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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 9 Height: 16.2hh


Build: Close coupled and graceful
Color: Dusty black
Markings: A skull-shaped blaze; many scars.
Eyes: Amber yellow, right is pale and useless due to a scar.
Mane: Medium silver
Tail: Medium silver
Scent: The salt of blood and the rich musk of decaying leaves; she smells this way due to the perpetual sores on her mouth caused by her acidic magic.
Helovian Scarring: Right shoulder had massive scar when the skin was cut away from the muscle; inflicted by Illynx. Long scar wending down her stomach from where she near-speared herself upon Apollo's horn.


The Basics

Feral, uncanny, sinister, ruthless, baneful, wrathful, evil, malefic, wicked, tenacious, relentless, anti-sexist.
   -- likes nicknaming (a peculiar and disquieting habit)

Father: Oblivion the DemonKing    Grandfather: Bane    Grandmother: Unknown Paternal siblings: Numerous, including October, Sinn the Archangel and Basilisk the Red Queen. Mother: Mortalis    Grandmother: Claude    Grandfather: Morgue the Womanizer Maternal siblings: Valhalla Also related to: Öde, Hellä, Rain, Onni the Illuminant. Anyone with Oblivion/Morgue blood. Prodigy: Veil (x Draqaris, off-site)


Early Life

• Born in the Valley to Mortalis, a young pegasus mare after she had been raped by the warlord Oblivion.
• Abandoned by her mother after attempting to nurse: Confutatis' saliva burned her mother's teats.
• Alone and desperate and spurred by her wicked blood, she moved to the Gateway and attacked nursing mares and their babies for precious milk.
• Left Isilme at the age of a year - did some evil stuff afterward.
• Got a nasty scar on her face after an unfortunate run-in with a unicorn.
• Went from kingdom to kingdom wreaking havoc, and birthed a son named Veil.
• Discovered Helovia.

Frostfall, Year III

Magic in death and beauty in blood, meets with Déodat and both of them find themselves rather hormone-filled; enters a delightfully sexual conversation and meeting.
Turning Tables, emerges from the Frozen Arch to find only eternal darkness with Déodat. [Beginning of Endless Night: Dead Magic Plot]
loose ends, challenges Storm, a pegasus mother, for possession of her son Kovoden, who she met a while back briefly.
finishing up the sewing job, she finds Kovoden.
decay and decadence- Lady Death meets Mauja the Frostheart and enjoys a round-about talk of the night and the gods.
and we dance with the dead, in which Confutatis ventures to the south. She explores the Spectral Marsh, and there within meets Seele, who attempts to recruit her to the Asylum. Eventually, Confutatis accepts.
How Do You Sleep, a herd meeting for the Asylum.
Once upon a time... Confutatis traveled down to the Deep Forest and met Lace with his dragon Fajira, and eats fresh spring grass Hototo lets blossom at his feet.
[Ending of Dead Magic, Beginning of Endless Night: Broken Magic]

Birdsong III

Radio loud, or Radio lower, meets an unknown stallion and meets him in combat. However, due to her illness (she believes) she is defeated by him.
gravedigger meets wolf, meets with her captor, Kipp. Kipp has stolen her for her attempted steal on Archibald.
Worn out nights, is united with her sister October for the first time in the Deep Forest. With October, she flees her captor Kipp and also turns her back on the Asylum, believing them to bring down her image as a daughter of the warlord Oblivion.
red bones, white blood, skins a foal with her own mouth as a sacrifice, and receives a kitsune egg.
Polar Oppositions, Better Transitions, is approached by Adalaide.
blood to drink, bones to crunch, attacks the mare Adalaide after being approached by her.
Breaking Laws and Challenging Unbreakables, challenges Illynx for entry into the Basin, and causes a rockslide. Being more damaged herself than Illynx, and not wishing to cause more injury, Confutatis flees while promising horrific things will happen to the Basin's leader.
[Ending of Broken Magic, Beginning of Restoration: We Welcome the Dawn]
Villainous Trends, Corporeal Souls. With nowhere to go, Confutatis relents and turns to the temporary homelands of the Asylum, hoping to seek shelter with the horses she met long ago.

