the Rift

the Sunshower


Passive Magic: The sounds of nature around her become a soft song

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 9 [Orangemoon] Height: 15.3hh
I'm Beautiful
Ok! Here's the important stuff you need to know about me! My coat color is BLACK FRAME OVERO. Pretty awesome, right? My mane and tail are BLACK, which helps my LIGHT BLUE eyes stand out! How fantastic is that? Plus, I'm the perfect size. 15.3 HANDS- not too tall but not too short. My hooves are STRIPED! As for my breed... Momma was a THOROUGHBRED x PAINT HORSE mix and daddy was a THOROUGHBRED x QUARTER HORSE. I guess you could say I got a little bit of both worlds, though I mostly look like a THOROUGHBRED. As for everything else? My front left leg has a WHITE SOCK and both of my right legs have WHITE STOCKINGS. My face is BALD, but that's just a marking. Don't worry, I've still got fur! Oh yeah. I guess I can't forget about mean old Farenjar. He gave me a FOOT-LONG SCAR that runs across my left hip. I was a little ashamed of it at first, but it reminds me of the time I saved the Edge from an invader. Go me!

Oh, for those of you who care, I don't really understand science, but here are my important genetics: EE/ff/Oo/SPLspl/lplp/
I'm Awesome
So here's what you need to know about me- I'm happy! I really want to be everybody's friend. In fact, my favorite hobby is going to the Threshold to find new herd members. I think I'm pretty good at it, to be truthful, because I'm pretty chatty. That makes it really easy to make conversation on the long trek back to the Edge.

My goal right now is to spread peace throughout the land of Helovia. I had a few mishaps after I got here, getting mixed up with the wrong crowd a little bit, but Kaj set me straight. Mirage's idea of peace meant staying in the Edge and not really venturing out- but I think that we need to do so much more. So when I'm not in and out of the Threshold, you'll definitely find me wandering around Helovia trying to bring everyone closer.

I'm so excited that I get to be leader of the Edge, now. I miss Mirage, and it's unfortunate about Lace, but this is something I've dreamed of my whole life! Finally, I'm a queen like mother was. I just hope I do everything right. I'm really nervous about getting everything right. At least I have Kaj to help me along. He's so smart, I'm lucky to have him here to help me. After all, I get confused so easily!

The only thing I don't really like about myself is that I'm so scared of everything. Every night I go to sleep and I'm plagued by nightmares. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep at all. Then I wouldn't have to wake up screaming or be afraid to close my eyes at the end of the day. Maybe someday I won't have to be afraid anymore.
Way Back Then
A long time ago, I was born to the dark King and Queen of Avalon- Judas Priest and Krystal Nacht. Now, don't get any weird ideas- I was never supposed to be their princess. See, I have an older brother Nachtfang and a twin brother Der Fuhrer that were both in line before me. Besides, both of them were way more ruthless. Of course, I was a little different back then- I did some things I'm not proud of because I thought that's how I was supposed to be. I guess we all did- even my little sister Umbriel.

I think, of all my past, I miss Der Fuhrer the most. We never did see eye to eye, but I guess he just didn't approve of what I was like. Still, I know we loved each other. That's why it's such a shame that I couldn't find him when the fire happened. See, the whole place burned down. Daddy's cathedral, with him and Momma inside, were turned to ash. Still, somehow I know that Fuhrer got out. I mean, if I got out, he had too... Right?

After that, I just wandered. There was nothing left in Avalon for me. So I walked around for a whole year before I found Helovia. And thank goodness I did find Helovia, because I was starting to get seriously lonely by myself. And I was pretty close to being coyote food more than once. Still, when I finally crossed that Threshold, everything seemed different and better. It was like a new life!
News Feed
Hide the Bitter Taste --- Ktulu came to visit at the Edge! I'm so excited to see her again!
Do Giraffes Float? --- Just taking a stroll around home for fun. I miss being able to just mess around all the time, instead of having to work so hard.
Savior --- I couldn't wait any longer, I had to try again at the Veins of the Gods to get my magic. I can't save Helovia without it. Thank goodness that the Gods are merciful.
Leave A Light On --- Eva brought Ruske to the border, but he's really sick. Thank goodness Resplendence knows how to fix everyone!
First Steps --- The Threshold is still one of my favorite places, even though I haven't made it there very often recently. I met Leeka this time!
Moving Forward --- I found the most beautiful little structure just standing in the Helovian wilderness, and I met Hamaliel!
Keep Dreaming --- I tried, but I was not granted the favor of Father Earth. Perhaps another day and another time.
Returning to the Light --- The Earth God was back again. The only one I haven't met now is the Time God. I hope Father Earth will allow me my earth x shock rock magic, so I won't have to hide in the dark ever again.
Rebirth --- I finally made it back to the Edge. Kaj was just getting there too. I'm so lucky to have him as my King. We called the herd together to see who was left and to announce new ranks.
Followers of Flame --- The Sun God was at the Veins of the Gods while I was there. I really need my light anti-racism magic so that I can help bring peace to Helovia. I hope he grants it to me.
Steel is sheated now --- I accidentally stumbled upon Farenjer while I was trying to find all of the Edge members so that we could go home. I'm still really scared of him, but maybe he's not so bad.
Spotting Spots --- Now that all the monsters are gone, I had to find Mauja- There was so much to tell him. But it seems like he might not want to have his trial now. Things are a little weird.
Thief --- I can't even believe what happened. The Moon Goddess summoned Kaj and I outside of the caves, where she told us we would be king and queen of the Edge. I feel like I'm living a dream.
I Have Noone But You --- I decided I had to get out of the caves for a little while. I went to the Threshold with Aaron and met Isi and Tyradon. Tyradon was kind of scary.
Rebirth --- While exploring the caves, which I'm still a little scared of, I met a blind stallion named Leliel. He's got four wings. Neat!
Nightmares --- I met a mare named Mermaid and Mauja showed up. I have a lot to tell him but he seemed pretty sick and Mermaid was around, so I decided to wait.
Secrets Found Between --- My other friends are in the cave too. I found Brisa and Alysanne, by some miracle. They forgave me too. Now I know everything will be ok and that I have the best friends.
Home Sweet Heartache --- I was scared to go back into the caves after we were attacked by that demon stallion, but Kaj assured me I was safe and I met Resplendence there! I've missed her so much!
Entrances Are Also Exits --- I decided I had to leave Helovia. How could I face all my friends after attacking them? But I'm lucky I have Kaj. He forgave me for all that I did and showed me the way to safety.
