the Rift

Rank magic-Battle Cry :: Can utter a confidence-shattering cry once during battle that will shake an opponent's resolve and increase the chance/strength of one of your attacks.

Passive magic :: Golden touch - gold springs from his touch at will. He can turn nonliving objects into gold.

[Magic: Earth x Wind (U)| Able to summon sand storms and condense the sand into shapes or use the sand to shield others]

[Magic: Earth x Fire(U)| Able to melt any metal and craft non-magical items]

[Magic: Earth x Earth (U) | Able move earth by concentration and cause large tremors or extensive earth quakes.

Female || Phoenix || Common || Advanced Mind Speech

Body:: Orange/Yellow. Base body is a secretary bird, without all the leg. Head is similar to that of a hawk with a flaming head-dress that extends past her wings.
Wings:: Orange/Yellow.
Tail:: Orange/Yellow. Feathers are on fire continuously and extend far past her body.
Eyes:: Sky blue
Beak:: Dark cream

// Flashy
// Fearlessly protective
// Courageous
// Judgmental
// Easily offended

Female || Arctic || Common || Baby Mind Speech

Body:: White/Blue. Body is shaped much like an eagle and is pure white. Head-dress is white with icy blue tips and runs from the top of her head and down to her the lower portion of her spine.
Wings:: White with blue tips.
Tail:: White/Blue. Much like the head-dress her tail is white and eventually fades to an icy blue. She is cold to the touch and can freeze anything on contact.
Eyes:: Steel grey
Beak:: Ivory

// Shy
// Soft spoken
// Fearful
// Naive
// Curious

the Gallant

Ascended Helovian

Gold follows his footsteps, it vanishes after a moment. .

Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: Immortal :: Soul is 7 (FF) Height: 14.3 hh

Breed ► Purebred Paint Campolina

Gender ► Male

Wings ► Swan wings, the tips are dipped in gold

Eyes ► Solid gold, pupil less

Mane/Tail ► Black/White

Body ► Black/White

Hooves ► Solid gold

Markings ► Gold eye marking running down both eyes

Magical Golden Armor :: Encircles Midas's neck as a shiny silver collar; this mythical armor can be called into action with a mere summon thought from him. While as a collar it is light weight and can be removed by Midas when he touches the center gem. Placing it back on requires assistance. He hardly ever removes the collar, and rarely calls on its ability to turn into armor.

He also carries a Sun God and a Spark God amulet underneath his collar.

Spear :: he possesses a collapsible, iron Spear that stays tucked neatly away in a small leather pouch underneath the top-right fold of his collar. The spear extends by pressing a little silver button on its side.

Woven on the inside of his mane, nearest to the withers is a small heart shaped pendant made of silver.


+ He is a soft spoken man, and one of few words.

+ There aren't many who will show compassion as openly as he does.

+ Years of leading, prayer, and meditation has made this campolina a wiser fellow.

+ Midas hardly ever interrupts and is known to be a good listener

+ A family man at heart, Midas is strongly paternal and tends to stretch himself thin by caring deeply for many individuals

+ There are few things he values more than loyalty and is thus equally loyal.

+ Earth is his patron and the god of his ancestors.

+ Choosing a good defense over offense is his strategy.



"Thee has brought me to life again."

Long standing friends, now lovers and a mated pair. This dappled lady was placed in his path many times over -- he no longer has to ignore his stirring feelings for her.


"A brother from another mother.

Apollo is a close a friend/brother whose bond was built during battle against a common enemy and through many miraculous life experiences.


"I wish to have known ye better."

A former mentor who died.


"Ye will always be my friend."

Mate to the late Azzuen.


"Such a disappointment. Ye are a failed prodigy. I raised ye for kindness, goodness...thee has grown bitter and blind.

His adopted son. They've lost touch over the years and purposely stay apart. Midas can't understand why Cera has changed so drastically.


"Remain hidden and we will be at peace. Reveal thee face and I might be tempted to burn it off."

His long standing, unresolved foe. Though Midas voices forgiveness, he still holds a grudge against this bay colored Basin soldier.

Earth God

"I've followed ye, loved ye, called ye father."

Patron God, his astral father and mentor.


"Thee has grown. I couldn't be there to see.

Brothers as soldiers serving beneath the reign of Kri. Coleaders before the time of darkness and sickness.


"Ye serves as I do."

Midas figures Hector is currently residing in Dragon's Throat. They are battleborn brothers.


"Beloved son. Ye was loved by many."

A step son by title and known by Helovia as a demi God. Midas loved him as his own child and helped raise him from an early age. His sudden death was a shock and heartbreaking disappointment.


"Can you stand against the wolves who sleep in their dens?"

Kind girl and gentle soul. They had a bumpy start when Midas's doppleganger caused problems, but those events have since been placed behind them.


"A queen in every sense of the world. Hail to ye Kri, wherever ye may be."

Queen of sand, patron of the desert. It was under her rule that his family flourished. She helped him become the leader he is now.


"I don't hate ye. In fact. I feel numb to ye."

His former mate. Their time together was short, but in that span they conceived a beautiful daughter. As much as it hurt him to watch her walk away (which he still regrets.) Midas has tried to move on, the fear of failure haunts him.


"Thee is always alone. We aren't so unlike each other."

A friend? A foe? Midas isn't sure. Though he thinks Mauja is wiser and more intelligent than most.


"Ye has gone from this world. I miss ye."

Early on Onni made a big impact in Midas's life by healing Cera and showing wisdom in hard times.


"Age serves ye well. Are ye still alone?"

Ktulu's sister, his ex-sisterinlaw


"I haven't seen ye in years. Did ye die?"

Ktulu's father, and now his ex-fatherinlaw.


Does thee hate me as well?"

His first born daughter. Currently residing in Dragon's Throat. Midas found out through a visit that she'd given birth to a colt, (unknowing that the foal was adopted.)


"Shy girl, thee surrenders an unusual amount of trust in me. For that, I say thank ye, and pray to be worthy of it."

He's known Rasta for years, they lived together in Dragon's Throat and currently share a home in Hidden Falls. Midas sees her as a sister, mentor, and friend. She is dear to him.

Satanic Silk

"Does thee ache as I once did? Running will solve nothing."

A friend and brother. Last Midas heard, Silk was on a trip.


"Thee screams haunt my sleep...why did ye abandon me?"

Midas's former co-lead at Hidden Falls. She was a dear friend and possibly would've become his lover/mate given enough time. He still grieves over her horrific death -- just thinking or talking of how she died, upsets him greatly.

