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Cause I Am So Much More
:: [Magic: Shock x Light | Ability to make a shield of energy that protects her from physical and magical attacks; energy can also be used to manipulate objects with some difficulty] :: [Restrictions | One shield use will only block one attack. Forming the shields takes great concentration and will leave the user fatigued.

Wears a Sun Amulet, and Spark Amulet around her neck.
Leather Armor-STOLEN!!!


Hidden Account

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 9 Height: 16
This Is The Way I fall

Breed:Rocky Mountain/Andalusian Horn: Dark Silver, like a gnarled tree branch in a wicked upward curve. Eyes: Both Silver Mane:Cropped short. Deep red, white tips in bangs Body:Faded Black (Charcoal) tints of gray through her pelt. Hooves: Rounded and Silver Markings: Scars in light silver adorn her body, a history of her battles. She has three scribbled "letters" beneath her red mane, faintly lighter than her coat. Tail: Deep red, and to her hocks. There is a sense of femininity to her, in the curves of her skull, dips of her hips, shoulders and barrel, but she is not a dainty mare. Thickly built, with wider frame than some females,she has sturdy, long legs. In warm weather her coat is sleek, and darkened, revealing her developed muscle. The colder seasons her coat is a bit lighter, more dark silver, and long to fight off the cold. The lady's mane is quite thick, some times with short waves, and other times straight depending on the season, and weather. It use to be rather long. It has been cropped, stands straight up, attempting to whip to the right side. The color is a rich, dark red sometimes a violet tint to it, other times resembling blood. Her tail cropped as well, hits at her hocks now. A closer inspection would see many faint scars upon her hide. More noticeable upon her haunches, and her throat, and chest. The largest is an upside triangle on her right shoulder. The right side of her crest are three scribbled "letters", faintly lighter than her coat.

I'm The One You Can Never Trust
The core of her personality is a caring heart, placed there by the misery she endured and witnessed as a child. Her heart is wrapped in dark layers, and she is a tangled mess of sorts. The surface is an eased creature, precise in movements, and controlled composure. It is part of her nature to hide behind a mask, if the outside world has little influence upon her. With few friends, and companions she trusts, feels loyal to she has a lighter side where a completely different creature of brightness and playful antics arises. It's safe to say Faelene can be kind, but she can be cruel. She's a creature meant to change, and adapt.

Break Me Down

Breed:Northern Rocky Mountain
She has older siblings, but knows little of their existence. She assumes they are dead.
Offspring:Sielu-unknown if alive or dead

Wounds Are Ways To Reveal Us
Before Helovia
History description Faelene's parents were Unicorns of nobility. They shared land with Equines, and their Pegasus guards as they had done for hundreds of years. Most things were peaceful, except for how the Equines used the Unicorns, in ways of magic, body, and blood. Still, there was order, and understanding. No one changed what was. Until a seer saw a vision of fire,disease, and war by the birth of a Unicorn foal with mane colored like blood, and a body colored of charcoal and ash. The lands went into panic. The Equines superstitious began forcing all expecting Unicorns to abort to keep the vision from coming true. Faelene's mother, ready to deliver any day was hidden. It was far too late to keep it such a secret from their Equine master's. Adeara was hunted down, and by the trauma forced to give birth. A filly was born, black as night, and the Pegasus guards ready to end it's life. Firnen, Faelene's father, and few of his soldiers and guards fought to save her as it was too late for Adera. The battle raged on well into the morning. When the Equine King got wind of this, he was quite tired of all the fighting, the blood already shed, and waste of Unicorns. He declared since she was not of the vision she could live. What no one would understand was, by chasing Adeara, by making her child come early they made the omen real. Misery fell upon the lands, and the Unicorn slaves began to fight for their freedom. Eventually, Faelene escaped with help of her own guardian to Helovia. In these lands she joined the band of Unicorns, and has stuck with them through many of their fallings, and risings. With the absence of her daughter, and endless fights between the herds, strange happenings she left on a search for many a thing. Now has returned.

I. Keep You Eyes Open-Meets Descaro who recruits her to World's Edge.
II.Our Domain-Meets Mauja, and joins the World's Edge.
III.Hello? Hello? Where's the herd?-Meets Tillas, and has little like for her flying tongue.
IV.Change of Seasons-Edge Meeting
V.Swing, Swing-Spars with Cineviam,loses but learns.
You seem so dark-Meets Leander and is scared, yet curious.
.Meets Monster/Sno
.Meets Kou
.Meets Lace & Fajira. .Invasion
.Leander in the Frozen Arch.
.Meets/recruits Tolio
.Meets Slaiter.
.Meets Aviya.
.Meets Xanthos
.Leander in the meadow.
.The Basin.
.Spars with Tolio.
.Dislike for Phaedra.
.Meets the God of Time personally.
.Talks to Leander in the Throat.
.Starts Questing.
.Recruits Lupus.
.Recruits Naberius.
.Talks to Tor in the Arch.
.Gets stuck between a rock and a hard place.
.Lace discovers her, and she is granted leather armor.
.Finds the Golden Lion.
.Talks with Lupus.
.Goes to the Throat with Lena and co to free prisoners.
.Spots Deimos had returned.
.Holds a sneak meeting.
.Goes to the deep forest, some one is on mind she wants to find.
.Meets Levi.
.Talks to Psyche
.Stalks Tolio
.Returns to the Veins
.Spars with Deimos .Tests her invisibility magic on Mauja
.Finds Ulrik in the Steppe
.Talks with Arah
.Is gifted a God of Spark amulet from Psyche.
.There is a ton MOOOORE

The Play
dramas is llamas

Played by
Sica. (this profile is a work in progress if you couldn't tell)

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   8 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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