Across the Hallowed Ground --- Lena may be the best thing to ever happen to me. I tried to attack her, but she healed me by singing. She's brilliant, almost as smart as Resplendence. I'll owe her forever.
Of Hope --- When is this going to stop?! I attacked a poor colt that is a member of the Edge. Luken was defended by Aaron, at least, but I just feel awful. Nobody will ever forgive me for this.
Beating the Bush --- I tried so hard to be good, but the evil inside of me took over again. I used my scorpion tail and pincers to attack a mare named Tatum. I really hate being evil.
Forgiveness --- So when I got attacked I was turned into a wraith. It was terrible, all I wanted to do was hurt everyone. I even attacked a mare named Accalia. I didn't even know her!
She's a Ghost, Unseen By the Eyes of Men --- The strangest glass mare named Ayelet was standing at the border to the Edge with some friends, so I accepted her into the herd. Then I got attacked...
Behind the Glass --- I was exploring the cave again, trying to overcome my fear, when I felt called by this weird sparking. I thought it would give me my earth x shock rock magic, but it picked Brisa. I'm so happy for her!
Stand Together --- After the black fog came, I hurried back to the Edge to tell Destrier about it. He'll know what to do!
Snow Angels --- I decided to explore somewhere new and I met Faelene and Lena in the Frostbreath Steppe. We were really starting to get along, but then some black shadows started to attack us. I ran.
Bad Teacher --- I took Resplendence's advice and had a little gathering for the craters. Only Dragomir came, but I at least got something done. I made Shadow's commission that she asked for. Dragomir will deliver it!
Food Chain --- Teras was hurt so I brought him to the Edge for Resplendence to heal. She's so smart. She knew right away which herbs for him to eat and ground them up.
Here Puppy! --- I met another wolf, this one named Teras, in the Threshold. How come I always meet all these frightening non-horses? I must be some sort of magnet for trouble, like Res says.
Medicine --- Res needed help with expanding her garden. I'm not a crafter, but I love my friends and so many of them were gathered together, I couldn't help but want to help!
Pillow Biscuits --- Fig and I made it back to the Edge- and Resplendence showed up to meet her too! Thank goodness. Resplendence is so much better with foals than I am.
Forget-Me-Not --- I met the strangest mare in the Threshold. Her name was Fig and she was part horse part tree. But she actually seemed to like it. We didn't really hit it off, but she's going to come to the Edge anyway.
Quest Drop #11 --- I decided to go exploring and guess who I found but the Moon Goddess! I was hoping she would gift me with a raccoon companion but I'll have to wait for another day. She did give me the ability to turn into mist for a little while though, that's fun!
Ice Cream Cake --- Turns out Mauja is kind of scary, but it's not really his fault. He made a mistake, but I'm going to help make it better. We're going to stand up to Mirage to clear his name!
Open Bottle --- I meet a stallion named Mauja a the Thistle Meadow. He seemed so lonely, I just had to invite him back to the Edge. He said he'd come see my wall. How fun! I love making new friends.
Aye for an Eye --- I tried to find a crafter named Finn that I had heard lived at the Foothills, but no luck.
To Serve --- I was trying to leave the Edge to do something, but instead I found a unicorn named Evers at the Edge border. His greyhound Rita was adorable!
Even Rabbits Make History --- Nasreen and I made it to the Edge and we obviously became friends almost instantly. She's so much fun to talk to, I just know I'm going to like having her around.
Rabbit Heart --- Things got a little busy, but I met Nasreen, Aurelia, Phoenix and Solace in the Threshold. I must have done something right because Nasreen came home with me!!
Not Goodbye for Long --- Aly, Miykael and I came home, and then Aly reminded me that she had to go back to her home to say goodbye to her son. I hope she comes back soon.
Salvation --- I finally took the last statue to the Foothills with Aly and Miykael. Better late than never, I guess!
Speak Now --- Mirage called a herd meeting- it's the first once since I've been here. I'm not surprised that I knew almost everyone at the gathering- making friends is so much fun!
An Empty Shell --- I ran into Apodis in the Heavenly Fields. I've missed him so much, it was really great to see him. He seemed kind of sad though and said he was leaving Helovia. I hope he comes back soon.
Easy Days --- Outside the wall, I met Cypress, a little filly who was admiring my glass work. I'm not really fond of foals, but I guess she wasn't too bad.
Homecoming --- Obviously Avarielle came back to the Edge with me. It was fantastic to let her see the wall I made. So much has changed since she first saw the Edge.
A Lost Star --- Back in the Threshold. Guess who I met? Avarielle came back! I'm so happy, because I really had missed her!
Footsteps of a Fool --- I explored a new cave called the Sanctuary at the Heart with Resplendence and Quilyan. We met a demonic stallion there and I thought I was going to die. Kaj and Quil saved the day.
Strictly Business, Of Course --- A mare from the Dragon's Throat named Shadow came to our borders. I was a little nervous at first, but I decided to let her in to explore. I also told her I would make her something!
Governess --- The Earth God told me to talk to Solace about crafting, so I made him a staff. I hope he likes it, because I had a lot of fun making it!
Quest Drop #10 --- I met the Earth God! Wow! I tried to get some earth x shock rock magic, but I wasn't able to. At least he told me I was doing a good job! Next time!
Public Outreach --- I took the scorpion to the Basin with Aaron, Destrier and Quilyan. One of the Basin unicorns gave me a little mechanical scorpion. It's kind of cute, and apparently it only follows me. How awesome!
Home Away From Home --- I finally got around to delivering the statues. Resplendence and I took the Eagle statue to the Edge and gave it to Midas, Gaucho and Africa. I think they liked it!
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who is the Least Welcome of All? --- Torleik just couldn't stay away. Lace locked me in the Edge, Kaj yelled at me, and Eva was talking to me about things I just don't understand! What a terrible day.
Plus One --- Cassanchi came back to the Edge with me. He's a little mysterious, but I think he'll be a great new member!
Somewhere I Call Home --- I met Cassanchi and Colt at the Threshold. I always seem to find the most interesting horses there, it must be something about the trees...
Reappearance --- Aaron finally came back to the Edge. I wasn't super excited about it at first, but we made up. Maybe he was just a little stressed after the invasion. I know I was.
We'll be Counting Stars [Continued] --- Turns out Miykael knows Aly. Awesome!
We'll be Counting Stars --- After meeting Evangeline, I went back to the Edge and found Miykael at the border, waiting for someone to let him in.
