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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 16hh
Arabian x Hanoverian
Grey / Glass Horn / Glass hooves / Blue Eyes


"Ai - oo" Common Tounge

The last daughter of The Nightshade and his nurse, Ráeru takes after her mother in psychical form. With her beautiful opalescent coat that covers her petite and dainty from, this daughter of darkness is a nacreous beauty. Not a single mark colours or scars her pelt and she raises from the ground to stand at an impressive 16hh.

Azure pools of dispassionate thoughts reflect her tranquil nature upon the world, they are a bright and clear shade. Crowned from birth, the beautiful glass spiralled horn extends from her forehead. One is able to look straight through it, although they may find their view disoriented. Her hooves also shaped with glass, they are cloven and elegant. One might think of her as a Cinderella; glass slippers and dressed in a pure colour. Yet this mare is far from it, looks are deceiving.

Her tail is shaped after a lion's with a light layer of pearly fur covers her flesh until the longer and finer hairs on her tail begin to show. Her mane and tail are long, both wavy and often you find the ends of her hair ending in curls. Stray braids and twists can be found within her mane and tail, to give her a more unique look. Ráeru's looks are dignified and exquisite; the perfect specimen for the revolution of the crowned.


"So pale, delicate, right down to her soft pink nose and those blue eyes like his own that made him almost want to cry...but her feet were also made of glass and she stood as tall as him with a lion's tail finished with snowy hair."


"how much the girl seemed to match both the snow and moonlight."

― Alysanne, Well she's awkward.

"She was very tall...with a snowy pelt and oddly transparent hooves. The golden horse contemplated asking about them, as well as the matching horn, but thought better of it. Her tail was unusual too, with a puff of fur at the bottom."

― Laire, So I was lost, go count the cost

☾ Reticent ☾ Modest ☾ Placid ☾ Blasé ☾ Apathetic ☾ Equitable ☾ Detached


While this angelic beauty might look like your princess dressed up and waiting your company, that it not the case. Her eyes never reflect her thoughts or moods, they are empty and staring. The Primal Darkness Princess is indifferent to almost every one, bored and unfazed by most. Rather skilled at hiding her distaste for others and their ridiculous antics, this beauty of deamons and angels alike struggles to make friends with even the friendliest of souls. Secluded and quiet, Ráeru keeps to herself; silent and watching.

While her emotions remain hidden, it is always 'safe' to approach Ráeru. For she is not unpleasant or rude, she is simply detached, emotionless and isolated. However by nature she is placid and calm; the level head in any situation. Most mistake her reticence for slowness or rudeness but this filly prefers to listen rather than speak. Socially awkward and distrustful Ráeru goes out of her way to avoid others as they may force conversation. Yet those who she does know and trust often find themselves in her peaceful company, she is loyal to those who manage to win her favour.

When Ráeru does speak her voice is always quiet yet confident radiates from her. For when she does choose to speak, it is only because she has knowledge to share on the topic. However this princess is rather eccentric, with bizarre tastes and topics of interest. It seems that she is difficult to connect with, for not many share a common hobby with her. Adventures and exploring is this princess' main passion, she hopes to one day visit all of the herds and outcast lands. While she believes that she will always remain loyal to the herd that shelters her family, Ráeru does believe that she should experience life in each herd that accepts her into their family; even if it is only for a short while. In the ends she does believe that she shall end up a loyal member of The Basin.

All in all The Nightshade's daughter is a peaceful, quite and relaxed soul. Different to most yet loyal to those who she does actually care about. Ráeru is creative and always eager to learn about the past and is almost always up for an impromptu adventure. Secluded the rest of the time and happy for others to take the lead, this mare is one of a kind and not necessarily in a bad way.

☾ Blood-ties ☾ Past ☾ Bonds ☾ Family ☾ DNA ☾


D’Artagnan The Nightshade x Kou

Brothers :: Sacre and Roux
Sisters :: Aviya and Nao
Half-siblings :: Mesec the Nightwind [ D’Artagnan x Moon Goddess ]

Nieces :: Vesper [ Mesec the Nightwind x Ki'irha ]
Nephew :: Virga [ Mesec the Nightwind x Ki'irha ]

Close Relatives

Aunt :: Siren

Cousins :: Nyra [sire's cousin]
Ghost the Cadaverous [Seiren x Irc]
Déodat [Sire's cousin]
Mirabella [Deodat x Esther]
Arya [Deodat x Hotaru the Valkyrie]
d'Arcy [Deodat x Nyx]
Libertad [Deodat x Nyx]

