the Rift


The magic

NONE. Used to possess the ability to control leaves and use them as weapons, but a unicorn warlock stole it from him. He seeks to gain it back, through any means necessary.

The companion

CYNDER: Common green dragon. Tyradon bonded to Cynder when he was a colt still wet from the womb, like his father before him. She is about 1'8 feet tall and five feet long, with a lithe yet strong build and a six foot wingspan. She is a competent flier and adores showing off her feats of aerial acrobatics - she also possesses the ability to breathe an intense torrent of fire, honed over the years. Her body is covered in emerald scales, her eyes a livid shade of yellow. Unusually for a dragon, her tail is tipped with a small, eternally-burning flame; this prevents her being able to swim, as extinquishing the flame would result in her death. A few drops of rain will not harm her, but she is fearful of large bodies of water and will stay away from them at all cost. She is a playful creature, fond of hoarding things like rocks and gems and delivering them as gifts to her bonded, but can turn vicious when provoked and is fiercly protective of Tyradon. They have been through thick and thin together; they are part of one another, and find it difficult to function apart. Combined they are a deadly duo, completely in tune with one another's thoughts and emotions. reference

The warlock that took Tyradon's magic also used his powers to weaken Cynder by regressing her to a hatchling - he left her with her memories, but stripped her of her firebreathing and her ability to speak mentally with her bonded, as well as shrinking her back to the size she was when she first broke from her egg. They enter Helovia with Cynder now eight years old in reality but with the powers of an eight month old.


Hidden Account

Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 14 Height: 17'2


Powerful - Imposing - Stocky - Scarred - Functional - Inelegant

He is a colossus. He stands at 17'2hh, tall, imposing and bestial. Gone is the boy he once was, to be replaced with a stallion in his prime; his neck is thick and riddled with muscle, his quarters stout and firm. He is a heavy draft mongrel, but resembles a queer cross between a Percheron and a Friesian; he's stocky, tanklike, immovable. His legs are of middling length and extremely strong, each one ending in a healthy amount of feathering, mostly around the back of each fetlock. His mane and tail are long and thick, often tangled. His firm musculature and gargantuan bone structure is sealed together with a pelt of jet black, bar his forelegs which are dipped up to the knee in white fur. A white tear-shaped marking adorns the area between his eyes, which themselves are a cold shade of grey.

Scars cover the beast's body, mostly across his shoulders and flanks from his dragon's claws. Others litter his face and legs from the fights he has partaken in, including a nasty gash across his face from a unicorn's horn. He is a war machine, immensely powerful and a force on the battlefield, his body geared entirely towards brute strength and stamina. As a result he is neither fast nor agile, but he has no need to be when he will always choose to stand and fight - only cowards flee the pain of the flesh. He is functional above all - not an ounce of flesh is spared for things like elegance. He possesses a certain rugged handsomeness, despite his slightly Roman nose and overly muscled build; the lines of his face are well-sculpted, although he could certainly not be described as pretty. The beast holds himself with the arrogance of one who knows the extent of his own abilities; he is a warlord, born of blood and fire.



Cold - Mysterious - Aloof - Determined - Vengeful - Racist - Natural leader - Arrogant

The behemoth has been taught to fight since the moment he emerged from his mother's womb - no son of the Earthmover was allowed weakness. He is a warrior at heart, and his first instict is to settle things with the strength of his body. Tyradon is a natural leader, and exudes dominance born of years of wearing a crown upon his skull; he will not follow a smaller, weaker equine, and will more than likely challenge their authority at every opportunity. He does not know the meaning of submission, and will bend the knee for nobody; he is both commanding and arrogant, convinced he is better suited for a position than anybody else. The beast possesses a cold, mysterious exterior - he is not one to waste words, nor is he one to offer information without much cajoling. Conversations about his past are few and far between, and he reserves his innermost emotions for himself and Cynder alone; he treats everybody else with stony indifference, even those he considers friends or loved ones. He has erected firm walls around his heart, blocking out everybody but the green dragon who has integrated herself so fully into his consciousness that they are like one mind in two bodies.

