Age: 3 Height: 17hh
n. rhoa
animal, beast:

▶ Body Colour: Deep Gray;
▶ Mane/Tail: Black;
▶ Markings: Heavy barring, dorsal stripe, legs fade to white;
▶ Hooves: Black;
▶ Eye Colour: Warm/Deep Teal;
▶ Wings: Black/Deep Gray. The underside looks like burning embers
▶ Build: Rhoa inherited much of his mother's grace and dexterity, giving him longer and more agile lines than his father. He stands slightly shorter than his father, but is much faster and more graceful while still retaining muscle-mass;
▶ Height: 17hh.

At the most I'm a glare, I'm the hopeless son whose hardly there. I'm the open sign that's always busted, the friend you need that can't be trusted.

Charismatic ▵ Well-Spoken ▵ Loyal ▵ Courageous ▵ Witty ▵Charming

▶ Having learned much of his poise and mannerisms from his mother, Rhoa has all the makings of a well-mannered prince. However he would prefer to spend his days training with his father, and going on adventures with his brother, than taking advantage of all Sohalia has to teach. Still, he bears her lessons with dignity and patience, and always represents the herd well in matters of diplomacy. Secretly, he enjoys getting into scuffles with other colts his age, and learning the finer art of wooing females.

Here I am, where I've been? I've walked a hundred miles in tobacco skins. My clothes are worn and gritty, & I've seen ugliness. Now show me something pretty.

▶ Dam: Sohalia the Transcended;
▶ Sire: Gaucho the WildFire;
▶ Full Siblings: Ivezho (twin) & Zenobia. ▶ Half Siblings: Skysong(Note x Sohalia - deceased) and Diniel (Note x Sohalia- deceased)
Rhojosor; Foal stats. Born with a partially obstructed lung and nearly dies at birth - the lung will heal and return to normal on its own over two years. Born with the ability to bond to two companions.
I lose myself when I look at you; Ivezho and Rhoa are born! Both foals have health problems. Andromeda arrives to partially heal Rhoa.
Of course I can fly; Rhoa works on flying.
Maze of hallways; SS Companion Drop
Stained Glass; Dark/Wind Quest Drop
What could have been; Meets Spice!
What's an IT?; Brings Spice back to the Throat
Inbetween; Meets Fig
Lets see what we can see; Goes on patrol with Ranjiri. Meets Hototo along the way.
No Single Cloud; Storytelling Thread with Tandavi!
Beach Day; Royal SS companion drop
Sins of Our Fathers; Meets Arya
His Valiant return; Follows Gaucho to the Island. Sees the turtle and receives a prize
I thought we had a deal?; Finds Spice at the Endless Blue

I was a dumb punk kid with nothing to lose. And too much weight for walkin' shoes. I could have died from being boring.
Magic & Companions

▶ Magic: :: [Magic: Fire (P) | Inside of his wings look like burning embers, but do not give off heat.
:: [Restrictions | Limited to a radius of 10ft..]
▶ Companion: Will quest for a zephyr companion.
    ▶:: [Genetic Mutation | Ability to bond with two companions]
▶ Item :: [Phoenix Feather]
thank you
Thank you!

▶ Table Credits: THANKS ♥
▶ Image Credits: , , , ,
▶ Profile Image Credits: ,
▶ Played by: Aud. I also play Gaucho.

:: [ Magic: Fire (P) | Inside of his wings look like burning embers, but do not give off heat ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   7 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
5 9.5 6.5 65
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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