Everything That Downs Me --- I decided I needed a break from crafting so I went back to the Threshold and met Evangeline. Lace, Brisa and Ampere showed up too. Turns out Ampere is as weird as I kind of thouht she was.
Slumbering Angels --- After I finished the wall, Dragomir watched over me while I slept. It was kind of weird, especially since he sounds exactly like my brother Fuhrer, but it turns out he's pretty nice.
Invade This --- Longest month of my life! But Mirage wanted a wall so I built her a wall. It was exhausting work, and I'm so glad the herd helped. Plus I met Dragomir.
A Letter for the Beloved --- I was trying to rest in my little space in the Edge when a filly named Abishia just sort of invaded my privacy and started talking about Antheia and Harmony. I kind of feel bad, but I shooed her off.
Save Me --- I wanted to give back to the herd, so I held a little crafting session where I met Destrier and made him a plow.
Heart of Glass --- I showed Aly the way home then made her a glass headband. Brisa even decided to join us. It was a great time hanging out with them, I know we're going to be the best of friends!
Take Me To The Start --- I decided to clear my head by trying to recruit. I'm so glad I did- I met Alysanne and she practically saved my life. Dust and Blitzen also were there, but only Aly came home with me.
I'm Sorry I Never Said Goodbye --- Worst day ever! Antheia found me in the woods and tossed herself off the edge of the cliff. I cried so much, I don't even know why she did it.
Spent --- I finally decided to give my magic a try- and I went a little crazy. I made a statue for each of the four herds! I hope they love them! I also made Resplendence a box and anklet. Awesome!!
Young and Beautiful --- It's been a while since I've been to the Threshold and this experience was kind of weird. Keahi just sort of walked past me into Helovia. Oh well, I tried.
Fools Prove Their Worth --- Artemis told me some important information, so I hurried back home. I wasn't sure who to tell- I decided on Kaj, and then I made him this awesome neck armor. I really like him a lot!
Unlikely --- I decided to try and find Atka to share the good news with him, but he doesn't live at the Foothills anymore. But I met Artemis, and she was nice enough.
Lonely Dreamer --- I've finally met Mirage after all this time here. But she must have taken some notice of me, because she promoted me to Glazier! I couldn't possibly be more excited!
An End to An End --- Thank goodness the sun is finally back- I was getting really tired of the eternal darkness. Plus it's nice to see Lace and Thor again. I haven't talked to either of them in a while.
You could Break Me --- On my way home from hanging out with Skywalker I decided to stop and talk to a mare named Ktulu in the Secret Grove. She was kind of weird, but not so bad.
I Do Not Usually Meddle with the Beliefs of Fools --- Skywalker and I decided to go to the Veins of the Gods to try and meet one. I really enjoyed his company.
Scars Across the Sky --- I found a moon amulet at the base of the mountain, then met Skywalker once I climbed to the top. He seems really nice!
Of Sapphires and Rubies --- I decided I should do something for my job, so I went to this really awesome pool of rubies in the Deep Forest. I met Brisa there- a member of my herd. How weird!
The Price of a Life --- I decided I should really say thanks to Onni for saving my life when that fire monster showed up. Good thing I did, I also got that whole Midas situation sorted out. Turns out he's not so bad.
Subtle Uncertainties --- Some rude stallion named Torleik invaded our beach to help a drowning mare named Echo. I wasn't very nice to him- he smelled like the Basin and I was still a little scared.
Keep Your Enemies Closer --- I brought Vertigon home to be accepted and I finally met our very secretive Seer, Hellena.
Well Would You Look At That --- I just keep on trucking. Back to the Threshold- I found a scary (but kind of neat looking) wolf named Vertigon, he's going to come home with me!
Consistency --- Mercy and I made it to the Edge so that she can be accepted. I really like bringing new family members home. I just wish I would see them more than once.
Can't Go Home, Can't Stay Here --- Good thing I didn't give up. I found Mercy in the Threshold, and she agreed to come back to the Edge with me!
Nothing but a Traitor --- Felix and Alistair went with Midas, so I hung around the Threshold until I found Nox. But he went with a mare named Eris. Oh well, I'll just keep trying!
Can't Hold Back --- I needed to get away from the Edge and all the scariness. I went back to the threshold and met Felix and his twin Alistair. That evil stallion Midas from the Heart was there again as well.
Low --- Resplendence is so smart, but she said she can't heal all of our wounds. We had to try and find Smoke to help make us better.
You Go, Glen Coco --- Thank goodness Resplendence was a healer. We went searching for herbs to heal our wounds. Resplendence helped with the invasion too.
Safe and Sound --- After Farenjer ran away, I tried to find some of my friends. I didn't find anyone I knew, but I met Resplendence, Quilyan, Aaron, and Kaj. Aaron's kind of mean, but the rest of them are awesome!
Tournament of Champions --- Imagine my surprise. I got back to the Edge and it sounded like there was a lot of activity. I thought it was a tournament of our warriors, but turns out we were getting invaded. I fought with Farenjer, until he ran away. But he gave me a long scar on my left thigh. It's really ugly.
Destitute --- I decided it was time to go back to the edge. I met a mare named Flordeperia. She seemed nice, but she decided to go to the Basin instead.
Drunken Moonlit Night --- I met some filly on the beach named Frost Fyre. She needed help with a quest. I tried to help her out, but I'm not sure I really did the best job. Oh well!
Do You Take Your Russians Black or White? --- I needed a brain break! Thank goodness I found Antheia. She wanted to play, so we ran all over the Edge playing tag. It was the most fun I've had since I got here!
Useful Things to Know --- Thank goodness I made it home. Smoke was going to teach everybody about some herbs, so I decided to stay. Not that I actually learned much...
Anew --- If it's not one thing it's another. I barely made it away from the fire monster alive and then I met some evil stallion (Midas' doppleganger) that threatened to take my life away. I think I need to just go home.
From the heart of the world --- I was just trying to explore the weird lava pit at the Heart when a giant FIRE MONSTER crawled from it! I was so scared! Thank the Gods Onni was around to save me.
Thawing Frozen Bones --- Penguin and I made it back to the Edge. Smoke met us at the border again, to let us in. Thank Goodness.
The Forgotten and Shivering --- I stayed in the threshold until I found somebody else to recruit- Penguin! She agreed to come back to the Edge with me!
J'Me Tire --- I had so much fun recruiting I decided to go back- I found a mare named M, but a kind of scary unicorn named Seele was also there. She called M mentally unstable. Seems like a weird way to make friends.
Stars Come out at Night --- Avarielle and I finally made it back to the Edge, I hope my friends like her!
