the Rift

Mictla :: Rougarou :: Shadow
shy | playful | emotional | hesitant
name means 'place of death'

His egg smashed open upon the Endless Blue the day that Bellona received him. She believes that the cause of the smoke that surrounds him is due to his premature death, although his egg did reconstruct its shell and he hatched normally later on. Bellona often manipulates the boy through their bond, chipping away at his fragile heart. Regardless of the bird's vicious tendencies, the rougarou loves her with every fiber of his being and will stand by her side to the end of his days.

Can take the form of three bodies: a spotted hyena (humility); a bearded vulture (nobility); and a High Guard -- or black serval with blue feathers upon his crown and at the end of his tail -- (grace)

He has brown eyes in every form he takes.

Carries four amulets: two Sun amulets (No magic stored in them) and two Moon amulets.

Credits: spears, feathers, tribal brush, sun brush- obsidian dawn


Hidden Account

Glowing blue will-o-wisps trail after her. Wears a dragon skull on her head.

Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 7 years old Height: 16.0hh
Breed: Azteca
Gender: Mare
Age: 7 years old -- ages in Birdsong
Race: Peacock x Pegasus Hybrid
Eyes: Pale orange/yellow
Mane: Long and thick. Usually a mass of tangles. Grows in a vibrant green, but fades to blue and purple at the ends.
Body: Vivid colors on her body, consisting of dark purple, dark blue, maroon, and green. Has peacock feathers growing from her wither that act as a 'cape' over her back. Additional long feathers thrown into the mix, these are blue-green. Wings consist of the same colors as her body.
Hooves: The only natural color on her body; dark brown.
Markings:Okapi markings on legs, in white. White slashes around eyes, resembling the peacock eye markings. Also has a distorted snip on her nose.
Tail: Short and thick, grows in green and fades to dark blue and purple, like her mane. Has a few white hairs as an underlay.

Most see the fearsome warrior-maiden as an exquisite and rare creature; one would have to be completely ignorant to miss her savage beauty. Her wild grace and fluid movements demand all attention. The extravagant markings that brand her hide so passionately are meant both to lure and to warn any creature that happens upon her company, for this empress is rather violent. It is her sole desire to satiate the beast that yearns for the blood of others, and she is not shy at the prospect of doing so.

Stubborn + Calculating + Reserved + Sarcastic + Brutish + Masculine + Blunt + Ambitious

Vehement is the goddess that yearns for the touch of no one, for she is much too ambitious to be bothered with the needs of another. It is a serious business, this killing, and no time can be wasted by daydreaming of love or romance, especially if you are so as battle-hungry as she.

Don't expect to receive too many kind words from this creature, for her heart is tainted with malice and her tongue double-edged with sarcasm. Those who manage to earn her respect will not be baited so harshly by her cruel words, but even then it will not be so easy to hear words of praise fall from her dark lips.

Although she is a rather brutish creature, it is well worth your time to settle your differences with this warrior. If she wants something said, she'll say it; if she wants something done, she'll do it; if she wants someone killed, you'd better pray it not be you.

Note: It is assumed that all members of Bellona's lineage share her unique coloring. Coat colors listed are to retain natural horse genetics.

Khalamir -- 16.1hh smoky black Azteca. Extremely long, extravagant feathers on the wings. Unable to fly due to large collection of scar tissue at the base of one wing. Deceased.

Philomet -- 15.3hh silver dapple grey Azteca. Extensive feathering on long legs. Roman nose. Had good health in general; now deceased.

Paternal Grandsire
Hundair -- 16.1hh smoky grullo Azteca. Large hooves, exaggerated arch in neck. Blind due to old age/countless battles; mass amounts of scar tissues in knees and in shoulders; arthritis. Deceased.

Paternal Granddam
Stapone -- 16.0hh cremello Azteca. Extremely long, extravagant feathers on the wings. Mass amounts of scar tissue on the flank, rump and neck. Deceased.

Maternal Grandsire
Danten -- 16.0hh smoky cream Azteca. Light scarring from past battles. Deceased.

Maternal Granddam
Runama -- 15.3hh silver dappled Azteca x small percentage of Criollo. Slightly convex face. Deceased.

Alecto -- 16.0hh black Azteca. Striking resemblance to Bellona herself, the only difference between the two being that Alecto had a slimmer frame and her wings were not as long. Mass amounts of scar tissue on chest, throat, and forelegs. Deceased.


+ Born to Chief Khalamir and Oracle Philomet of the Cualneci-oquichtin tribe, which are highly respected as the most feared warriors in Arto. {Tribe of Beautiful Warriors}
+ Grew up alongside her fierce sister Alecto, who, like the rest of their tribe, hungered for blood and was lost in a battle against another warring tribe over the Tanima River; the River of our Souls. Bellona watched as her sister was struck down by the hooves of a large draft brute, mixing her blood in with the waters that raged past.
- Unbeknownst to Bellona, her grandsires and granddams who had reigned supreme in the same lands inherited by her father were also killed in this river. Chiefs and Oracles were considered to be the souls of the tribe in that generation, and after the Eztenqui Wars {Blood Wars} were waged and won by Bellona's tribe, they renamed the river after the four great leaders that had fought so ferociously to protect their land.
+ Trained by her highly skilled father to kill without mercy; excelled in this area
+ Trained by her shaman-mother to make contact with the spirit world; excelled in this area (but the connection was broken since her arrival in Helovia) - Developed an obsession with the bones of the deceased due to her training. She believes that every skeleton has a "song" that tells how the former creature perished.
+ In the Micoani War {Fatal War}, Bellona fought alongside her mother and father against man, who was trying to drain the Tanima River. The River was the tribe's connection to the past and so they took this attempt to steal their history as an act of war. Equipped with spears and arrows, man had quickly gained the upper-hand in the Cualneci-oquichtin's last battle, slaying many of their warriors -- including Khalamir and Philomet -- and spilling more blood into the river. The few remaining members of the tribe forced Bellona to flee from battle in order to keep the blood of their chieftain alive.
+ After the massacre of her tribe, Bellona swore to never allow herself to lose; one of her sister's greatest beliefs was, "To lose the war, yet die in battle, is honoring the Gods with the life they bestowed in us; but to win the war and flee the battle is showing disgrace to the Gods, and you have betrayed your true role in this life."
+ After six months of healing and traveling, Bellona stumbled upon the threshold to Helovia, determined to live the traditions of her old tribe through her own life, and to hold her sister's words close to heart.


