the Rift

the Sea Soul


tail is pulled up in loose braid in the upper section with koi fish pendant tied at the bottom. coat is paler and lacks all red tint from DT sand.

Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 5 years Height: 16 hh
- Uniquine
- Female ; identifies as non-binary
- Appaloosa QH mutt
- Amber Champagne
- Blue circular marking at the top of the tail that makes base hair of tail dark blue
- Pale blue eyes with grey flecks
- Smooth, rounded pale blue horn ; glows the same colour as body
- Large burn scar along the base of mane, right side. always covered by hair
- Tri-colour glass koi pendant, 6in in length, strung around neck by silver chain. always worn
- With the exception of Frostfall, smells of sea salt one way or another.

Cold but Loving :: Kind but Scared :: Wise:: Patient but Nervous :: Lazy :: Secretive :: Natural Mother :: Philosophical but Religious :: Selfless

- Complex soul
- Nothing is ever set in stone, except for her grudges.
- Prone to let her emotions control the situation
- Will love out of fear
- Mothering comes very naturally to her.
- High wealth of herbs and poisons, wonderful healer.
- Is truly a saint in a world of sinners, but views herself as a sinner
- Loyal to a point
- Morals are inherently good for the vast majority
- Largely has trust issues.
- Might find it insulting to be called by her legend title
- Fluctuates between periods of insomnia and hypersomnia
- Always sleeps underwater, in stagnant pools
- Polygamous
- Has no set idea of romantic attraction and freely expresses her love of others through touch and words
- Worrisome mother
- Currently fearful of herds and their societies
- The only person Sikeax truly trusts is Hobgoblin. Any ideas of Sikeax having trust over others is never whole, with the permanent presence of betrayal being in her head.
- While she'll never admit to it or fully accept it, Sikeax has inherited a portion of manipulative-ness from Adrixaura.
- Has mixed views of what true family is, and lets what she considers family be defined by the interactions with those around her.
- One of the strongest, courageous souls you could ever meet, but due to her strictly-defined views of what strength, courage and bravery is, is likely to never accept that she is
- Currently full of shame for losing her rank as Sultana
- Feels as if she failed the Dragon's Throat as both their Sun Physician and Sultana, and scared to return out of fear of rejection.
- Will always love Zhu more than any of her other children
- Regardless of the situation, feels the natural urge to assist others and offer advice and comfort due to her time as a Sun Physician
- If asked to absolutely commit to a God, would choose the Sun God.

the only born of Roy (Dirk x Roxy) and Adrixaura (Duite x Saffiatta Hecate), half-sister to Allene and Adriata through her mother. Any knowledge of them is non-existent, and even at the chance to know siblings, Sikeax wouldn't care.

Has fallen for Cera a million times over only to figure out once too late, better hidden than known.
Claimed Amara as her mate out of the fear of the unknown, wishing to care for the mare in a way more than just platonically, only to fail.
Currently unknowingly falling for Volterra, hiding it behind her broken-heartedness over the discovery of her attractions to Cera and the fact that it never could have been.

Biological mother to Zhu (x Volterra) and Bellanaris (x Cera), yet forever considers Tyrath (Aithneil x Volterra) to be one from her womb after adopting him.
Raised Valdís with Amara (x Volterra) as her own, considering her her stepdaughter, and steadily took Kid (Colt x Volterra) under her wing has her own son.

Note: in all sincerities, hearing interest in playing a sikeax child is an amazing compliment and makes me feel overjoyed that someone is interested in her that much, but after a long line of offers and expressed interest, i'd strongly prefer not to take anymore. sikeax means so much to me in so many ways that i can't even begin to express, and i would like to see people who's writing i love and enjoy to read and consider friends or genuinely wonderful people who can be trusted with one to be their players. i'd like to believe that everyone who has a sikeax foal, either currently alive or ready for the future, are going to be the only ones receiving them. (as of 12/05/2017)
nonetheless, if you're truly interested and absolutely wish to commit, stating your interest, NOT begging or pushing children upon me in an attempt to receive them, is a polite way to make me have an idea of picking you in the future and talking it over. nothing is guaranteed unless something happened plot-wise previously, all parties are in agreement, and you've shown the dedication to the foal.