Innocence of the Stars --- I finally decided to try and recruit some new members to the Edge. I'm so glad I did- I met Avarielle and she agreed to come home with me!!
When All Other Lights Go Out --- I made some more friends- Hototo (he's the son of a God!!) and Catalina. Some blue mare named Ampere came down to yell at us and then flew away. How weird!!
Beaten and Broken --- I'm really hurt after my fight with Ricochet, but I've got to make it home. I've just got to make it down the mountain...
Stupid Never Wins --- Ok, now I know I made Ricochet mad. He attacked me! This was my first fight and I was really scared. But I guess I didn't do too bad, we tied.
Dullness, Danger, Delivery --- I went exploring again and ran into a stallion named Ricochet. I must have said something wrong because I think I made him really mad...
Build Me Up --- I finally was able to meet Lace after all my exploring, he said I could train under him as an Acolyte Crafter. Awesome!
A Pleasant Welcoming --- I made a friend- a new member of the Edge named Antheia. She also had a filly with her, Harmony.
In Darkness, I Stand Alone --- I saw a little filly on the beach- she looked like she needed help but I'm not so great at being around foals. They're just too needy.
Drunk and Driving --- Some mean unicorn attacked Apodis and I while we were trying to have fun on the ice. I didn't like it one bit.
Lights On, Nobody Home --- I made another friend- Apodis! I met him at the Dragon's Throat and we're going to go exploring together.
What May Lurk in Shadow --- I met a mare named Onni, we didn't really hit it off very well. She kind of scared me. But we made up, and I'm going to go visit her at her home. And it's kind of dark. I wonder what happened to the moon.
Peace Keeper, Dream Weaver --- I made a new friend- Atka! He's going to let me visit him at his home in the Foothills some day.
Welcome Home --- Duchenar took me to Thor, who said I could become a member of the World's Edge. He also told me about Lace and Aaron, the two crafters- I'm excited to meet them so I can start being useful!
The Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie --- I found Helovia!! Duchenar found me and told me about the World's Edge. It sounds awesome.
Important Horses
AARON:: We didn't really get off on the right foot, since I didn't understand the Edge was being invaded. But we made up, and now I'd like to think of us as friends!
ALYSANNE:: Aly and I hit it off right away! Her, Brisa and I are like the three muskateers- and we're so much fun to be around!
APODIS:: He was one of the first horses I really became friends with, and he saved me when this scary, gold unicorn tried to attack. He's really brave.
BRISA:: Just like with Aly, Brisa and I meshed almost right away. Her, Alysanne and I are like the three muskateers and I wouldn't trade it for the world!
FARENJER:: I keep trying to forgive him for attacking the Edge and giving me a scar, but it's really hard. After all, I don't really like fighting and I was trying to tell him to stop. I'll have to keep trying.
KAJ:: Kaj makes me feel so safe. Whenever I'm feeling down, all I need to do is find him and I know he'll help cheer me up. I always feel a little funny around him- I guess it must be because he's so strong, smart and brave. Plus he helps keep me out of trouble, and always has a good view on things. He's just.... great!
LACE:: I really want to like him, and he taught me a lot, but I think that he's got to be a little more trusting of strangers. He got me into a lot of trouble with Kaj. But, I guess I wouldn't have found my mission in life without him. For that, I'm grateful.
LENA:: I met Lena in the snow, and it's a good thing I did. When I was a wraith, I attacked her but she saved me! She has the most beautiful healing magic and she sang to me until I was better.
MAUJA:: We met by chance and, even though he scared me a little bit, he helped solidify my mission to bring peace to Helovia. Fear shouldn't be a crime and I'm going to help him clear his name with the Edge. Everyone deserves to be happy.
RESPLENDENCE:: My best friend ever! If I could do everything with Res, I would. She's a little like a paranoid mother, always poking and prodding to make sure I'm not hurt, but we always have fun and she knows so much! She's a really great healer and I'm really grateful that she's been able to help me out a few times. We'll be best friends forever!
RICOCHET:: He trapped me and attacked me for no reason! I was really scared. It was my first fight ever. And even though I want everything to be peaceful, I really hope I never have to meet him again. I'm not sure I could face him without crying.
TORLEIK:: He's part of the whole reason Kaj got mad at me and that I decided I was going to bring peace to Helovia. I've got to find him and make up with him because I wasn't very nice to him.
Things I Love
GLASS BASKET:: A medium sized, crafted glass basket with handle. I love this thing so much. I'm so happy Res kept it safe when the wraiths took over Helovia.
SCORPION MACHINE:: A small, articulated, autonomous scorpion about the size of a human fist which only recognizes and follows me. One of the unicorns from the Basin made this for me when I gave them their glass scorpion. It's kinda cute when it sits in my forelock!
MOON AMULET:: I found this at the base of the trail that leads to the Heavenly Fields. I think it's because the moon goddess loves me! I wear it tied into my hair!
SUN AMULET:: A gift from the god of the sun. A yellow stone that I wear tied into my hair!