Before Helovia

My ancestors were island nomad's, birthed from a fragile union joining two opposing tribes together into one mighty alliance. This alliance didn’t stand the test of time and eventually the two clans went to war against each other—there was no victory for either side, only death, the loss of son, daughter and mate. Those who remained alive scattered to the wind, they drifted across the valleys and oceans, searching for a land to call home.

Tharon and Belie came to rest upon the shores of Dragon’s Throat. They lived and thrived within the residing herd who had claimed that land. Belie eventually gave birth to a single male—Midas, she called him. For a short time the little family enjoyed the blessings of peace and tranquility. Peace was shattered again by a war, Tharon and Belie lost their lives to the fray, leaving behind a yearling to carry on the family bloodline.



Midas - Tharon x Belie

Cera - //adopted son// ? x ?

Hototo //stepson// Ktulu x Earth

Ranjiri - //firstborn// Midas x Ktulu

Zahra - Midas x Africa

Awards from Site

Character of the Year - 2013
// 2013 Midas was titled,"Nice guy of the year."
// 2013 He and Ktulu were also, "Cutest couple of the year."

A Beautiful Day

Who we are

Character of the Month

Ascended Helovian

Chapter 1

After my parents died, I was shadowed by grief and shattered emotionally, (as any youngling would be.) Various members of the herd would stop by, ensuring my well being; but there was always a whisper of judgement upon their breath and a too sweet smile upon face. They pitied me because I was an orphan, but thought nothing toward my future in the herd. Eventually the tears dried and I emerged from ash to a dawn, bright and shinning -- though my gaze was still very dark.

Training began shortly after; my Da had schooled me on basic skills, I bore technique, but little control of power. My days were spent under the blazing sun as an apprentice soldier, unmerciful the patron of Dragon's Throat turned a blind eye to my chosen path of suffering. Spars eventually turned into challenges as I grew confident; yearlings, two year olds. They became my brothers and sisters, friends and family.

A year passed and I turned two -- entering an age of adolescence.

There was one yearling upstart that caught my attention. He was a year younger than me, just a scruffy little lad who had wandered in from an outlaying territory. We hung out as friends at first, then as brothers as our bond began to seal -- he followed me everywhere. Norse. One day, we were playing beside the cliffs near the ocean, luring each other closer and closer to the edge. My wings had matured to full length and received their primary feathers many months before. I'd recently made it through flight training with the elder soldiers in our herd, Norse had only begun his first few sessions. We were young and stupid. Never thinking that anything bad would happen.

Not until something bad did happen.

The rocks beneath our feet gave way; we'd been standing to close to the rocky edge. Our combined weight was to much for the fragile stones which had been washed by time and salt -- we fell. I opened wings and flew to safety, catching a glimpse of my friend, brother, and child fall to his death on the shores below. A scream and then painful silence. The sharp shoreline was quick to take his life, I could only stare in awestruck horror as the pale surf turned red from the blood that emerged from his nose and eyes.

Norse. I grieved for him and this cruel world. Prayer became my escape, I called upon the god of my father and his father, Earth. Days turned into weeks, and then months. I rose to the lowly position of Soldier during that time, entering the ranks of those that were sent into the fray first.

Chapter 2

The third year of my life was spent training, patrolling, and recruiting. I eventually healed the wounds of loss -- the mending was painful at first, but time was an excellent healer and my family offered many distractions. Cera came into my life, he arrived much like Norse had -- carried by the wind and bleating his sorrow. That painted boy became my final stitch in the cuts that tore at this soul. We were happy and growing, I sheltered him from the world -- but it wouldn't last in that perfect ignorance. Work would always get in the way, drive an invisible wedge between our bond.

There were many happy moments following Cera's arrival, celebrations, racing, the discovery of my first inborn talent. Sand control. My life was unfolding rapidly, days became sweet with an easy going pace that gave me freedom to love and be loved. Ktulu, a mysterious mare. She caught my eye and quickly captured interest. That dark beauty with a crimson tinting her hair; young love. Fate allowed us to have a short time together, we traveled to distant lands, seeking material that Earth had requested. Upon completion my patron god crafted this body a set of armor that resembled the same my Da had once worn.

Fina came into my life shortly after Cera; I among others found her egg tottering on the edge of Heavenly Fields; by combining my efforts with strangers we were able to save that creamy shell. Out of the souls that lingered, she chose mine in those fragile moments of silence and our bond was sealed for eternity.

The wind sang for us, approving the union.

There were less favorable events stirring; and they all began with ill timing. Very rarely did I take leave from duty, but every so often I'd take an afternoon off so that me and Cera could expand our horizon and get out of the Throat to explore the lands bordering our home. It would seem ill luck followed us close at heel. Cera had walked into the forest, leaving me on the edge to graze. His blood curling screams ignited the air, I rushed to him -- but nearly arrived to late. A Basin stallion had poisoned his blood.

With all speed I took Cera back home, collapsing on the border from exhaustion. Onni arrived and healed his wounds, chased the toxin from his blood. But our lives would never be the same; this was the beginning of a series of events that would aid in further shaping my relationships.

Wars came. Promotions, I became a General. Kri called for us to fight in an alliance. My first taste of true battle was victorious, but the sweetness was tainted when my mentor and co-general, Azzuen, breathed in his last breath on one peaceful morning. Ktulu fled the desert, leaving without so much as a farewell. Apollo became one of my closest friends.

Chapter 3

With time I was able to woe Ktulu into entering a long distance relationship with me. I was entranced by her beauty and ignorant to the dangers of playing with wildfire. We were young, reckless. She'd already had a child by father Earth, that didn't stop us from seeking warmth in the physical comfort of being around each other. During the first few months of my fourth year I balanced raising Cera, settling into the position of Sultan and visiting Ktulu.

Hototo, a child sired from the loins of earth. Him and Cera became quick friends, me and Ktulu often took our little family out for flying lessons and visits beside the ocean. Those were peaceful days, summertime days. It was months of growth for the two of us, Ktulu and her sister became the leaders of Foothills, they ruled a small group of mercenaries called, The Grey. It wasn't long before Ktulu's belly began to swell. My child was growing within her womb. I watched that beautiful, slender frame blossom from a distance; she soon gave birth to a filly. Ranjiri had entered my life.

Magic began to grow stronger inside me. I learned to craft gold during those months of peace and tranquility.

All to soon, danger again struck us. Shadow creatures, monsters from another world who bore our faces and our likeness. They were called Dopplegangers, total opposites of our personalities. Cera confronted my doppleganger; he came home, scared, wide eyed. I hadn't thought much into the situation -- I would later regret not looking deeper. During this outbreak of panic and uncertainty Kri disappeared from our home, leaving me the only lead to oversee our unions and herd.