+ {|| Prologue: No Longer Earthbound ||} Meets Osiris, Tingal, Yseulte and their respective companions. Bellona is unsure of where to go, and ultimately decides to return to Arto to locate any survivors.
+ The lonely goddess despairs after she discovers the bones of her family and, remembering the promise that Helovia seemed to hold for her, she takes to the sky and journeys west once more.
+ {|| Prologue II: Introductions Take Two ||} Meets Abishia in the Threshold and offers to give her a feather in return for information about Osiris and the Foothills, but gets impatient and leaves the fae in the Threshold.
+ {|| Chapter I: There's serenity in the darkness ||} Still in search of the wolf boy, Bellona travels south from the Threshold and encounters Dragomir. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter II: Sound the War Drums ||} Battles with Gaucho and his companion in the Deep Forest. OOC Spar.
+ {|| Chapter III: Asking for Directions ||} Travels west from the Deep Forest and encounters a high Oxy in the Thistle Meadow. After forming an uncertain alliance, Oxy takes her to the Falls.
+ {|| Chapter IV: Home to Roost ||} Oxy brings her to the Hidden Falls where Bellona meets Rostislav and Seele. Initially wants to follow the path of a warrior, but Seele entices her to pursue that of a sleuth instead. Is accepted to the Falls.
+ {|| Chapter V: A creature of blue ||} Flies to the Veins where she meets a lava goddess offering an egg, and a large gathering of equines. Sees that Aurelia has caused Kahlua some sort of stress, and confronts her for it. Aurelia ignores her. {drop refusal}
+ {|| Chapter VI: My God has answered ||} Following Miykael, who won the egg at the Veins, Bellona witnesses the egg hatch into Eliana, his zephyr companion. She speaks with him about it. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter VII: What's Black, Blue and Red All Over? ||} After meeting Miykael, the hybrid answers Ciceron's call and the two engage in battle. Does not realize that Ciceron is a part of her herd at the time.
+ {|| Chapter VIII: In the event of an emergency landing... ||} Returns to the Threshold to a crash landing Gull, who challenges Rostislav to a spar.
+ {|| Chapter IX: Lay your weary head to rest ||} After watching Gull charge at Rostislav, Bellona travels deeper into the Threshold to find an exhausted Harley, very bright Alija, and welcoming Cheveyo. Asks Alija to see to the wound on her barrel, from her fight with Ciceron.
+ {|| Chapter X: Quest Drop | Burn it down ||} Encounters the Sun God and a vast crowd of equines at the Heavenly Fields. Goes well at first, but Bellona falls from the God's good graces. {drop refusal}
+ {|| Chapter XI: i hear love birds are best when eaten raw ||} Tingal and Bellona reunite in the secret grove. Bellona notices that the tiger has changed. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter XII: making my way downtown ||} Chats with Fraub about his hair. Tries to make him cut it. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter XIII: Come see ||} Midas discovers the Caela Insula and tells Ciceron and Bellona about it. The two stallions ignore Bellona and she demands she accompany the party investigating the island.
+ {|| Chapter XIV: Sleep is for the weary ||} Goes with Midas to talk with Seele about joining the group going to the island. Disrespects Midas, receives two warnings, and leaves with her wish met but her mind discontent.
+ {|| Chapter XV: :: Pegasus Flying Race :: ||} Follows Midas to the island and partakes in a race. Sees Aurelia and vows to beat her, releasing a battle cry towards the fae. Her scream knocks her (and Gull) off course.
+ {|| Chapter XVI: Sore Losers ||} Crashing on the floating island alongside Gull, the pegasus berates her making him lose and proceeds to flirt with/amuse her. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter XVII: !! Stand Up ||} Attends a herd meeting on the island. Discovers Oxy is growing closer with Elsa, whom Bellona does not know or currently like. Speaks with Rostislav at the meeting. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter XVIII: the death and downfall of mecha scorpion ||} Discovers Kahlua on the island and attends her meeting with Ulrik. Does not trust Ulrik, but offers her protection to Kahlua. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter XIX: Knocked Off Your Pedestal ||} After her encounter with Kahlua, Bellona enters the ring and challenges Aurelia to a spar. {ongoing}
+ {|| Chapter XX: Your war flag proudly standing amid the setting sun ||} Finds Meriwether in the threshold. Extends an invitation to her not just as a Falls member, but as her ally. Jahzara claims Meriwether, and Bellona warns Jahzara that she will hurt her the next time they meet.
+ {|| Chapter XXI: woke up with the sun ||} Witnesses Midas burn the Basin's invitations to a party, and then watches the Time God punish him for it.
+ {|| Chapter XXII: Safety [common ss drop] ||} Finds a door and a jawbone on the shores of the endless blue. Kills a lizard giant with the jawbone alongside some others, and competes for its egg, which she earns.
+ {|| Chapter XXIII: A hunted man sometimes wearies of distrust and longs for friendship ||} Intercepts Ciceron who is bringing Angiogram to the Falls. {ongoing}

None ;D

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OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0 CP:   1
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