Image Credits: X, X, X
Design Credit: Abba

Played by
OOC: Sevin
Characters: Oxy, Adelric

:: [ Magic: EarthxSpark | Can infuse rocks with electricity to create permanent light sources from them ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only create 1 large item (lights to 20m), 2 medium items (lights 8-10m) or 3 small items (lights 2-3m) per season ]
:: [ Magic: Light | Can prevent others from having or feeling racist thoughts ]
:: [ Restrictions | effects last for two consecutive threads outside of battle and for one entire post in battle ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Nature around her coordinates itself into soft song- not overpoweringly loud but can be heard if paid attention to ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Companion: Blue Dragon | Mythical, common | Frost Breath | 5 yrs 0 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   7 AGL:   5 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   1 CP:   2
5.5 9.5 4.5 65
Notable Accomplishments

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Africa, Alija, Brisa, Cerin, Crowley, Fig, Kahlua, Laedere, Maren, Midas, Myrrine
02-14-2015 by Alija
A gift for a queen Archives
Archibald, Bucephalus, Gaucho, Kahlua
03-24-2015 by Bucephalus
turtles are horses too Archives
Aisling, Arah, Brisa, Crowley, Finn, Kahlua, Lena, Roland, Ulrik
02-13-2015 by Crowley
To the Garden! Archives
Aaron, Alysanne, Brisa, Destrier, Evangeline, Kahlua, Miykael, Quilyan, Resplendence, Thor
02-12-2015 by Resplendence
!! Surrender Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence
02-23-2015 by Resplendence
rubies, apples, and other things that are red Archives
Aithniel, Apollo, Brisa, Bucephalus, Isopia, Kahlua, Mesec, Saffron
02-12-2015 by Mesec
haven't you heard? boats are all the rage! Archives
Artorius, Brisa, Jahzara, Kahlua
02-10-2015 by Kahlua
"Shipping" - Intro Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Abraham, Adelric, Aeolus, Africa, Aisling, Aithniel, Alija, Alleo, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Argen, Artorius, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Atlas, Auriel, Aviya, Ayelet, Bellona, Bolverik, Brigand, Brisa, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cheska, Ciceron, Crowley, December, Deimos, Déodat, Destrier, Destry, Dovahkiin, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Finn, Gaucho, Hector, Hertz, Histe, Hotaru, Ink, Isara, Isopia, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kiara, Kvothe, Laedere, Lena, Macaria, Maitimo, Maren, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Mirage, Miykael, Morrigan, Myrrine, Naerys, Nayati, Nym, Nymeria, Nyx, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Parelia, Phantom, Quilyan, Ráeru, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roland, Romani, Roskuld, Rostislav, Saffron, Shadow, Shida, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Syrena, Talion, Tandavi, Telesaan, Tempe, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Ulrik, Varath, Vincent, Vitani, Volterra, Zèklè, Zenobia
02-13-2015 by Varath
A Liar's Detox Archives
Kahlua, Thranduil
03-31-2015 by Kahlua
evil amongst us [Mandatory Herd Meeting] World's Edge
Aaron, Alysanne, Apollo, Archibald, Artorius, Astraea, Azaneen, Brisa, Ciceron, Daemyn, Destrier, Evangeline, Far, Fig, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kaj, Ktulu, Leeka, Mauja, Miykael, Myrrine, Nocturne, Nyx, Parelia, Quilyan, Resplendence, Romani, Thor
03-01-2015 by Kaj
headaches [Mauja] World's Edge
Kahlua, Mauja
04-30-2015 by Mauja
focusing on sunshine Archives
Alysanne, Azaneen, Brisa, Kahlua
02-19-2015 by Brisa
how do you make holy water? Archives
Archibald, Kahlua
03-18-2015 by Archibald
life and death Archives
Alysanne, Brisa, Isopia, Kahlua
02-22-2015 by Alysanne
truths from your book of lies? [Eva] Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua
02-15-2015 by Evangeline
daddy dearest [Kaj] Archives
Kahlua, Kaj
02-25-2015 by Kaj
don't get too close Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence
02-05-2015 by Resplendence
The world has moved on [Kahlua] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Kahlua
01-26-2015 by God of the Earth
Aithniel, Amani, Ampere, Arah, Archibald, Cera, Fig, Gaucho, Kahlua, Ktulu, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Ophelia, Ranjiri, Roskuld, Ryuu, Thranduil
02-09-2015 by Mauja
guilty until proven innocent [Mauja Capture] Caela Insula
Kahlua, Mauja
02-05-2015 by Mauja
no matter which way you go [Welcoming] Archives
Kahlua, Maat
01-25-2015 by Kahlua
A Hopeful Transmission Archives
Kahlua, Maat
01-11-2015 by Maat
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue VIII Caela Insula
Adelric, Aithniel, Archibald, Arvakl, Deimos, Fig, Gaucho, Hotaru, Kahlua, Lena, Mauja, Megaera, Ophelia, Random Event, Roskuld, Rostislav, Serenity, Sialia, Snö, Tandavi, Thranduil
01-15-2015 by Serenity
Little Princess(Birthing) Archives
Areli, Ciceron, Ilios, Kahlua, Kaj, Parelia
01-26-2015 by Kahlua
The family is whole now[Joining] Archives
Ciceron, Kahlua, Parelia
02-27-2015 by Parelia
LET THE GAMES BEGIN (edge games #1) Archives
Africa, Alysanne, Ampere, Destrier, Gaucho, Hector, Hotaru, Kahlua, Midas, Rei, Shida
01-29-2015 by Hector
I can't teach you to fly [Welcoming] Archives
Alysanne, Ilios, Kahlua, Myrrine
02-02-2015 by Alysanne
[giveaway] HIS VALIANT RETURN Caela Insula