and their descriptions

waking up with a hangover - returns to helovia with no memory of her time as a wraith and completely cured of the disease. wraith!amara attacks her and places the blame on sikeax,
the proposition - africa offers to let sikeax apprentice below the sun physican of the dragon’s throat
your own reflection - begins a very unique friendship with hector
all of your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade - begins a close friendship with cera when the two hit it off well
ACTUNG! - a group of mountain lions invade and attack the dragon's throat. when one attempts to attack her, cera takes the mauling for her
market day - nasreen gifts sikeax her beloved koi fish necklace
broken glass - meets roland
presenting original sin in a burning nirvana - meets bucephalus, where the two begin an odd friendship
green glass doors - receives hobgoblin
sleepwalking and daydreaming - shares a tender and relaxed moment with amara and invites the mare to stay with her in the throat
pinks and blues - meets ashamin, where the two share an emotional experience
have you thought about who we are - hobgoblin and sikeax are burned by nymeria and lilomel
a sadness runs through them - attempts to rebuild a lost friendship with cera
eyes on fire - badly burned by nymeria and lilomel, volterra and his dragon verzes offer hobgoblin food in exchange for sex. sikeax falls pregnant with zhu
this world will never be enough - gives birth to zhu, where amara arrives. a fight/emotional encounter occurs, amara joins the dragon’s throat as a healer, and the two admit their feelings for one another. sikeax makes a promise that if amara is to do something to the dragon’s throat that causes her to be exiled, that she will follow
mother mother - comforts and heals a very young Kid.
freeze you out - finds Tyrath in the desert, abandoned by Aithniel. Adopts him and raises him as her own son
broken heads in hospital beds - discovers her PTSD over her time as a wraith and amara's attempted attack on her as a wraith. cera comforts her and begins to rebuild their friendship. conceives bellanarius
burn this out of me - finds a very sick and dying gaucho and tries her hardest to help him
ashes, ashes, we all fall down - gaucho dies, and in the absence of megaera, sikeax is made sultana of the dragon's throat
hope is but a four letter word - finds volterra and alerts him to her ascension to sultana. in the wake of her fears and insecurities, volterra agrees to return to the dragon's throat with her as her gladiator
hereby condemned - gives up her title as sultana after deciding that the dragon's throat is hopeless and means nothing else to her anymore during a coup d'état against her and volterra by aithniel and tae.
i never said i'd stay to the end - leaves the dragon's throat
can't see behind your eyes - reunites with her daughter.
same old mistakes - spends some time with volterra. conceives eri and phobos.
call it survival - bonds with seoul


Born only to Adrixaura, becoming the newest prisoner of the Grey in the Windtossed Foothills. The next day, the pair are released. Sikeax lives innocently and unaware of the invasions that occur before around her and doesn't pay attention to the capture and soon after death of all of her family band members.
at five months, alongside her father, she comes to the dragon's throat to request teaching in the healing arts. Kri the Resolute accepts both of them, and shortly after, Roy abandons her and disappears forever.
lives well until the beginning of the wraiths, and in an attempt to rescue amara, becomes a wraith with her and remains that way until she wanders out of helovia for a short amount of time



the common rougarou

it's difficult to explain something as unique as hobgoblin; he's nearly as complex as his bonded, if not more.

forms: leopard seal, black serval, wendigo
mythical form description: ghost deer that lacks density, appears to float over the ground when walking. light brown body with exposed skull, white antlers. black spaces are located in place of eyes with red dots for pupils in the center. head is at lower shoulder height to sikeax. teeth match that of a leopard seal

nicknames for others: monster(amara), skullface(volterra), warrior(gaucho), thunderbird(azulee)

the plain white dragon

wholly innocent and trusts her bonded companions with every fiber in her heart and soul, but worries for what is right and what is wrong through their eyes. extremely vocal of her emotions.

description: extremely small, even for dragons. she'll never amount to much more than a foot in height at the top of her shoulders, and her body is awfully vacant of decoration. the only extremities she has other than the basics are four small growths at the back of her skull, and white feathering along the ends of her wings, acting as flight feathers.

nicknames for others: monster(amara), skullface(volterra), warrior(gaucho), thunderbird(azulee)


water(P): can breathe underwater

shockxwater: able to summon koi fish made of lightning that cause minor burns
restrictions: can only summon 3 small or 1 large fish

Played by
hi, i'm zuno, and i'm currently playing sikeax.
if you're needing to talk to me over anything, regardless of what it is, you can PM me on my ooc account or message me on skype at neroandkatie.