Daughter of The Nightfall

☾ D.O.B :: 06-24-2014 - Tallsun, Year Four
☾ P.O.B :: Thistle Meadow ☾

Tallsun, Year Four

i. Born to Kou and d’Artagnan The Nightshade, though only Kou is present during her brith. Tragedy strikes when Kou is horrendously murdered by Oxy, leaving Ráeru without her mother.
Through d’Artagnan later arrived Ráeru it was too late to shield Ráeru who was terrified by what she saw. Still to this day the horrors of her mother's death linger, haunting her.
ii. Upon entering her home The Basin for the first time, Ráeru meets Hotaru. The two instantly bond and Hotaru becomes Ráeru's foster mother. Needing support to move past her mother's death, the pink Lady of The Basin helped Ráeru move past the worst of her demons.
iii. Ráeru attends a lesson in The Basin, taught by Zikar-Sin. Here she meets the other foals of The Basin. Uncomfortable and unsure of her surroundings she keeps to the back of The Meeting.

Birdsong, Year Five

i. Attends a drop in an attempt to win a companion. She works with Hotaru and becomes even closer with her foster mother.
ii. Returns to The Basin where she meets her older sister Aviya and both d'Artagnan and Hotaru welcome her home. Ophelia uses her magic and sees through Ráeru's memories that Oxy is responsible for Kou's death.

Tallsun, Year Five

i. Attends the gathering near the beginning of the floods listens about the tasks that need to be completed before they board the boat.
ii. Meets Isopia and others though not by name, she also sees Oxy once again. Though Ráeru does not react to him as she is more focused on boarding the boat, it is a last minute rush.

Orangemoon, Year Five

i. Meets two others in The Threshold, through does not stick around to offer a home to the new comer. Instead Ráeru exists Helovia on the path most arrive on.


Unable to understand why such tragedies happened to her family and unable to find her relative Ráeru leaves Helovia for two years.


Birdsong, Year Seven

i. Attends the first official order meeting. She recognises Rikyn though no others, she is silent throughout the meeting and, as usual, ends up at the back of those gathered.

Frostfall, Year Eight

i. Journeys to The Edge and cuts her ankle on a piece of glass concealed beneath the snow. She meets Queen Alysanne and her ankle is healed by Alysanne's companion Hemlock, Ráeru also meets Ru. After speaking to Alysanne she officially joins The World's Edge as a nurse and begins the search for her long lost siblings.*
ii. In order to begin learning the arts of healing she attends a meeting of the World Edge healers. For the first time in years she finally encounters a family member, her brother Sacre. Ráeru also learns about the medicinal properties of some herbs.
iii.Following Alysanne, Ráeru finds herself in front of the Earth Turtle, a sight she has never seen before. Soon she finds her brother Sacre within the crowds and together they receive gifts from the turtle. Ráeru is given a rope made of hairs while her brother is gifted with a figurine of the Sun God that glows.
iiii. Together she and her brother attend The Giving Tree event before heading back to The Edge.
iiiii. Meets the newcomer Kyauta in The Threshold who is covered in blood. She also meets Auriel, a protector of The World's Edge and the outcast Arende Trefe. After offering medical assistance to Kyauta they head their separate ways, Auriel and Ráeru to The Edge while Kyauta and Arende Trefe head their own separate way.
iiiiii. Meets Bryon, Tilney's son. As Tilney is her teacher she is curious about Bryon. Together they find shelter from a raging storm.*

Birdsong, Year Eight

i. Attends the World's Edge herd meeting where her brother Sacre is promoted to Moon Doctor.*
ii. Concerned for the well being of an egg, Ráeru joins others that have gathered in an attempt so save the unhatched creature. *
iii. Back in The Threshold Ráeru encounters a new comer to Helovia. The mare is cheerful and the interesting marking that decorates the mare's side is not the only curious things about this mare. *
iiii. Gathers with others request a glass item from one of the World's Edge Glaziers, Mesec. Standing with her brother Sacre she's unaware that Mesec is actually her half brother.*

* = active thread

Played by
☾Frostie ☾
Arah - Aelin - Tasokh
Deviantart: Frostie-Spirits
Skype: frostie-s

:: [ Magic: DarkxTime | The power to create a blanket of absolute darkness. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Extends 10m. ]
:: [ Item: Rope | A rope made of hairs. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Chain | A small glass chain with a raven and a moon pendant on the end. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   6 AGL:   4 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
6.5 9.5 4 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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