Abraham, Adelric, Africa, Aithniel, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Aurelia, Ayelet, Ayleid, Brisa, Brisé, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cetan, Ciceron, Confutatis, Crowley, d'Artagnan, December, Deimos, Destry, Dröm, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Gaucho, Ghost, Glacia, Gull, Hotaru, Jahzara, Jorogumo, Kahlua, Kaj, Kipling, Ktulu, Kvothe, Lakota, Lena, Maitimo, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Miykael, Morrigan, Nasreen, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Random Event, Ranjiri, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roskuld, Rostislav, Ryuu, Sacre, Saffron, Satanic Silk, Sheba, Sialia, Sikeax, Solanine, Spice, Tandavi, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Tyradon, Vadim
12-26-2014 by Random Event
Trilogy (Leads/Ranked) Archives
Archibald, Ghost, Kahlua, Kaj, Midas, Parelia
01-28-2015 by Ghost
I Am a Warrior, I Shall Fear No Evil Archives
Kahlua, Myrrine
12-30-2014 by Myrrine
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue V Archives
Aithniel, Ampere, Archibald, Deimos, Elsa, Hotaru, Kahlua, Kirah, Lena, Megaera, Midas, Mirabella, Panzram, Phantom, Random Event, Reginald, Rei, Roskuld, Rostislav, Torleik
12-20-2014 by Aithniel
the edge games, an invitation Archives
Ampere, Destry, Kahlua, Sikeax
01-05-2015 by Destry
the edge games, an invitation Archives
12-02-2014 by Kahlua
the edge games, an invitation Archives
Ampere, Kahlua
12-03-2014 by Ampere
the edge games, an invitation Archives
12-02-2014 by Kahlua
the edge games, an invitation Archives
Kahlua, Ophelia
12-03-2014 by Ophelia
Mind Games (4) Archives
Kahlua, Ophelia
01-11-2015 by Kahlua
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue II Archives
Abraham, Aithniel, Ampere, Arvakl, Caneo, Ciceron, Desperado, Elsa, Fig, Kahlua, Ktulu, Ophelia, Random Event, Sacre, Sikeax, Thranduil, Vadim, Varath
11-15-2014 by Sikeax
The Cinderella Squad Archives
Jahzara, Kahlua, Nayati, Resplendence
11-10-2014 by Resplendence
PS (I Love You?) Archives
Kahlua, Kaj
11-14-2014 by Kaj
Calling Joseph Lister, Come In Veins of the Gods
Desperado, Kahlua, Tandavi
01-19-2015 by Tandavi
To Each is Own [Welcoming] Archives
Aeolus, Kahlua, Yuuta
11-07-2014 by Kahlua
Frozen :: Herd Meeting Archives
Aeolus, Alysanne, Archibald, Brisa, Cheveyo, Daemyn, Evangeline, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kaj, Murdock, Nasreen, Resplendence, Romani, Thor
11-01-2014 by Murdock
Weather swings much? [Patrol] Archives
Daemyn, Kahlua
11-10-2014 by Kahlua
land of flames [campfires] Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua, Leeka, Random Event, Thor
11-08-2014 by Thor
Fortunes & Favors {Grimm's Fortune Telling Booth} Archives
Beloved, Grimmrot, Kahlua
10-26-2014 by Kahlua
home, again. Archives
Aeolus, Alysanne, Kahlua
11-03-2014 by Alysanne
the butterfly diaries Archives
Kahlua, Vadim
01-26-2015 by Kahlua
One Life [Open/ Kaj, Kahlua] Archives
Kahlua, Kaj, Thor
09-28-2014 by Kahlua
Our Spot on the Map {Welcoming} Archives
Daemyn, Kahlua, Nayati
10-26-2014 by Kahlua
New Again | Earth x Water Archives
Agrona, Andromeda, Arvakl, Bellona, Blythe, Caneo, Dragomir, Dröm, God of the Earth, Kahlua, Merida, Oxy, Rei, Sialia, Sikeax, Tandavi, Thranduil
10-22-2014 by Kahlua
any fool can know. the point is to understand. Archives
God of the Sun, Kahlua
10-22-2014 by Kahlua
Pavo cristatus, Pavo muticus Archives
Bellona, Kahlua, Random Event
09-27-2014 by Kahlua
Making the rounds Archives
Kahlua, Parelia
11-10-2014 by Parelia
They'll All Burn Out One Day Archives
Kahlua, Thranduil
11-19-2014 by Thranduil
Catch a falling star Archives
Africa, Biru, Chisel, Ciceron, Cirrus, Kahlua, Random Event, Rei, Rhea, Sheba, Zünden
09-05-2014 by Kahlua
Gold Teeth, Grey Goose [welcoming] Archives
Cheveyo, Ira, Kahlua
10-21-2014 by Cheveyo
The time has come, the time is now Archives
Kahlua, Random Event
08-14-2014 by Random Event
imaginary friends live in imaginary homes [Jay, welcoming] Archives
Fiore, Jahzara, Kahlua, Leeka
09-07-2014 by Kahlua
my silver lining; World's Edge
Kahlua, Mauja
08-31-2014 by Kahlua
Counting Paths [Joining] Archives
Kahlua, Murdock
08-18-2014 by Murdock
the death and downfall of mecha scorpion Archives
Bellona, Kahlua, Ulrik
10-09-2014 by Ulrik
Can I Ever Make It Up To You [Rejoining?] Archives
Aaron, Kahlua
08-15-2014 by Kahlua
Chasing Dreams & Butterflies Archives
Jahzara, Kahlua
08-13-2014 by Jahzara
The Gathering [Edge Herd Meeting] Archives
Brisa, Cheveyo, Destrier, Dragomir, Fiore, Kahlua, Leeka, Merida, Nasreen
08-21-2014 by Kahlua
Edge Lunar Eclipse Party [Song and Dance] Archives
Aurelia, Ayelet, Destrier, Illynx, Kahlua, Kaj, Ophelia, Resplendence, Rikyn, Sikeax, Thranduil
08-14-2014 by Rikyn
Enter Heaven [Sky Island Discovery] Archives
07-20-2014 by Kahlua
Stray dogs Archives
Brisa, Kahlua, Lace
08-17-2014 by Lace
Hideous insides Archives
Kahlua, Sorrow
07-28-2014 by Kahlua
Glass Spires of the West [WORLD'S EDGE] Archives
Brisa, Kahlua, Nasreen, Random Event
07-28-2014 by Kahlua
Sing Sweetly in the Night Veins of the Gods
God of the Moon, Kahlua
07-06-2014 by God of the Moon
The Feel Again [Kahlua] Archives
Kahlua, Luken
07-22-2014 by Kahlua
Shattered Glass [Nasreen] Archives
Kahlua, Nasreen, Random Event
09-22-2014 by Nasreen
A creature of blue Veins of the Gods
Aeolus, Amani, Aurelia, Bellona, Cirrus, Destrier, Destry, Elsa, Faeanne, Finn, Fiore, Ilios, Kahlua, Miykael, Nasreen, Random Event, Satanic Silk, Semira
06-30-2014 by Miykael
good times last forever, right? [Leeka Welcoming] Archives