Just as the doppelgangers waned, the Basin attacked our home and our allies, the Edge. We were victorious, but not without sacrifice. Kri returned, claiming to be held captive by our enemies. It wasn't long after the war that a certain dappled mare entered my life. Africa, a clan mate whom had run into a basin cur. I drove back the stallion and captured him.

Things seemed to settle for a few weeks, scouts reported seeing Kri vanish into the horizon. She left Dragon's Throat and with her the sun seemed to follow. Helovia was covered by darkness -- the sun didn't rise, the moon didn't shine. There was nothing. Our world became a living hell. Many of my herd disappeared during this darkness, Africa was among them. We became confined to our borders, fearing the outside world and darkness. Sun didn't forget his people, a pillar of fire ran into heaven, it became our light and hope.

I raised Guacho to the second lead position.

Chapter 4

Darkness eventually waned and the sun returned. We were all able to sigh collectively and catch a breath. Cera was traveling outside the throat often, on one such outing he put an end to my doppleganger, unknowingly pulling me in a parallel universe.

That world was cold, uncaring, full of fire that fell from heaven. An unyielding darkness that was lessened only by this fire. An ocean stretched below as far as the eye could see, stones ringed themselves in the water; pools that led to other worlds, other timelines. i returned to Helovia after seeing a vision of the Doppleganger that Cera had killed. Months had passed.

My recovery was swift, but not swift enough, Ktulu ended our relationship after realizing that I wasn't prepared to follow her to Foothills. Magic grew from the heartache of wounded love, I learned how to tremble the earth. ....... more to come..... ____________________ outline

A sickness was coming, the sickness that would drive us from our homes and into a cave.

Healed the sick and grew closer to Africa. Discovered that it was a Basin stallion who had cut off her wing.

The sickness slowly started to lessen, the gods came to us one by one. Granting leadership and positions. I became Czar of Hidden Falls and Seele became my colead.

We traveled to Hidden Falls with the Asylum.

Asylum proved to be more than just a handful.

Traitors were thrown from Asylum and Hidden Falls.

Basin came asking for an Alliance.

I pleaded to Dragon’s Throat for an Alliance.

We entered an agreement with them and a formed a peace treaty with the Edge.

The island appeared, offering more distractions and celebration. Races and trinkets.

Earth granted me new magic, the ability to craft any metal of my choosing.

Basin came to Hidden Falls and Time god appeared.

Gave an Earth amulet to Lena to give to the little Basin filly he'd upset.

Seele died

Midas grieves, the murders continue.

Ghost is chosen as their new leader.

Africa appeared in the Falls.

Africa and Midas grow closer and create a new life.

Hototo is murdered and the real killer is revealed.


Played by

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   7 END:   7
OI:   2 DI:   2 MG:   2.0 CP:   2.0
Notable Accomplishments