Tyradon's greatest flaw is his inherent, passionate racism. He sees all none-equine species as inferior and disposable; too many times his hooves have been stained with the blood of a horned or winged enemy. His first instinct when he sees a member of another species is to kill, yet during the eight months before he came to Helovia he trained himself in how to control these urges; he did not want to endanger his now-helpless dragon by throwing himself into battle at every opportunity. Now, although his hatred is as strong as ever, he can be civil to a unicorn or pegasus if it suits his greater agenda. Tyradon holds a slightly sexist view when it comes to mares; he believes it is a stallion's right to father many offspring with worthy women, but that a man must care for the foals he sires. The beast holds a healthy amount of lust within his veins, and enjoys female company even if he does not actively seek it.



The dam

NAME: Soleil the Virtuous
SIRE: Indy
DAM: Gossamer
MALE SIBLINGS: Crane (Indy x Gossamer)
FEMALE SIBLINGS: Enna (Indy x Gossamer)
MALE PROGENY: Tyradon (x Terrador the Earthmover), Cael (x Terrador the Earthmover), Varath (x Paladin the Valiant), Vadim (x Paladin the Valiant)
FEMALE PROGENY: Ophelia (x Paladin the Valiant), Ktulu the Constrictor (x Paladin the Valiant)

The sire

NAME: Terrador the Earthmover
SIRE: Hyena
DAM: Misery the Benevolent
MALE SIBLINGS: Blitz (Adalwulf the Steadfast x Misery the Benevolent)
FEMALE SIBLINGS: Vixen (Hyena x Misery the Benevolent)
MALE PROGENY: Tyradon (x Soleil the Virtuous), Cael (x Soleil the Virtuous), Peixos (x Spy), Amadeus (x Asteria), Halo (x Asteria)
FEMALE PROGENY: Adele (x Aera), Haichi (x Fardray)

The offspring

Offsite: Many
Onsite: Merida (female, x Sakura), Cowboy (male, x Celia), Farkas (male, x Trizia)



Chapter 1: Isilme && Anarore

He was born in the dying days of Isilme, one of several foals sired during that period by the insatiable loins of the Earthmover. His home was the Emerald Valley, ruled by Adalwulf the Steadfast, and his foalhood was a happy one, surrounded by his family and fellow equines. At just a few weeks of age, when he was still a green boy learning his feet, he stumbled upon a green dragon egg and took it in as his own. He had to hunt for it, killing a number of small animals and giving him his first taste of blood spilled by the merciless iron of his hooves. The dragon hatched for him, a green female with an inferno atop her tail, and quickly melded her mind with his - he named her Cynder, and their bond was solidified for eternity. His father, who had also been blessed by a dragon at a young age, told his son that the egg was a gift from Nieque, the sire of their race; he told Tyradon to worship their creator and fufill his dream to purge the horned and the winged from the face of Isilme. Whilst Terrador trained Tyradon in matters of racism and war, the Earthmover's gold queen dragon, Eridor, trained Cynder; she was a dominant creature and ensured the smaller, lesser green knew her place. He also witnessed the birth of his younger full brother, Cael, and quickly grew to adore the newborn. During this time he discovered his magic ability; he could control and summon leaves, and use them as weapons. He practiced this skill tirelessly, honing it but mostly using it as a cheap trick to impress his friends - his father, blessed with the magic to create vicious earthquakes, trained Tyradon to utilise this innate power in battle.