Tallsun Year III

the strong and the weak, the teeth and the victim; turned down by the Asylum members, Confutatis turns furiously to the north, awaiting on the borders of the Foothills for someone to speak with. Phaedra comes to meet her, and from that point on Confutatis is a member of the Foothills.
Denouncement; Confutatis challenges the leader Apollo for his title as herd leader. Being defeated, she is ousted from the Foothills and returns to the wilds near-death.

Orangemoon Year III

Having healed from the majority of the wounds Apollo's inflicted upon her, Confutatis focuses on recovering and raising her companion, Mongrel.

Frostfall Year IV

[Beginning of The Darkest Hour Plot]
All the things that kill me..., in where Confutatis spreads her ominous portents to a hybrid colt, Kari, and a mare, Megaera.
crystals are a filly's best friend, whereas Confutatis and Mongrel prey on a lonely girl in the caverns.
In Over My Head; unknowingly meets a demigod, and does her best to terrify him and his friends.
» death and all his friends, Confutatis greets another latecomer to the ball of the underground.
Comforts of night, where the mongrel and his companion speak to a mare missing a wing and a stallion descended of unicorn heritage. In this thread, she is accused of posing threat to Africa, which she responds to with frustration and annoyance.
black victory; Confutatis sets out from the underground and moves to the Threshold, where she approaches a behemoth of a stallion and his verdant green dragon, of the name Tyradon. Another also comes to join them- Aaron, whom she does not know.
♛ tyranny of the slave driver; speaks with Tyradon of the possibility of starting an outcast band.
damn the sun, damn the darkness; where Confutatis comes across her old nemesis, Seele, a recruit of Seele's, and Circuta. Filled with vindictive poison for their former treatment of her, she does her best to nettle them.
Bedding with Foes; finds her old friend in the caverns and proceeds to fight with him.
It's a Bad Omen; sets out to the Threshold to recruit for her cause, and discovers a unicorn stallion lacking eyes and a young filly.
Massacre of the Transmundane; with Morir, the unicorn stallion without eyes, Confutatis rediscovers the son she abandoned a long while ago.
It's a Slow Descent; alongside Veil and Morir, Confutatis travels back to the caves, where she reunites with Tyradon.
Send no angels, in which Confutatis meets Moniz, another of her cause though she does not know it.
strangers in a strange place, where the hellion feeds in the Thistle Meadow and meets Mauja.
It's a Thief in the Night; greets the mare Nyx after Morir lured her to the Ancient Rotunda; successfully converts her to a citizen of the Regime.
Snow-capped Dream, where Confutatis successfully makes off with the twins, Asch and Arwen, and their mother, Arah.
A transfer, asks Tyradon to watch her prisoners while she attempts to steal Seele. She also asks of him to watch Seele if she is stolen successfully, and she would take back Arah, Asch, and Arwen.
Priestess; heads to the Edge in order to secure membership with the land.


Battle Records

loose ends :: Storm :: Default Win :: 0.5 VP
blood to drink, bones to crunch :: Adalaide :: Default Win :: 0.5 VP
breaking laws and challenging unbreakables :: Illynx :: No Winner :: 0 VP
denouncement :: Apollo :: Lost :: 0 VP
you will see. :: Eris :: No Winner :: 0 VP
to steal a clown. :: Seele :: Lost :: 0 VP
make me bow :: Déodat :: Default Loss :: 0 VP
blind date :: Morir :: Default Win :: 0.5 VP
run rabbit run :: Arah :: No Winner :: 0 VP
Jaws and Claws ::

Total VP: 1.5


COTM April 2014

Played by


Turnover characters: Andromeda, Ricochet, Raeden, Carnesir, Azulee

Current characters: Confutatis

:: [ Magic: Dark | Induces heavy infection upon biting immediately, causes swelling, pus, sloughing and in extreme cases, loss of limb or tissue ]
:: [ Restrictions | Extreme effects require permission and the infection will progress more slowly in battle; the saliva venom takes time to regenerate, so the subsequent bites will be far less potent ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxEarth | Her presence rots the flesh of mammals and birds ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects of decay only reach a 5m radius around her body and this ability can only be used once in battle since it drains her physically; in battle, the rot lasts for the duration of a post ]
:: [ Companion: Kitsune | Mythical, common | Dark Illusions | 5 yrs 7 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   2
5 8.5 5.5 65
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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