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Tiding (Herd) Archives
Agrona, Bellona, Midas
09-16-2014 by Agrona
Saints And Sinners, We're All The Same When They Peel Our Skin Back Archives
Midas, Onsoun, Sikeax
09-13-2014 by Tamme
sky full of stars Archives
Hippolyta, Midas
09-27-2014 by Midas
Aurelia Burns Everything: Remix Archives
Adelric, Aurelia, Bellona, Kiara, Midas, Rei
10-03-2014 by Kiara
Hey Mama Archives
Circe, Midas
09-07-2014 by Midas
the earth has music (welcoming) Archives
Elsa, Kirah, Midas
10-01-2014 by Kirah
return. Archives
Eribor, Midas
08-28-2014 by Midas
My Return Archives
Caenan, Midas
09-09-2014 by Midas
Sugar 'n Vinegar Archives
Midas, Muriel
09-30-2014 by Midas
A Precious Ball of Earth [God of the Earth, Midas] Archives
Apollo, God of the Earth, Midas
10-13-2014 by Midas
A world full of little things Archives
Dröm, God of the Earth, Midas
09-29-2014 by Midas
Minemineminemine [Sin; Open] Archives
Astrasza, Midas, Roskuld
08-24-2014 by Roskuld
woke up with the sun [basin celebration invitations] Archives
Bellona, God of the Spark, Lena, Midas, Mirabella, Sialia
08-19-2014 by Bellona
Fly in a Jar (welcoming) Archives
Branwyn, Midas, Rostislav
10-03-2014 by Rostislav
First attempt (Cell #2 finished) Archives
Dröm, Midas
09-08-2014 by Midas
Rain drops are black in the night (Midas's kiddos) Archives
Cera, Midas, Ranjiri, Ryuu
10-29-2014 by Ryuu
Sleep is for the weary (seele, bel) Archives
Bellona, Midas, Seele
08-15-2014 by Midas
!! Stand Up [Falls Herd Meeting] Archives
Adelric, Agrona, Alleo, Bellona, Cashmere, Cealestis, Ciceron, Dröm, Elsa, Ghost, Irrydae, Kiara, Midas, Oxy, Rasta, Reizend, Rostislav, Seele, Somnus, Zünden
09-17-2014 by Bellona
Death Trap [Midas] Archives
Midas, Oxy
08-25-2014 by Midas
Will You Wait For Me? Archives
Adelis, Kiara, Midas
09-29-2014 by Midas
ACHTUNG!!! Archives
Ciceron, Dröm, Irrydae, Midas, NPC
08-07-2014 by Dröm
Thinking of you Archives
Africa, Midas
09-04-2014 by Midas
!! What Would You Do Archives
Africa, Dröm, Laedere, Midas, Reizend
08-22-2014 by Africa
!! Domesticated [Leaders/Ranked] Archives
Dragomir, Midas, Oxy, Quilyan, Resplendence, Seele
09-01-2014 by Seele
Come see (Herd) Archives
Bellona, Ciceron, Midas
08-11-2014 by Midas
No force can stop (Guacho, Any) Archives
07-13-2014 by Midas
Look what the drunk brought home [Closed] Archives
Midas, Rostislav, Seele, Serene
07-29-2014 by Midas
Can't You Feel I'm Broken? Archives
Adelis, Midas, Tangere
08-04-2014 by Midas
Stone Pillars of the East [HIDDEN FALLS] Archives
Irrydae, Midas, Random Event
08-02-2014 by Irrydae
!! Sleepsong [Falls/Throat] Archives
Africa, Laedere, Midas
07-22-2014 by Africa
I'm just a poor boy (Rostislav x Midas) Battleground
Midas, Rostislav
08-14-2014 by Official
Wrap my spirit in reassurance [Midas] (closed) Archives
Cashmere, Midas
08-04-2014 by Midas
Come back to you (closed) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Midas
07-03-2014 by Midas
Shed no tears (Closed) Archives
Midas, Satanic Silk
07-03-2014 by Midas
Roommates (Seele) Archives
Midas, Seele
08-31-2014 by Midas
Captivity at its finest (Cell #1 completed) Archives
06-22-2014 by Midas
Come on (Elsa x Midas) Battleground
Elsa, Midas
09-08-2014 by Official
Familial Ties [Midas] Archives
Apollo, Midas
08-20-2014 by Midas
Jailhouse Rock [prison cell#2] (CLOSED) Archives
Cashmere, Elsa, Midas
07-24-2014 by Midas
Si|ver and Go|d (CLOSED) Archives
Hawkeye, Midas
06-18-2014 by Midas
Twilight harvest... Archives
Cealestis, Midas
06-22-2014 by Midas
Cry ya pardon (Leaders, ranked) Archives
Africa, Midas, Sohalia
07-29-2014 by Midas
Candy mountain (Cashmere) (CLOSED) Archives
Cashmere, Midas
06-18-2014 by Midas
Earthquake. (Closed) Archives
Midas, Oxy
07-06-2014 by Midas
sauveur Hidden Falls
Azarel, Illynx, Kiara, Mauja, Midas, Sielu
06-28-2014 by Illynx
like the ocean in a perfect storm Archives
Delinne, Midas, Tsar'
06-06-2014 by Midas
Back of the pack [Chev X Midas] Battleground
Cheveyo, Midas
10-28-2014 by Official
A Future As Uncertain As The Past Archives
Midas, Sonya
06-01-2014 by Sonya
The world moves on [HERD MEETING] Archives
Adelric, Cashmere, Cealestis, Ciceron, Delinne, Elsa, Florabella, Ghost, Hawkeye, Kiara, Midas, Oxy, Reizend, Rostislav, Satanic Silk, Seele, Wilibald
06-17-2014 by Ghost
reactions [exploring] Archives
Biru, Ciceron, Midas
06-01-2014 by Ciceron
!! The Only Thing Worse Than a Hater, is a Traitor Archives
Eris, Midas, Seele
05-29-2014 by Eris_
don't be mad Archives
Midas, Ranjiri
06-22-2014 by Midas
Reaping [Delinne x Midas] Battleground
Delinne, Midas
06-06-2014 by Sevin
we'll never crash and burn | Rohesia, Abishia, herd Archives
Abishia, Delinne, Midas, Rohesia, Seele
05-03-2014 by Midas
Burning train [Hidden Falls Warriors] Archives
Agrona, Ciceron, Midas, Oxy, Rostislav
05-01-2014 by Midas
Newsflash: We're All Insane [Midas] (closed) Archives
Midas, Reizend
08-22-2014 by Reizend
cut through the rock [crafters] Archives
Abishia, Cashmere, Elsa, Midas, Rasta
07-11-2014 by Midas
verdant fields, laden with frost; [herd leaders] Archives
Circuta, Eris, Hawkeye, Illynx, Lena, Midas, Roland, Seele
05-14-2014 by Illynx
They Took Her Honour, Then Her life. Archives
Circuta, Eris, Midas, Seele
04-13-2014 by Seele
In the days of yester year Archives
Abishia, Ciceron, Midas, Parelia
04-15-2014 by Parelia
Heart song (Wilibald and Cashmere) Archives
Cashmere, Midas, Wilibald
06-02-2014 by Midas
here at the not-exactly-hidden falls [finished] Archives
Midas, Wilibald
06-01-2014 by Wilibald
welcome home, soldier || Oras, Seele, Midas Archives
Delinne, Midas, Oras, Seele
03-27-2014 by Seele
I Don't Need To Be The Hero Tonight Archives
Cera, Midas
05-04-2014 by Midas
snowdrift slumber Archives
Midas, Wilibald
03-28-2014 by Midas
creation of beauty is art (finished/closed) Archives
Elsa, Midas
04-06-2014 by Midas
First sign of spring Battleground
Marco, Midas
05-04-2014 by Sevin