But when Tyradon was a yearling, his idyllic world was shattered. The three Original foals - Imiq, Aarde and Celio, fathered by Cinnoru, Nique and Sepagus respectively - went to war against one another, and Isilme burnt in their wake. Tyradon's home was torn apart around him, and Terrador herded the colt out of Isilme, along with the Earthmover's dam, Misery, and her son Blitz who was still a foal at foot. The four of them, accompanied by their dragons - Eridor, Cynder, and Saphri, Misery's blue - fled the burning landscape and forged a living in the wilderness outside. Months passed in this post-apocalyptic land, and during a forest fire Blitz was seperated from the rest of them. Misery attempted to go after him, but Terrador blocked her path; it wasn't worth risking her life for the sake of the lost boy. Through this, Tyradon witnessed for the first time doing the wrong thing for the right reasons - of making difficult decisions for the greater good.

The bedraggled trio finally wandered back into Isilme, finding it refreshed and renewed in the aftermath of the foal's war. Terrador quickly took control of the Lush Oasis, intent on rebuilding the empire and establishing equine superiority. To further the cause, the Earthmover sired several more foals; his bloodline was superior, after all, a viewpoint he drilled into Tyradon constantly. Tyradon - caught in the transformation between colt and stallion, awkward, gangly and filled with hormones and rage - didn't get along too well with his other siblings, and flocked instead to his mother, Soleil. To his surprise, he found her happy with Paladin, a unicorn stallion, and heavy with his foal - Tyradon's indoctrination at the hooves of his father caused him great confusion, as he knew he should be repulsed by his mother's choice in mates, but instead found himself quite liking the horned male. Indeed, Paladin was far nicer to him than Terrador usually was, with the Earthmover so engrossed in furthering his racist cause and dominating any in his wake. Confused and disgusted with his own indecision, the young beast fled Anarore with Cynder by his side.

Chapter 2: In The Wilderness

He was just over two years old when he left Anarore and took his life into his old hands. He said no goodbyes to any of his family; he simply left, knowing it was time to seek his fortune elsewhere. He wandered alone for a number of months with only Cynder for company, concentrating simply on survival. But as he aged and grew into himself, he found himself turning progressively colder, his old hatred of other species rising to the forefront of his mind and his damaged past consuming him from within. Quite by chance, he stumbled upon a herd of equine mares, whose leader had been killed and replaced with a unicorn tyrant - thinking of his father's teachings, Tyradon stormed into battle with Cynder by his side. His battle technique was untested and feral, but he rose victorious and had the unicorn at his hooves, broken and defenceless. Yet he hesitated, unwilling to land the killing blow; he had always thought himself a killer, ever since his wanton slaughter of rabbits and birds to feed Cynder. But now it came down to it, he found his resolve weakening, and chose instead to beat the unicorn into submission and exile him - a decision that would come to haunt him years later.

The freed equines were in awe of the young warrior who tore down their captor with such impudence; they had never seen a bonded dragon, either, and thought Tyradon a god for how he had chained a dragon's soul to his own. They bent their knees to him and offered him their devotion - they called him Leafblower, for his magic ability. And oh, he savoured it; he held a throne and a herd of mares who kissed the ground he walked on, things he had only ever dreamed of. But there was a downside - although a man in body, Tyradon had been forced to grow up before his time, and still lacked the mental maturity for the crown he now held. He was a boy-king, a child playing at war; whereas most his age could only pretend, the beast himself had living, breathing toys at his disposal. During his first year of kinghood, he was plagued by the downfall of many men - arrogance. In his father's name, he held a crusade against all the horned and winged. With his herd behind him, his dragon at his side and his magic fresh in his veins, the beast soon had an empire to call his own. His herd were the plague of unicorns and pegasi everywhere; other races fell screaming beneath his hooves and the fire of Cynder's gut, and he was no longer plagued by the mercy that had stayed his hand when he had the unicorn down and disarmed. He killed often and with pleasure, and with each blow his young heart grew more tainted by the blood that stained his blackened fur. His herd did whatever he commanded, so in awe were they of their Leafblower and his bonded, the Firetongue; they never questioned his constant raids, seeing him as their saviour. He craved the eradication of all none-equines, and his hatred twisted their minds, too. Other stallions joined the expanding herd and served as his generals and trusted advisors - his name was becoming known throughout the land, and for all the wrong reasons.