Kahlua, Leeka
06-27-2014 by Kahlua
death and taxes [Eva] Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua
07-19-2014 by Kahlua
Spiritus Khayyam (Open Spar) Battleground
Destrier, Kahlua
09-14-2014 by Official
strangers make the best confidantes [Petra Welcoming] Archives
Kahlua, Petra, Ruske
07-06-2014 by Ruske
Broken Hearts Heal Different [Kaj] Archives
Kahlua, Kaj
08-23-2014 by Kahlua
Murderess [Post-Challenge Healing] Archives
Alysanne, Kahlua, Resplendence
08-16-2014 by Kahlua
Brokenhearted Aftermath [Mandatory Herd Meeting] Archives
Alysanne, Archibald, Ayelet, Brisa, Cheveyo, Destrier, Dragomir, Evangeline, Faeanne, Fiore, Hamaliel, Isi, Kahlua, Kaj, Ktulu, Lakota, Leeka, Luken, Miykael, Nasreen, Nayati, Parelia, Petra, Quilyan, Resplendence, Ruske
07-15-2014 by Kahlua
The Bindings That Tie Us [CRAFTER'S MEETING] Archives
Dragomir, Kahlua, Nasreen, Semira
10-08-2014 by Kahlua
Desperately Seeking... Something Archives
Kahlua, Petra
06-15-2014 by Petra
Oh, I just can't wait to be queen Archives
Kahlua, Thranduil
08-16-2014 by Thranduil
it's a new day [kahlua challenge] Battleground
Aurelia, Kahlua
06-14-2014 by Official
River Walker's Return [Illynx] Archives
Illynx, Kahlua
06-17-2014 by Illynx
The sun has yet to die for you. Archives
Aurelia, Cheveyo, Delinne, Eris, Ghost, Kahlua, Kaj, Kiara, Resplendence
05-28-2014 by Cheveyo
A New Beginning Archives
Aaron, Dragomir, Kahlua, Kaj, Kimber, Resplendence
07-14-2014 by Resplendence
Exploring and Alone [Joining?] Archives
Kahlua, Merida
06-03-2014 by Kahlua
Der mond steht alleine Archives
Aurelia, Kahlua, Kaj
05-19-2014 by Kaj
Philosphy? [Eva] Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua
06-03-2014 by Kahlua
Chthonic Rites [Earth/Water Magic Drop] Archives
Abishia, Agrona, Alysanne, Ciceron, Delinne, Kahlua, Merida, Random Event, Rostislav, Sikeax
05-29-2014 by Random Event
What Was I Thinking? [Alysanne/Kahlua] Archives
Alysanne, Brisa, Kahlua
05-25-2014 by Alysanne
mastermind Archives
Abishia, Biru, Kahlua
05-06-2014 by Kahlua
The Moon Sings Sweetly Archives
Aaron, Dragomir, Kahlua, Kaj, Semira
06-03-2014 by Kahlua
mist drifts across pale ice; [herd leaders] Archives
Aaron, Illynx, Kahlua, Kaj, Lena, Resplendence, Roland
05-21-2014 by Illynx
!! Little Things [Edge] Archives
Alysanne, Dragomir, Kahlua, Resplendence
06-21-2014 by Resplendence
[LEADS] Welcome to your Kingdom, down. Archives
Archibald, Kahlua
04-23-2014 by Kahlua
Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom Archives
Fiore, Kahlua, Saphiron
04-19-2014 by Fiore
hide the bitter taste [Kahlua] Archives
Aaron, Kahlua, Ktulu, Lakota
05-13-2014 by Lakota
Pulling Petals, One By One Archives
Dragomir, Kahlua
05-29-2014 by Dragomir
Priestess Archives
Confutatis, Kahlua, Kaj
04-10-2014 by Kaj
Do Giraffes Float? [Open] Archives
Alysanne, Aurelia, Kahlua, Ruske
05-07-2014 by Ruske
Keep Dreaming Archives
Aaron, Kahlua, Tyradon
04-19-2014 by Aaron
Savior Veins of the Gods
God of the Sun, Kahlua
05-04-2014 by Kahlua
First Steps Archives
Abishia, Ciceron, Kahlua, Leeka
06-22-2014 by Leeka
Leave a Light On Archives
Aaron, Alysanne, Evangeline, Kahlua, Resplendence, Ruske
04-01-2014 by Resplendence
Moving Forward Archives
Hamaliel, Kahlua
04-24-2014 by Kahlua
Returning To The Light Archives
Aurelia, Cashmere, God of the Earth, Kahlua, Note, Tyradon
03-21-2014 by God of the Earth
REBIRTH :: Herd Meeting - Return to the Edge! Archives
Aaron, Alysanne, Aurelia, Ayelet, Brisa, Cheveyo, Dragomir, Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Lace, Nasreen, Nato, Note, Pampero, Quilyan, Resplendence
03-30-2014 by Ayelet
Followers of Flame Veins of the Gods
Amani, Carnesîr, Cera, Elsa, God of the Sun, Hamaliel, Hector, Kahlua, Nasreen, Random Event, Satanic Silk
04-07-2014 by God of the Sun
Steel is sheathed now Archives
Farenjer, Kahlua
03-16-2014 by Kahlua
Spotting Spots Thistle Meadow
Kahlua, Mauja
05-09-2014 by Mauja
Thief Archives
God of the Moon, Kahlua, Kaj
03-04-2014 by God of the Moon
i have no one but you. Archives
Aaron, Isi, Kahlua, Tyradon
02-19-2014 by Aaron
Rebirth Archives
Kahlua, Leliel
02-19-2014 by Kahlua
Nightmares [Open] The Glowing Room
Kahlua, Mauja, Mermaid
02-11-2014 by Kahlua
Home Sweet Heartache [Res] Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence
02-20-2014 by Kahlua
Secrets Found Between [Alysanne] Archives
Alysanne, Brisa, Kahlua
02-15-2014 by Kahlua
[P] Entrances Are Also Exits Archives
Kahlua, Kaj
02-20-2014 by Kahlua
Behind the Glass :: TIME\SPARK MAGIC DROP Archives
Africa, Brisa, Destry, Kahlua, Nyx, Parelia, Random Event, Tharos
01-13-2014 by Brisa
Bad Teacher [Crafters] Archives
Dragomir, Kahlua
03-08-2014 by Dragomir
Across the hallowed ground Archives
Kahlua, Lena, Nao, Random Event, Tangere
02-15-2014 by Kahlua
Of Hope [Open] Archives
Aaron, Kahlua, Luken, Random Event
01-19-2014 by Kahlua
Beating the Bush Archives
Abishia, Arrane, Kahlua, Random Event, Tatum
01-24-2014 by Random Event
Food Chain [Teras, Open] Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence, Teras
01-05-2014 by Teras
Forgiveness Archives
Accalia, Kahlua, Random Event
01-22-2014 by Random Event
Pillow Biscuits [Fig, Welcoming] Archives
Fig, Kahlua, Resplendence
01-05-2014 by Fig
we'll be counting stars [continued] Archives
Kahlua, Miykael
01-02-2014 by Kahlua
Stand Together [ALL] Archives
Destrier, Kahlua, Resplendence
01-05-2014 by Kahlua
The Young One Archives
Abishia, Kahlua, Shajake, Tangere
02-04-2014 by Kahlua