:: [ Magic: SparkxWater | Able to summon koi fish made of lightning that cause minor burns. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only summon 3 small or 1 large fish. ]
:: [ Magic: Water (P) | Able to breathe underwater ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Feathers | a black and longer golden feather taken from the wings of Ranjiri ]
:: [ Item: Feathers | two red that sparkle a faint blue + a white one that glimmers ]
:: [ Item: Glass Koi Fish | a necklace made by Nasreen ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]
:: [ Companion: Rougarou | Mythical, common | Water | 5 yrs 1 mo ] :: [ Companion: White Dragon | Mythical, plain | Toxic Breath | 3 yrs 1 mo ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   8 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
4 9 6 64.5
Notable Accomplishments

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04-27-2015 by God of the Earth
"Shipping" - Intro Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Abraham, Adelric, Aeolus, Africa, Aisling, Aithniel, Alija, Alleo, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Argen, Artorius, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Atlas, Auriel, Aviya, Ayelet, Bellona, Bolverik, Brigand, Brisa, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cheska, Ciceron, Crowley, December, Deimos, Déodat, Destrier, Destry, Dovahkiin, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Finn, Gaucho, Hector, Hertz, Histe, Hotaru, Ink, Isara, Isopia, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kiara, Kvothe, Laedere, Lena, Macaria, Maitimo, Maren, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Mirage, Miykael, Morrigan, Myrrine, Naerys, Nayati, Nym, Nymeria, Nyx, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Parelia, Phantom, Quilyan, Ráeru, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roland, Romani, Roskuld, Rostislav, Saffron, Shadow, Shida, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Syrena, Talion, Tandavi, Telesaan, Tempe, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Ulrik, Varath, Vincent, Vitani, Volterra, Zèklè, Zenobia
02-13-2015 by Varath
We've got a million years to know we're still breathing Archives
Bucephalus, Sikeax
03-07-2015 by Sikeax
Lyricism [Common SS Drop] Archives
Aeolus, Breccan, Cerin, Nymeria, Random Event, Rhoa, Roskuld, Sikeax, Syrena, Thor
02-21-2015 by Random Event
☼ DAWN ☼ [Sun Festival Kickoff] Archives
Ampere, Bucephalus, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Rhoa, Sikeax, Voodoo
03-12-2015 by Sikeax
Bloody Stitches for your Broken Heart Archives
Cera, Sikeax
02-25-2015 by Sikeax
All Roads Lead to Rome [Herd Meeting] Archives
Alija, Amani, Amaris, Ampere, Astrasza, Bucephalus, Cera, Cerin, Cirrus, Destry, Einarr, Gaucho, God of the Sun, Hector, Hertz, Isara, Maren, Megaera, Morrigan, Reginald, Rhoa, Sikeax, Spice, Tandavi, Ulrik, Zèklè
02-16-2015 by Gaucho
we could get high in Miami -- Archives
Amara, Sikeax
02-23-2015 by Amara
This is how babies are born Archives
Alija, Ampere, Archibald, Macaria, NPC, Reginald, Sikeax
02-04-2015 by Macaria
Flashback [Joining] Archives
Hector, Sardonyx, Sikeax
01-25-2015 by Sardonyx
Time For A Swim Archives
Einarr, Morrigan, Sikeax
01-29-2015 by Morrigan
I'm like the ice I freeze [open] Archives
Ophelia, Sikeax, Waprevah
01-05-2015 by Waprevah
Welcome to the Throat Archives