Devil Grass :: HERD MEETING (finished/closed) Archives
Agrona, Amani, Azarel, Cashmere, Cealestis, Ciceron, Circuta, Delinne, Elsa, Eris, Florabella, Ghost, Hawkeye, Irrydae, Kiara, Marco, Midas, Oxy, Parelia, Rasta, Reizend, Rostislav, Satanic Silk, Seele, Solace
03-24-2014 by Ciceron
What Is A King Without His Queen? Archives
Midas, Windwalker
03-10-2014 by Midas
what if the world stopped spinning Archives
Adele, Midas
05-30-2014 by Midas
The Hidden Path (finished/closed) Archives
God of the Earth, Midas, Seele
03-11-2014 by Midas
My heart longs for freedom Archives
Arrane, Eris, Midas
03-05-2014 by Eris_
He is Not One of Us Archives
Cera, Midas, Snö
05-04-2014 by Midas
Choice & Chance Archives
God of the Earth, Midas
02-23-2014 by God of the Earth
Ice turns to water (hawkeye) The Sanctuary
Fiore, Hawkeye, Mauja, Midas
03-01-2014 by Hawkeye
itsy bitsy [healing] Archives
Alysanne, Midas, Ranjiri
03-23-2014 by Alysanne
Well now I'm just ugly and smelly Archives
Hector, Midas, Satanic Silk
03-03-2014 by Satanic Silk
deeds dark and hollows deep; [healing] Archives
Illynx, Midas
03-01-2014 by Illynx
Winter BattleBorn Archives
Hawkeye, Midas
02-20-2014 by Hawkeye
Purification Archives
Déodat, Midas
02-22-2014 by Midas
what would you do if my heart was torn in two? Archives
Evangeline, Midas
02-23-2014 by Midas
save my soul Archives
Hector, Micha, Midas, Oxy, Random Event
02-22-2014 by Oxy
The Fall Of The King Archives
Arrane, Circuta, Déodat, Megaera, Midas
01-27-2014 by Midas
Lend me your eyes Archives
Arrane, God of the Earth, Lena, Megaera, Midas, Tingal
01-29-2014 by Tingal
Home away from home [welcome, Marco] Archives
Africa, Marco, Midas
02-18-2014 by Marco
The Drums Beat Out a Marching Tune [Throat-Welcoming] Archives
Africa, Hamaliel, Megaera, Midas
02-03-2014 by Midas
In this, as all, prevails Archives
Cashmere, Cealestis, Circuta, Elsa, Ghost, Midas, Oxy, Skysong
02-02-2014 by Ghost
Bound... Archives
Africa, Midas
03-21-2014 by Midas
This means W.A.R Archives
Africa, Ampere, Archibald, Arrane, Circe, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Oxy, Pheonix
01-25-2014 by Africa
They come Archives
Faelon, Midas
01-14-2014 by Faelon
In the Dead of Night Archives
Ampere, Apollo, Arrane, Guinevere, Lakota, Locket, Mesec, Midas, Tharos
01-27-2014 by Ampere
They come Archives
01-10-2014 by Midas
They come Archives
Midas, Resplendence
01-12-2014 by Resplendence
Golden Archives
Alleo, Midas, Rasta, Yitilu
02-17-2014 by Midas
Sooner Or Later [Hector, Open] Archives
Hector, Midas, Windwalker
01-22-2014 by Midas
Hopeless [Midas] Archives
Midas, Parelia
01-10-2014 by Midas
now i feel nothing [gaucho] Archives
Gaucho, Midas, Ranjiri
01-20-2014 by Midas
Lets get our hooves dirty (guacho, africa) Archives
Africa, Midas
01-09-2014 by Africa
Safety Archives
Africa, Alleo, Cypress, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas, Pheonix, Rasta, Satanic Silk, Sohalia, Vadim, Windwalker
01-19-2014 by Gaucho
A new day [Herd Vote] Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas
01-08-2014 by Midas
Eat dust (Midas x Silk) Battleground
Midas, Satanic Silk
02-18-2014 by Official
[closed] First time for everything [Midas] Archives
Midas, Parelia
01-08-2014 by Parelia
Unbecoming (Solace) (CLOSED) Archives
Midas, Solace
01-07-2014 by Midas
Magic stirs (Rasta)(CLOSED) Archives
Midas, Rasta
01-08-2014 by Rasta
Where the hell am I? [OPEN] Archives
Abishia, Midas, Nazar
01-05-2014 by Abishia
Just a spoonfull of acid (Silk) (Closed) Archives
Midas, Satanic Silk
01-07-2014 by Satanic Silk
so what if i'm lost Archives
Midas, Saphira
02-03-2014 by Midas
The dawn after a shining star Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Alysanne, Ampere, Arah, Ayelet, Azale Moniet, Beowulf, Brisa, Ciceron, Circuta, Colt, Confutatis, Cypress, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Destrier, Dragomir, Eris, Faelene, Frost Fyre, Godiva, Illynx, Irrydae, Kaj, Lakota, Lena, Locket, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Psyche, Quilyan, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Resplendence, Ricochet, Roskuld, Sacre, Sakura, Satanic Silk, Seele, Shajake, Sohalia, Takara, Torleik, Ulrik, Windwalker, Zuriel
12-26-2013 by Tamme
Here to stay Archives
Gaucho, Midas
01-07-2014 by Gaucho
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go [WALL BUILDING] Archives
Africa, Alina, Midas, Rasta, Sikeax, Sohalia
01-16-2014 by Sohalia
“ HOWL ” Archives
Dresden, Midas, Rinoah
12-14-2013 by Rinoah
Forever in your Favor (Closed) Archives
Alina, Midas, Virus
01-08-2014 by Virus
Bleeding heart (Ktulu)(CLOSED) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
12-29-2013 by Midas
Messenger (Leaders of Asylum, ranked) Archives
Circuta, Eris, Ghost, Midas
12-21-2013 by Eris_
Messanger (Leaders, ranked) Archives
Apollo, Midas, Phaedra
12-04-2013 by Phaedra
Messager (Leaders, ranked) Archives
12-02-2013 by Midas
For a cause (Leaders from foothills, edge, asylum.) Archives
Apollo, Eris, Gaucho, Ghost, Lace, Midas, Mirage, Seele, Vulture
12-22-2013 by Apollo
Water's sweet but blood is Thicker [Birth] Archives
Carnesîr, Kari, Midas, Onni, Raeden, Shadow
01-18-2014 by Midas
Contaminated Soil [Africa] Archives
Africa, Midas, Voodoo
12-27-2013 by Africa
All teasing aside (Crafter, Finn) Archives
Finn, Midas
06-30-2014 by Midas
Down by the river side Archives
Kelec, Midas
11-30-2013 by Midas
Lets get our hooves dirty (guacho, africa, open) Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Midas
01-08-2014 by Gaucho
Purity [Earth/Water Magic Drop] Archives
Ciceron, Hototo, Midas, Oxy, Random Event, Takara, Torleik
11-23-2013 by Midas
Fee Fi Fo Fum [Acceptance Thread] Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Haidar, Midas
11-29-2013 by Midas
Home Away From Home [Delivery] Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Kahlua, Midas, Resplendence
11-30-2013 by Africa
sound the drums of condemnation Archives