Here Puppy! (Edge) Archives
Kahlua, Teras
01-03-2014 by Kahlua
Not Goodbye for Long Archives
Alysanne, Kahlua
01-13-2014 by Kahlua
she's a ghost, unseen by the eyes of men. Archives
Ayelet, Kahlua, Nasreen, Nato, Random Event, Ranjiri
01-21-2014 by Nasreen
!! Medicine [Herb Garden] Archives
Africa, Alysanne, Brisa, Dragomir, Kahlua, Resplendence
01-09-2014 by Africa
Ice Cream Cake World's Edge
Hellena, Kahlua, Mauja
01-25-2014 by Mauja
Forget-me-not Archives
Fig, Kahlua
01-01-2014 by Kahlua
Quest Drop #11 Dark | Wind Archives
Confutatis, Eris, God of the Moon, Illynx, Kahlua, Micha, Oxy, Phaedra, Sacre
12-23-2013 by God of the Moon
Open Bottle Thistle Meadow
Kahlua, Mauja
12-22-2013 by Mauja
Even Rabbits Make History [Nasreen, Open] Archives
Kahlua, Nasreen, Resplendence
01-01-2014 by Resplendence
Aye for an Eye [Finn, Open] Archives
12-15-2013 by Kahlua
To Serve Archives
Evers, Kahlua
01-03-2014 by Kahlua
Salvation [Delivery] Archives
Alysanne, Kahlua, Miykael
12-18-2013 by Miykael
Homecoming [Avarielle, Welcoming] Archives
Avarielle, Kahlua
12-17-2013 by Kahlua
Speak Now [ Activity Check - Compulsory Herd Meeting ] Archives
Aaron, Alysanne, Brisa, Destrier, Dragomir, Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Kimber, Lace, Mirage, Nasreen, Nato, Nyx, Paladin, Quilyan, Resplendence, Rishima, Romani, Sakura, Smoke, Takara, Vikram
01-09-2014 by Lace
Rabbit Heart Archives
Aurelia, Kahlua, Nasreen, Pheonix, Solace
12-16-2013 by Nasreen
Plus One [Cassanchi, Welcoming] Archives
Cassanchi, Kahlua
12-25-2013 by Cassanchi
Easy Days [Cypress, Open] Archives
Cypress, Kahlua
01-12-2014 by Kahlua
Governess Archives
Kahlua, Solace
01-01-2014 by Kahlua
A Lost Star Archives
Avarielle, Kahlua
12-13-2013 by Avarielle
An empty shell Archives
Apodis, Kahlua
01-11-2014 by Kahlua
Snow Angels Archives
Faelene, Kahlua, Lena
01-01-2014 by Lena
Public Outreach [Delivery] Archives
Aaron, Deimos, Destrier, Illynx, Kahlua, Quilyan, Ulrik
12-22-2013 by Kahlua
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who is the Least Welcome of All? Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Lace, Nyx, Torleik
12-30-2013 by Kaj
Quest Drop #10 Earth | Water Archives
Africa, Aurelia, Cera, Eris, God of the Earth, Hototo, Kahlua, Kelec, Sacre, Solace, Tingal, Torleik
12-03-2013 by Cera
Home Away From Home [Delivery] Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Kahlua, Midas, Resplendence
11-30-2013 by Africa
Slumbering Angels Archives
Dragomir, Kahlua
12-23-2013 by Dragomir
Somewhere I Call Home. Archives
Cassanchi, Colt, Kahlua
12-09-2013 by Colt
Strictly business, of course Archives
Kahlua, Shadow
12-06-2013 by Kahlua
[P] Footsteps of a Fool Archives
Kahlua, Kaj, NPC, Quilyan, Resplendence
01-02-2014 by NPC
Reappearence Archives
Aaron, Azale Moniet, Kahlua
11-27-2013 by Kahlua
everything that downs me [open] Archives
Ampere, Brisa, Evangeline, Kahlua, Lace
11-30-2013 by Evangeline
we'll be counting stars [any; acceptance/welcoming?] Archives
Kahlua, Miykael
11-23-2013 by Kahlua
Heart of Glass [Aly, Welcoming] Archives
Alysanne, Brisa, Kahlua
12-01-2013 by Alysanne
Halloween Maze Challenge :: Round Three Archives
Africa, Amara, Ampere, Brisa, Ciceron, Circe, Confutatis, Dragomir, Ghost, Illynx, Kahlua, Kelec, Luneia, Midas, Ophelia, Random Event, Ranjiri
11-04-2013 by Random Event
Invade This [Wall Crafting / Crafters] Archives
Destrier, Dragomir, Kahlua, Mirage, Xanthos
11-09-2013 by Kahlua
A Letter for the Beloved Archives
Abishia, Kahlua
11-16-2013 by Kahlua
Save Me [Open Crafting] Archives
Destrier, Kahlua
10-19-2013 by Kahlua
Take me to the start [open] Archives
Alysanne, Blitzen, Cypress, Dust, Kahlua
11-01-2013 by Alysanne
Spent [Resplendence] Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence
11-05-2013 by Kahlua
I'm Sorry I Never Said Goodbye [DEATH THREAD] Archives
Antheia, Brisa, Kahlua
10-25-2013 by Kahlua
Young and beautiful [OPEN] Archives
Kahlua, Keahi
10-19-2013 by Kahlua
you could break me Archives
Kahlua, Ktulu
12-08-2013 by Kahlua
Lonely Dreamer [Mirage] Archives
Kahlua, Mirage
11-08-2013 by Kahlua
Fools Prove Their Worth Archives
Kahlua, Kaj
11-03-2013 by Kahlua
Unlikely Archives
Artemis, Kahlua
10-05-2013 by Kahlua
I do not usually meddle with the beliefs of fools [Kahlua] Veins of the Gods
Kahlua, Skywalker
10-11-2013 by Kahlua
An End To An End Archives
Kahlua, Lace, Thor
09-29-2013 by Lace
Of Sapphires and Rubies [Open] Archives
Brisa, Kahlua
10-12-2013 by Kahlua
Consistency [Mercy, Acceptance] Archives
Hellena, Kahlua, Mercy
09-16-2013 by Hellena
Keep Your Enemies Closer [Vertigon, Acceptance] Archives
Hellena, Kahlua, Resplendence, Vertigon
11-07-2013 by Hellena
!! Low [Kahlua/Smoke] Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence
09-08-2013 by Kahlua
The Price of a Life [Onni, Open] Archives
Kahlua, Midas, Onni
10-17-2013 by Kahlua
Well Would You Look at That Archives
Kahlua, Vertigon
09-09-2013 by Vertigon
Can't Go Home, Can't Stay Here Archives
Kahlua, Mercy
09-11-2013 by Kahlua
Subtle Uncertainties [Echo, open] Archives
Echo, Kahlua, Paladin, Resplendence, Torleik
09-15-2013 by Resplendence
You Go, Glen Coco [Res] Archives
Kahlua, Resplendence
09-07-2013 by Kahlua
Can't hold back Archives
Felix, Kahlua, Midas
09-03-2013 by Midas
Scars across the sky [Kahlua] Archives
Kahlua, Skywalker
09-18-2013 by Kahlua
nothing but a traitor Archives
Eris, Kahlua, Nox
09-07-2013 by Kahlua
!! Safe and Sound [Quil/Kahlua] Archives
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