Reginald, Rei, Reyna, Sikeax
01-20-2015 by Reyna
where the angels don't fly Archives
Miykael, Sikeax
01-24-2015 by Sikeax
The Challenges of Medical School Archives
Cerin, Morrigan, Sikeax
01-15-2015 by Sikeax
Praise the Sun the colt is here! Archives
Aakesh, Alija, Bucephalus, Gaucho, Sikeax
01-09-2015 by Aakesh
It's best not to cut yourself on the thorns Archives
Sikeax, Voodoo
01-05-2015 by Voodoo
Fear nothing but nothingness Archives
Mhysa, Rasta, Sikeax
01-27-2015 by Rasta
[giveaway] HIS VALIANT RETURN Caela Insula
Abraham, Adelric, Africa, Aithniel, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Aurelia, Ayelet, Ayleid, Brisa, Brisé, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cetan, Ciceron, Confutatis, Crowley, d'Artagnan, December, Deimos, Destry, Dröm, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Gaucho, Ghost, Glacia, Gull, Hotaru, Jahzara, Jorogumo, Kahlua, Kaj, Kipling, Ktulu, Kvothe, Lakota, Lena, Maitimo, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Miykael, Morrigan, Nasreen, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Random Event, Ranjiri, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roskuld, Rostislav, Ryuu, Sacre, Saffron, Satanic Silk, Sheba, Sialia, Sikeax, Solanine, Spice, Tandavi, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Tyradon, Vadim
12-26-2014 by Random Event
Elsa, liriel, Sikeax
12-25-2014 by liriel
[Royal SS Drop] Beach day Archives
Aurelia, Brisa, Cetan, December, Destry, Hotaru, Hototo, Random Event, Rhoa, Roskuld, Satanic Silk, Sikeax, Thor
12-27-2014 by Random Event
holocene Archives
Arya, Sikeax
01-15-2015 by Sikeax
if only i could stop dreaming and start believing Archives
Kipling, Sikeax
12-26-2014 by Kipling
the edge games, an invitation Archives
Ampere, Destry, Kahlua, Sikeax
01-05-2015 by Destry
where men and angels fall; Frostbreath Steppe
Aurelia, Mauja, Sikeax
12-11-2014 by Mauja
Welcome to the Black Parade Archives
Jakar, Sikeax
11-26-2014 by Sikeax
Presenting Original Sin in a Burning Nirvana Archives
Bucephalus, Sikeax
12-16-2014 by Bucephalus
our favourite memories lead to our saddest goodbyes Veins of the Gods
11-18-2014 by Sikeax
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue II Archives
Abraham, Aithniel, Ampere, Arvakl, Caneo, Ciceron, Desperado, Elsa, Fig, Kahlua, Ktulu, Ophelia, Random Event, Sacre, Sikeax, Thranduil, Vadim, Varath
11-15-2014 by Sikeax
Home, Sweet Home [Welcoming] Archives
Ampere, Cerin, Gaucho, Oberon, Sikeax
11-12-2014 by Sikeax
P E S K Y Archives
Abraham, Elsa, Gull, Random Event, Reginald, Sikeax, Thor, Thranduil
11-02-2014 by Random Event
The Sun's Winter [HERD MEETING] Archives
Alija, Amani, Ampere, Bucephalus, Cera, Gaucho, God of the Sun, Onni, Rhoa, Satanic Silk, Serenity, Sikeax, Sohalia, Tandavi, Thranduil, Voodoo
11-13-2014 by Thranduil
Under Deep, Below the Dark Archives
Bucephalus, Ghost, Sikeax
11-10-2014 by Bucephalus
Still Rock and Roll to me Archives
Gaucho, Serenity, Sikeax
11-13-2014 by Sikeax
make up the moves as I go Archives
Astraea, Evangeline, Sikeax, Thor, Thranduil
10-19-2014 by Astraea
Maze of Hallways [SS Companion Drop] Archives
Amani, Desperado, Elsa, Faeanne, Hotaru, Ilios, Random Event, Rhoa, Sikeax, Tandavi
10-16-2014 by Rhoa
Life, it has just begun. Archives
Cerin, Merida, Sikeax
10-23-2014 by Cerin
Dröm, Sikeax, Thor
10-02-2014 by Thor
revelry and merriment; [ Festival Entrance/Tent ] Archives