Cera, Gaucho, Midas, Onni
12-26-2013 by Onni
this is a warning shot Archives
Azulee, Midas, Shadow
11-25-2013 by Shadow
What happened Archives
Hototo, Levi, Midas, Ophelia
12-29-2013 by Midas
Storms gathering (Africa//Spar) Battleground
Africa, Midas
12-19-2013 by Official
makes me wanna fly [open] Archives
Gaucho, Midas, Ranjiri
11-28-2013 by Midas
Honoring vows (seele) Archives
Midas, Seele
11-11-2013 by Midas
True hope (Herd meeting, CLOSED) Archives
Africa, Aurelia, Cera, Gaucho, Ilacta, Levi, Meraki, Midas, Onni, Random Event, Rasta, Shadow
11-23-2013 by Midas
Do you see what I see? [Report Re: Sanctuary] Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Ilacta, Midas, Shadow
11-12-2013 by Africa
a letter. Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Kri, Levi, Midas, Shadow
11-04-2013 by Levi
Armored soul Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Midas
11-11-2013 by Midas
Hunting Archives
Apollo, Midas
11-15-2013 by Midas
Halloween Maze Challenge :: Round Three Archives
Africa, Amara, Ampere, Brisa, Ciceron, Circe, Confutatis, Dragomir, Ghost, Illynx, Kahlua, Kelec, Luneia, Midas, Ophelia, Random Event, Ranjiri
11-04-2013 by Random Event
Morning light Archives
Midas, Pheonix
10-21-2013 by Midas
Reincarnation [finished] Archives
Africa, Midas
11-05-2013 by Africa
I've Had The Highest Mountains [Acceptance] Archives
Midas, Raven
10-15-2013 by Midas
Down the rabbit hole and back again (Open, healers, family, Kri) Archives
Gaucho, Levi, Midas, Onni
10-31-2013 by Levi
Come home. (closed) Archives
Amor, Midas
09-22-2013 by Midas
Sloshing (Amerilo Rose) Archives
Amerilo Rose, Midas
09-18-2013 by Midas
Haunted by a dream (Rasta) Archives
Midas, Rasta
11-30-2013 by Midas
Truth (Paladin) Archives
Midas, Paladin
09-22-2013 by Midas
Dreamseller [OPEN] Archives
Amor, Midas
09-13-2013 by Midas
The Price of a Life [Onni, Open] Archives
Kahlua, Midas, Onni
10-17-2013 by Kahlua
a knife in my back. Archives
Faelene, Gaucho, Kri, Midas, Shadow
10-10-2013 by Midas
Light the way. (Felix, Altair) FINISHED! Archives
Felix, Midas
09-12-2013 by Midas
Brotherhood [Midas] Archives
Apollo, Midas
09-02-2013 by Midas
Can't hold back Archives
Felix, Kahlua, Midas
09-03-2013 by Midas
Before the storm. Archives
Gaucho, Midas, Sohalia
09-13-2013 by Midas
Ghost in the night (Ghost spar) Battleground
Avalon, Midas
10-06-2013 by Official
Calling all units. Attend. (Leads, Open) Archives
Arlo, Eris, Midas, Seele
08-19-2013 by Arlo
I will not fall, I will stand tall. [Invasion] Archives
Arah, Midas
09-01-2013 by Official
No cure (Cera, death thread) Archives
Cera, Midas
09-15-2013 by Midas
the world is waiting [open] Archives
Midas, Ranjiri
10-10-2013 by Midas
Challenge//Mauja. Battleground
Gaucho, Mauja, Midas
08-19-2013 by Mauja
H-O-M-E Archives
Gaucho, Levi, Midas
08-19-2013 by Gaucho
Voyager [O] Archives
Discordia, Hana, Midas, Sikeax, Soren
08-20-2013 by Midas
Be the Icon. Archives
Hana, Iconic, Midas
08-20-2013 by Midas
Can You Catch a Falling Star? (Eris, Open) Archives
Agrona, ahi, Midas
08-20-2013 by Midas
Anew Archives
Harmony, Kahlua, Midas
09-23-2013 by Harmony
Crunch, munch Archives
Antheia, Midas, Sikeax
08-15-2013 by Midas
We Meet Again, Friend Archives
Antheia, Apollo, Harmony, Midas
09-11-2013 by Antheia
flight; Dragon's Throat
Gaucho, Mauja, Midas
08-09-2013 by Midas
!! Masterpiece Theater [Leaders] Archives
Eris, Gaucho, Hector, Kri, Midas, Seele
08-13-2013 by Seele
Empty nights bring starlite sights (Kri, Hector, Open) Archives
Hector, Kri, Midas
08-10-2013 by Midas
Blooming petals of fire (Flow, Cera, Open) Archives
Cera, Escaflowne, Midas
08-20-2013 by Escaflowne
Held together with glue (Apodis) Archives
Apodis, Midas
07-23-2013 by Midas
Follow me, orr not. ( Ayaka ) Battleground
Ayaka, Midas
08-13-2013 by Official
Entering an Unknown World Archives
ElegantDesire, Midas, Rasta
07-22-2013 by Midas
Beyond the Looking glass Archives
Escaflowne, Midas
07-28-2013 by Midas
the shadows on my wall don't sleep... Archives
Midas, Shadow
08-27-2013 by Midas
Real (Ktulu, Open) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
09-19-2013 by Ktulu
Loading. . . Archives
Hector, Midas
08-03-2013 by Midas
Twilight of My Beloved Kingdom :: [Herd Meeting] Archives
Alerion, Avalon, Ayaka, Cera, Gaucho, Hector, Kri, Midas, Shadow, Sumati, Tesande, Valentine
07-16-2013 by Avalon
Unanswered prayers Archives
Cera, Gaucho, Midas, Valentine
06-28-2013 by Valentine
Humming Hallelujah in the Dark. [open] Archives
Midas, Yuri
07-03-2013 by Midas
[Open] Winds of Change Archives
Apache Renoen, Apollo, Midas
07-11-2013 by Apache Renoen
A humble gift. (Earth God) Veins of the Gods
06-02-2013 by Midas
No turning back {Joining} Archives
Midas, Pheonix
06-07-2013 by Midas
let it rain [acceptance] Archives
Ghayth, Kri, Midas
06-20-2013 by Kri
Let the day close [Midas] Archives
Kumal, Midas
06-04-2013 by Midas
Magic Drop | Spark & Time Archives
Arah, Azulee, Cirrus, Gaucho, Irrydae, Midas, Random Event, Tonka, Ulrik
05-29-2013 by Random Event
See The Fire In My Eyes Archives
Ayaka, Elektra, Midas
07-19-2013 by Midas
Of Dunes and Sand {Herd leads, open} Archives
Midas, Skysong, Talianna
07-27-2013 by Midas
pretty little life [open] Archives
Irrydae, Midas, Ranjiri
06-28-2013 by Midas
Gold Dust [Grey, Midas] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota, Midas, Ophelia, Ranjiri, Roskuld
06-09-2013 by Roskuld
Tomorrow is to late (Cera) Archives
Cera, Midas, NPC
06-17-2013 by Midas
[MIDAS] This Is The Last Resort Archives
Crash Course, Midas
05-10-2013 by Midas
Welcome. [ktu, joining] Archives
Ktulu, Midas, Nym
07-23-2013 by Ktulu
grazed knees. Archives
Midas, Onni
05-02-2013 by Midas
I'm Not Affraid to Sleep Now [Midas] Archives
Africa, Midas
07-09-2013 by Africa
Lies into the light (Kri, Levi, Crash) Archives
Crash Course, Kri, Levi, Midas
04-25-2013 by Crash Course
what could happen? Archives
Kymhari, Midas
04-20-2013 by Midas
