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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 16 Height: 17hh

Blaze Reference

Unless otherwise stated, they are identical.

.On the Surface.
Age: Older than 15
Breed: Height: 17hh.
Eyes: An eerie, startling orange stare will pierce you from both steeds.
Body: Darker than the darkest shadow, black as death. They are heavy-set in the body, with strong and sturdy legs beneath them. However, they have sparse feathering upon their limbs which gets thicker in winter, and when held with pride their crowns have a subtle concave curve to them, paying homage to the Arabic and draft backgrounds.
Mane & Tail: Full and long, black and thick. Often unkempt and unruly.
Madyrn: Though his bodice is black, his forelegs are adorned with flamed crimson socks, beginning just above his knee on each. Across his face splashes a broad blaze that skews across his façade, starting just above his right eye and ending over his left nostril.
Maskan: Black covers the majority of his hide, but unlike his brother, his flamed socks adorn his hindlegs, beginning just above his hocks on each. Across his face a blaze also streaks, however his begins just above his left eye and ends over his right nostril.

.Beneath the skin.
The brothers are named for their parents; Madyrn being a derivative of shadows and darkness, Maskan being that of flame and fury. However names are not everything…

Madyrn: Though named after darkness from which his mother was born, Madyrn shows very little tact for shadow-dancing and subtleties. He is very much an in-your-face, arrogant and hot-headed stallion, and if ever left to his own devices would probably leave a path of destruction in his wake. He is one to use his brute strength to get his way, and is certainly not afraid of throwing his weight around to make a point. It would be foolish however, to assume that he lacks intelligence – he is not stupid, simply brash.

Maskan: Far more calculating and quieter than his brother, Maskan, though named for the furious flame that was their father, takes more after his mother’s side, cherishing the darkness that can cloak their bodies. His patience is unending, and he is constantly trying to teach Madyrn how to simply wait and see what might happen in a situation. He is far cooler-headed than his brother, and is usually the one articulating discussions over matters rather than jumping in with physical forces straight away.

The brothers will never speak it out loud, but they cherish each other, and their family, above all else. Their temperaments balance each other out, and they are never seen far from each other’s side. When it comes to defending themselves, it is nigh unheard of for them to lose a fight, either together or alone.

.The blood that stains.
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.Creation of the beasts.


A bond of love caused the conception and subsequent birth of the beasts of darkness and flame. Born to a land of eternal midnight, a place called The Path of the Moon, between the volatile match of Anei (mistress of shadow) and Voraer (a fiery steed in his own right), Madyrn and Maskan were born in darkness; no-one knows who is the older. They are the oldest of the full-siblings, being the first to result of the union of Voraer and Anei. Mirage and Rishima are their sisters whom they are sworn protectors. The destruction of the Path was a devastating blow to the family, and a year of travelling as a family band passed, and in it, so too did their parents. Together they were found, seemingly asleep in each other’s eternal embrace. Sadness filled them and their sisters, and they continued travelling as a small band, all of them unable to let go what once was and yet not able to find their way forward. Another two years and the small band continued their travels together, learning much about the world and survival. Together they fought and defended themselves, each relying on the other’s skills to balance where one was weak and one strong.

An urge to return to the devastated lands of the Path soon overthrew all other senses, and so they did. Within the lands they watched as their sister, Mirage, rose to a place of authority for some time, before restlessness and the calling of another realm sung to her. They did not follow her straight away, but lingered in the moonlit realm for some time longer, a band of brothers most unusual.


Over the years, they ventured away from the Path, braving the blinding sunlight and lands unknown, sometimes running a small band of mares together, other times aiding allies in their wars – but mostly just living for themselves. They lived for the passion of life, their energies were are bright as a flame and rarely ever did they back down once they found something they believed in. During these years, they often came across their sisters, each time a wondrous reunion, as if nothing had changed between them.


Frostfall, Year One

x - chaos has two names :|: The brothers follow the scents of their siblings, entering Helovia at the Threshold. They are met by Gossamer, Leader of the Foothills, and Seiren, a unicorn mare from the Edge. They agree to join the Foothills as Warriors, but warn Gossamer that their true allegiance lays with their sisters.

x - Ceteris Paribus :|: They attend a herd meeting, where they learn the faces of their fellows. Akaith, Mirage's golden dragon, is also present, and they greet her warmly.

x - the pompous young stallion :|: A young, rowdy brute named Atlas catches a lot of the Foothills' attention in the Threshold, the brothers arrive to show some muscle power and warn the stallion against doing anything stupid.

Tallsun, Year One

x - King of my world :|: The brothers watch as the Sun God throws a huge, fiery tantrum all over Helovia's Heart. They throw random insults at him before scurrying away.

x - burn it all :|: With their sisters, the brothers attend the World's Edge while the Sun God lets loose his furious flames. They end up with singed flanks as they protect their sisters from the brunt of the fire, as the Sun God retreats to the skies in a pillar of fire.

x - Summons :|: Qian meeting, where they meet and greet various Qian members. They also learn that their sister, Mirage, has taken a mate, Vikram, a large dragon-equine hybrid stallion. They aren't terribly impressed.

x - A climb for answers :|: Following their sister, they climb the peak of the Veins of the Gods, where they seek answers for the horrid drought that is upon the lands. The Gods of Earth and Moon reply that they can do little while the Tallsun season is upon them, but gift various members of the Qian with little things to help them get by. The brothers are given a misty cloak from the Earth God, that can be used as a shield against heat and fire for a limited time.

x - sometimes told more than once :|: The brother greet Shirah, a fellow member of the Qian, who is also wanting to join the Foothills. They assure her that she is welcome.

x - Practise makes perfect :|: Aaron, a yearling colt who has joined the Qian, longs to be like the brothers. They set him a task, to sneak into the Edge and stir some trouble.

x - a new abode :|: Mirage informs them of a wretched stallion named Viserys, who seeks acceptance into the Foothills after spending one night alone with his sister. Suspicions run high, but Indy arrives and accepts Viserys into the herd, where the brothers keep a close eye on him.

x - Soul searcher :|: Couth, a pegasus member of the Qian, dances atop the Heavenly Fields. The brothers add their own dance to hers, and they talk about their histories, realising that they have many common ties. Madyrn in particular, feels attracted to the pale maiden.

x - hills and highlands :|: The brothers play with Aylin in the Foothills, secretly training her to be fit and strong through their games.

x - quiet patrol :|: In a rare moment of solitude, Maskan comes across Smoke, the Military Chieftess of the Foothills. They share a patrol and discuss their pasts.

x - new life :|: The brothers attend the hatching of Kali, Rishima's griffon companion, pleased and congratulating her all the while.

x - flickering shadows :|: The brother race in to protect their sister, who finds herself within the Sun God's fiery wrath at Helovia's Heart. They use their misty cloak to protect themselves and her, as they bolt through the flames. The cloak dissolves swiftly, however, but they all manage to escape, if a little worse for wear.

Orangemoon, Year One

Members of the Qian.

Those known:

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