Deimos, Illynx, Lena, Sikeax, Zikar-Sin
10-03-2014 by Illynx
New Again | Earth x Water Archives
Agrona, Andromeda, Arvakl, Bellona, Blythe, Caneo, Dragomir, Dröm, God of the Earth, Kahlua, Merida, Oxy, Rei, Sialia, Sikeax, Tandavi, Thranduil
10-22-2014 by Kahlua
Saints And Sinners, We're All The Same When They Peel Our Skin Back Archives
Midas, Onsoun, Sikeax
09-13-2014 by Tamme
Broken Glass Archives
Roland, Sikeax
10-27-2014 by Sikeax
Age Old Questions Archives
Rei, Roskuld, Sikeax
08-26-2014 by Sikeax
Mend your wounds Archives
08-21-2014 by Sikeax
I like the smell of rain Archives
Africa, Sikeax
09-03-2014 by Sikeax
forever a stranger Archives
Evangeline, Sikeax
10-02-2014 by Evangeline
baby come back Archives
Amara, Sikeax
08-06-2014 by Amara
Snake Bite Archives
Cera, Sikeax
10-29-2014 by Sikeax
Market Day {Glass Gifts} Archives
Dragomir, Elsa, Ilios, Leeka, Nasreen, Rei, Sikeax
11-30-2014 by Nasreen
ACHTUNG! Archives
Aurelia, Cera, Hector, Lace, NPC, Rei, Sikeax, Tandavi
08-06-2014 by Sikeax
Glory to the Sun (HERD MEETING) Archives
Africa, Alija, Andromeda, Hector, Kari, Rei, Sacre, Satanic Silk, Sikeax, Sohalia, Tandavi
08-17-2014 by Hector
cold air is the key to a healthy existence Archives
Hector, Sikeax
08-20-2014 by Hector
Palace of innocents, kingdom of mistakes Archives
Lace, Sikeax
08-17-2014 by Sikeax
God Knows We Like Archaic Kinds of Fun Archives
Aithniel, Cera, Erebos, Kari, Rikyn, Sacre, Sikeax
09-13-2014 by Aithniel
Edge Lunar Eclipse Party [Song and Dance] Archives
Aurelia, Ayelet, Destrier, Illynx, Kahlua, Kaj, Ophelia, Resplendence, Rikyn, Sikeax, Thranduil
08-14-2014 by Rikyn
Rebuild What You've Lost Archives
Andromeda, Resplendence, Sikeax
10-13-2014 by Resplendence
More than just fairy tales [Herd] Archives
Africa, Alija, Kari, Sacre, Sikeax, Tandavi
07-29-2014 by Africa
There's glowing pearls in the streets of Benghai Archives
Sacre, Sikeax
07-26-2014 by Sacre
A Salty Surprise Archives
Athenä, Sikeax
07-22-2014 by Sikeax
Zombies Archives
Rostislav, Sikeax, Vrazda
08-15-2014 by Rostislav
All of your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade Archives
Cera, Sikeax
08-12-2014 by Cera
Turning Points [Earth/Open] Veins of the Gods
Random Event, Sikeax
07-07-2014 by Random Event
Mundane Job Archives
Andromeda, Sikeax
07-16-2014 by Andromeda
A gentle MANS world(Open) Archives
Gustave, Semira, Sheba, Sikeax
07-02-2014 by Sikeax
reditum. Archives
Cirrus, Rostislav, Sikeax
06-20-2014 by Cirrus
Your Own Reflection Archives
Hector, Sikeax
07-22-2014 by Hector
she threw stones to the sky, but the whole sky fell Archives
05-30-2014 by Sikeax
The proposition Archives
Africa, Sikeax
06-12-2014 by Africa
Amputee Hearts Archives
05-28-2014 by Sikeax
Wish You Were Here Archives
Amara, Sikeax
07-10-2014 by Sikeax
Outsiders [Exploration] Archives
Biru, Dalibor, Sikeax
05-13-2014 by Dalibor
Chthonic Rites [Earth/Water Magic Drop] Archives
Abishia, Agrona, Alysanne, Ciceron, Delinne, Kahlua, Merida, Random Event, Rostislav, Sikeax
05-29-2014 by Random Event
Choking On Dust [joining] Archives
Sacre, Sikeax, Sohalia
05-26-2014 by Sohalia
puzzle pieces scattered across my bones Archives
Sacre, Sikeax
04-29-2014 by Sikeax
Back In Again Archives
Africa, Sikeax
04-21-2014 by Sikeax
waking up with a hangover Archives
Amara, Sikeax
03-30-2014 by Sikeax

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