The Struggles of Comfort [Herd Meeting] Archives
Africa, Aiko Darleane, Andromeda, Aryel, Avalon, Cierra, Cirrus, Eios, Gaucho, Hector, Kaj, Kri, Levi, Midas, Onni, Rishima, Sohalia, Vesta
04-30-2013 by Aiko Darleane
Death to the those that deny truth (Kri) Archives
Azulee, Midas
05-31-2013 by Azulee
Cracks begin to show Archives
Midas, Ophelia
06-02-2013 by Midas
Only miss the sun when it stars to snow Archives
Gaucho, Irrydae, Midas
06-02-2013 by Irrydae
Remember the light (Paladin, Open) Thistle Meadow
Mauja, Midas, Paladin
08-03-2013 by Midas
Glittering In The Sun{Ranked/Open/Joining} Archives
Eios, Midas
04-19-2013 by Midas
You think this is funny? (Cera, Open) Archives
Cassiopeia, Cera, Midas
05-06-2013 by Cassiopeia
A Good Neighbor [Ranked?/Open] Archives
Aryel, Circe, Gaucho, Ink, Levi, Midas, Ophelia, Sumati
04-24-2013 by Circe
Restless [Midas, Open] Archives
Apollo, Midas, Random Event
05-14-2013 by Midas
Is satan still laughing? (Challenging//Crash) Battleground
Africa, Crash Course, Midas
04-18-2013 by Official
Crazy is as crazy does (Robin, Open) Archives
03-28-2013 by Midas
Feathers of the brightest colors (Closed) Archives
Africa, Midas
04-10-2013 by Midas
[FINISHED] Satan laughing spreads his WINGS [ANY PEGASUS] Archives
Africa, Crash Course, Midas
03-30-2013 by Midas
what if [midas] Archives
Ktulu, Midas
04-29-2013 by Midas
Flakes of gold for you? (Onni, Open) Archives
Midas, Onni
05-02-2013 by Midas
Searching for No One [Open] Archives
Black Robin, Midas
03-27-2013 by Black Robin
Spacebound (finished) Archives
Africa, Midas
03-26-2013 by Africa
Smile like you mean it (Krypt) Battleground
Krypt, Midas
06-08-2013 by Official
Dancing on Air [Midas, Open] Archives
Cera, Midas
04-11-2013 by Midas
Kammen [Fire Magic Drop] Archives
Azzaron, Lana, Midas, Nadira, Onni, Random Event, Sulwyn, Ursula
03-14-2013 by Random Event
Cast a shadow[open] Archives
Giselle, Midas, Rhea
04-14-2013 by Giselle
Invasion Round Four :: Closing Defense Archives
Apollo, Archibald, Ariadnê, Aryel, Gaucho, Kri, Lakota, Locket, Midas, Murdock, Ophelia, Tharos
03-11-2013 by Official
Invasion Round Three :: Cluster Three Battleground
Apollo, Archibald, Kri, Midas, Tharos
03-08-2013 by Apollo
[hector|midas]her killer instinct tells her to beware of evil men Archives
Hector, Midas, Vesta
04-19-2013 by Midas
Invasion Round Two :: Cluster Three Battleground
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Kri, Midas, Tharos
03-05-2013 by Ailith
Invasion Round One :: Cluster Four Battleground
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Midas, Tharos
03-02-2013 by Apollo
Your friend, Mr. Sun. (Ktulu, Hototo, Cera, Open!!) Archives
Hototo, Midas
03-23-2013 by Midas
let me hear you [invasion round one] Archives
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Argetlam, Ariadnê, Aryel, Birch, Gaucho, Kri, Ktulu, Lakota, Locket, Midas, Murdock, Ophelia, Peixos, Quilyan, Tharos, Verenia Rinta
02-27-2013 by Locket
The sword and the shield. [Warriors] Archives
Aryel, Gaucho, Hector, Kri, Midas, Vesta
02-25-2013 by Vesta
Even the stars will smile (Ktulu, open) Archives
02-22-2013 by Midas
Moratorium [Open!] Archives
Apollo, Midas, Nadira
03-14-2013 by Nadira
I see you {Midas} (Friendly spar) Battleground
Arrane, Midas
03-23-2013 by Official
A beautiful day || Death. Open. Archives
Aryel, Azzaron, Ázzuen, Cassiopeia, Cirrus, Gaucho, Kri, Midas, Random Event, Sumati
02-13-2013 by Cirrus
The World has lost Her way again | Midas, Open Archives
Midas, Myrddin
02-22-2013 by Midas
On the brink of failure (earth god, open) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Midas
03-13-2013 by Midas
Becoming a desert horse (Krypt, acceptance) Archives
Kri, Krypt, Midas
03-16-2013 by Kri
See it rise [Training spar, Boom] Battleground
Boom Boom, Kri, Midas
08-18-2013 by Official
A fire to keep us warm| Open, Joining Archives
Gaucho, Midas
02-12-2013 by Midas
For you (cera) Archives
Cera, Midas
02-23-2013 by Midas
A Game of Introduction|| Joining/Open Archives
Krypt, Midas
02-03-2013 by Krypt
All will turn to silver glass. [Midas] Archives
Midas, Ree
02-15-2013 by Midas
a stroke of gold, midas Archives
Israfel, Midas
02-04-2013 by Midas
:: Quest Drop #1 :: Earth God Archives
Adele, Aryel, Catillatio, God of the Earth, Larkspur, Midas, Mirage, Quilyan, Random Event, Sierra, Thor, Vincent, Xanthos, Xylia
01-29-2013 by God of the Earth
I thrive in spilled blood [Open] Archives
Midas, Satan, Wilder
01-26-2013 by Satan
Sound the Alarm. [Herd Meeting] Archives
Aryel, Ázzuen, Cera, Coris, Kri, Levi, Midas, Onni, Sierra, Sumati, Valentine, Xylia
01-30-2013 by Coris
[Judge] let's play a bloody game [Midas] Battleground
Midas, Note
02-12-2013 by Official
a day at the beach. [open] Archives
Cera, Frost Fyre, Hototo, Kimber, Ktulu, Midas, Random Event
04-29-2013 by Midas
So far away (Ktulu) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
02-07-2013 by Midas
Lift Me Higher | Midas Archives
Cera, Midas
01-14-2013 by Cera
Drawing fire (Nadira) Archives
Midas, Nadira
03-13-2013 by Midas
I'm not having fun yet.... ( Slaiter ) Archives
Midas, Slaiter
02-07-2013 by Midas
Join Me? || Midas, and other stallions [closed] Archives
Angora, Midas
01-13-2013 by Angora
Unwasted time (Cera, Onni, Open) Archives
Cera, Midas, Onni
01-17-2013 by Onni
Referendum. [Herd] Archives
Aisha, Aryel, Ázzuen, Cirrus, Kri, Midas, Onni
12-24-2012 by Aisha
Exploring the truth (Apollo) Archives
Apollo, Midas
01-16-2013 by Midas
Seeking an Aquaintance[Closed; Midas] Archives
Azzaron, Midas, Tisco
01-17-2013 by Azzaron
Spot of Gold in the Shadows | Open Archives
Cera, d'Artagnan, Midas, Sierra
01-24-2013 by d'Artagnan
Alight my heart (Tor) Archives
Midas, Tor
12-22-2012 by Midas
When the Wild Wind blows [Midas :: hatching] Archives
Midas, Random Event
12-12-2012 by Random Event
[Judge]Strikes of Steel [Midas] Battleground
Levi, Midas
01-15-2013 by Levi
Birds eye view (Ktulu, Cera, Hototo) Archives