Upon turning three, the warlord found himself devoured by an entirely different kind of lust - not for the blood of the other species, but for the mares that ran with him, fought alongside him. After one rousing victory over a neighbouring pegasus herd, Tyradon took his first woman during a howling storm, sating his newfound needs between her thighs until he could gorge himself no more. The mare was one of his most prized warriors, and as her sides grew heavy with his child, he did not let her out of his sight. A month before Tyradon's fourth birthday, the mare brought his firstborn son into the world. This foal was not his last, either; he had been raised to believe it was a man's right to monopolize all his females, and in the following years Tyradon's herd's ranks were bolstered by sons and daughters of his own seed. He was a doting father, but favoured his colts more than his fillies; he trained them as his own sire had done to him, but ensured he beat any potential uprising out of them - he would not have a child of his own loins taking over his empire. His daughters he offered to his most trusted stallions to bear their children and keep the bloodline within the herd strong, and as the years passed he saw his grandchildren grow to run alongside him. Although it was not a stable life, it was one he greatly enjoyed - the constant battles kept his body in fine shape, and he was never left wanting for anything, be it food, war, or access to mares. But, it could not last - Tyradon had made a name for himself amongst the remaining unicorns and pegasi. Even his own herd grew restless; massive and invincible as they were, they were no longer instigating all the raids. Now, other herds were banding together and attacking them, and they were losing many warriors beneath the horns and magic of their rivals. Tyradon's presence, although still revered, was now the reason mares were losing foals, sisters were losing brothers, friends watching friends die before them.

They called him Warbringer now.

He was in his seventh year when the long trail of war finally caught up to him. He was now a fully-grown stallion in his prime, no longer the reckless, immature colt of his youth; he was strong and domineering with a legion of loyal equines behind him, his own bloodline rampant through his herd. He had complete control of his magic, and Cynder was a war machine, her fire-breath rumoured to be hotter than lava. It was all too perfect, and without Tyradon knowing, the pegasi and unicorns had joined together to find a way to bring him down. They knew a large part of his power came from his magic and his dragon - although a formidable fighter even without them, they gave him the edge. At the head of this new alliance was the unicorn stallion that Tyradon had defeated all those years ago, but failed to kill; he was now a trained warlock, possessing magic even stronger than Tyradon's own. He and his super-herd attacked Tyradon and his loyalists, and the greatest battle of all broke out across the lands. Tyradon and the unicorn engaged in a clash of hoof and horn, and it took mere moments for the beast to realise he was in trouble. The unicorn used his magic to set the warmaster's blood ablaze, burning him from the inside out and using his blade to slash across the behemoth's face; whilst the stallion writhed in agony, the unicorn used his magic to steal away Tyradon's own supernatural powers. As Cynder flew to help her bonded, teeth stained with blood and fire blooming from between her jaws, the unicorn turned his arcane strength on her. He twisted her genetic makeup and regressed her to a hatchling, as weak and helpless as the day she was born.

With their leader down, the rest of Tyradon's herd fell into disarray. They scattered, and it was a stroke of luck that the beast's rage was enough to allow him to crush the unicorn's skull beneath his hooves - he wasn't making the mistake of being merciful again. With the small and wriggling form of Cynder on his shoulders, the fallen king managed to escape the area. It was soon apparent that, even though Cynder held all her memories, she had all the powers of a hatchling; she could not breathe fire, or speak to her bonded using words. It took eight long months for the bonded pair to nurse their wounds and their shattered pride, and make their way towards a strange new land known as Helovia.

Chapter 3: Enter Helovia

Enters Helovia's Threshold, and is greeted by Confutatis and her bonded kitsune, Mongrel, as well as Aaron and his hellhound, Allana.



He ages in Birdsong.

Played by


Played by Snowwy, who also plays Nyx and Badger.

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
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OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   1.5
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