ali, Cera, Hototo, Ktulu, Midas
01-18-2013 by Cera
The heart to understand (Earth god, returning to get lightened armor) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Midas
12-02-2012 by Midas
[Judge]Raise Your Weapons[Lesson spar with Midas] Battleground
Midas, Sierra
12-17-2012 by Official
Hunting (RE, hunting for egg) Archives
Midas, Random Event
11-30-2012 by Random Event
A change in time (Joining, Open) Archives
Cera, Lynx, Midas, Mystique
12-20-2012 by Cera
Just Go With It [Midas] Archives
Lorei, Midas
11-23-2012 by Midas
Tearing sutures out to make the anguish last. [Midas] Archives
Kri, Midas
12-02-2012 by Midas
When Spring comes, we will be STRONGER. [Mandatory Herd Meeting] Archives
Adoxa, Aryel, Basya, Bazilisk, Cera, Kri, Leander, Levi, Lynx, Midas
11-26-2012 by Adoxa
Let The Stars Guide You [Open] Archives
Midas, Naltin
11-21-2012 by Midas
What is lost in the frost... [zephyr drop] Archives
Avira, Azulee, Irrydae, Kamien, Midas, Random Event, Sierra, Sohalia, Svetlana
11-26-2012 by Official
A moment of silence [Hototo] Archives
Hototo, Midas
11-26-2012 by Midas
Not So Vast || Midas/Open Archives
Midas, Ray
11-20-2012 by Ray
A color like thunder [Open] Archives
Azulee, Cassiopeia, Midas, Tor
12-11-2012 by Midas
Just starting (Aisha)(Closed) Archives
Aisha, Midas
11-18-2012 by Aisha
Little Red Angel Archives
Midas, Ray
11-10-2012 by Ray
Looking for others Archives
Aisha, Midas
11-04-2012 by Aisha
[Questing][Histe,Midas,Seiren]Facing the Storms Archives
Histe, Midas, Seiren, Tisco
12-01-2012 by Midas
Relief (RE, Cera, Amulet) Archives
Cera, Midas, Random Event
11-06-2012 by Random Event
Can you trust the elements? (Lord of Earth, Cera--This is for Cera's) Veins of the Gods
Cera, God of the Earth, Midas
11-03-2012 by God of the Earth
Three wishes (Ktulu) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
11-27-2012 by Midas
Fox and the Hound [Wanyecha] Archives
Cera, Midas, Wanyecha
12-03-2012 by Midas
Love me not (CLOSED) Archives
Alex, Cera, Midas, Onni, Prometheus
12-03-2012 by Alex
Here I Am, Lost In This World | Open Archives
Bridgit, Midas
11-03-2012 by Midas
Chilled to the bone (Closed) Archives
Midas, Tamira
11-28-2012 by Tamira
I don't need anyone....(Open_ Helovia's Threshold
Caiden, Mauja, Midas, Wren
10-12-2012 by Midas
Coat of arms (Quest Return, Earth god, Alex, Ali, ) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Ktulu, Midas, Prometheus
10-10-2012 by Prometheus
Wait For You [Midas] Archives
Birch, Cera, Midas
10-19-2012 by Cera
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FIVE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Tares, Vikram
10-02-2012 by Kri
Shifting [open] Frostbreath Steppe
Bellatrix, God of the Spark, Mauja, Midas, Random Event, Rishima
10-29-2012 by God of the Spark
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FOUR] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Vikram
09-29-2012 by Aaron
PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round THREE Archives
Ázzuen, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Merakerr, Midas, Random Event, Sierra, Vikram
09-28-2012 by Hector
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND THREE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-26-2012 by Cineviam
PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round TWO Archives
Ázzuen, Breeze, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Merakerr, Midas, Random Event, Vikram
09-23-2012 by Random Event
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND TWO] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-23-2012 by Rishima
A friend in high places (Tamira)(CLOSED) Archives
Midas, Tamira
10-06-2012 by Tamira
Secret sadness (Cera)(Closed) Archives
Cera, Midas, Prometheus
09-30-2012 by Midas
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND ONE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Ulrik, Vikram
09-20-2012 by Cineviam
For the love of Steel (Questing, RE, Ali, Alex) Archives
Ktulu, Midas, Prometheus
10-05-2012 by Midas
PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round One Archives
Ázzuen, Breeze, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Leliel, Merakerr, Midas, Random Event, Vikram, Xira
09-17-2012 by Random Event
another .l o o s e. cannon gone bipolar [open] Archives
Midas, Tamira
09-18-2012 by Tamira
When hearts get tired CLOSED Archives
Cherie, Midas
10-12-2012 by Cherie
:: Pegasus Flying Race :: Guidelines & Sign Ups! Archives
ali, Boom Boom, Cassiopeia, Coris, d'Artagnan, Harlequin, Kachie, Leander, Midas, Mirage, Rishima, Sierra, Xira
09-09-2012 by Sierra
Warriors convene! Archives
Andash, Aure, Ázzuen, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Midas, Tares
09-14-2012 by Ázzuen
Follow the yellow brick road (Questing for gold) (Ali, Open) Archives
Ktulu, Midas, Random Event
09-13-2012 by Midas
And Continuing Murder [Aure, Midas] Archives
Coris, Midas
09-01-2012 by Midas
i'll light the fuse [joining..] Archives
Lullaby, Midas
09-24-2012 by Lullaby
son of the earth [hototo, ophelia, earth god, open] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Hototo, Ktulu, Midas, Ophelia
10-06-2012 by Ktulu
The faith of friendship (Questing; Ali) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
08-24-2012 by Midas
Let the Light Shine through Roses(open) Archives
Midas, Rehovah, Second Chances
08-23-2012 by Midas
Coat of arms (God of earth/Herd champs throat pass) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Midas
08-20-2012 by Midas
Someone To Talk To(Midas and Tisco) Archives
Ajax, ali, Ktulu, Leyra, Midas, Ophelia, Sunchaser, Tisco
08-21-2012 by Leyra
Golden touch (Earth god) Archives
Midas, Random Event
08-16-2012 by Random Event
A Fallen Star(Introduction to Leyra)[Open] Helovia's Threshold
Leyra, Mauja, Midas
08-16-2012 by Mauja
Ignorance [Open] Archives
Aure, Ázzuen, Midas
08-16-2012 by Aure

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