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His schizophrenia is now attacking all five senses


Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: Eight :: Birdsong Height: 16.2
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Arctic Fox
- Companion -
- Tracker -

Standing on chipped, flaky hooves, the silver grulla reaches the height of sixteen.two hands. His body is slender and lean, taking after his athletic Thoroughbred ancestors. Thick, curly and untamable hair decorates his neck and rump; his mane often tangled and twisted, some small dreads hidden in the layers. Color splatters an otherwise dull body on the stallion's face: a deep maroon highlights his snout, ears, eyes and the single spiraled horn that juts from his skull. Faux blood stains his mouth and snout, the color fading out to small dabs in an unnatural state. Dull eyes take the same red color from their neighboring points, remaining empty and glossy, swiped clean of all emotions he may be feeling.

Struggling with schizophrenia since a very young age, Voodoo finds it difficult to interact with others. The voices taunt his every move with their child-like fits and name calling, often referring back to past issues and meetings to make him even more uncomfortable. As a child, he wished to be the knight in shining armor, the one to sweep in and save the helpless maiden and receive her undying love; but this dream was packed down into the dark corners of his mind as he aged and was taught that life just isn't a fairy tale. As a colt, Voodoo learned that he was not cut out to be the warrior price that he had dreamed of becoming, and was crushed. His longing for acceptance grew deeper as he aged, rejection from herd mates and women crushing his delicate ego until he became the nervous, shy man that he now is. This being said, now as a stallion, Voodoo displays affection toward anyone he comes across, afraid to make others feel as he once had.
Caring, loyal, gentle, understanding, and helpful.
Gullible, reserved, jumpy and shy.

Born a bastard child, Voodoo was raised by a woman (known only as "Mother") with a bright personality and a forgiving heart. They wandered the boundaries of Helovia, his mother warning him that just across the boundaries was a world full of evil and chaos. As he aged, Voodoo grew angry and confused by his life, lacking a strong male figure that he so needed. One fatal day, a pack of wolves cornered the yearling and his mother where she scarified herself for her son. Scarred, frightened and lost, the colt struggled to survive on his own; near his death bed, he began to hear strange voices that guided him on how to survive, one occasionally sounding like his dam. They coaxed him into a dark life, turning his innocent mind on the "lesser races" and brainwashing him with lies.

Finally, at two and a half years old, Voodoo enters Helovia with no good intentions. He is invited to live among the unicorns in the Aurora Basin, where he begins to realize that he is not what he thought he was. The voices begin to gain more and more control over his body and personality, spars and uncontrolled emotions opening the floodgates to their power. After being introduced to humiliation and failure by Mauja the Frostheart, the colt is able to take a step back and rethink his life.

He leaves Helovia for nearly an entire season, returning late into the third Tallsun as a man. His body had filled out and his temper had settled, the demons no longer as strong as they had been before. Africa, an old friend, invites him to live in the Dragon's Throat, despite his sudden leap in personality and faltering ability to communicate.

During Helovia's third Frostfall, an evil spills into the world, bodies becoming infected with a vicious plague that barely keeps them alive; rotting flesh hangs off of their bodies and strange mutations sprout from their hides. Voodoo witnesses a massive tornado as it tears apart the Throat, but is able to get away and find the underground system that will house every healthy being for the next three months. He begins to slump into a depression, but is eventually saved by the birth of his beloved companion, Ouija. The small fox's personality blooms in the dark tunnels, melting the hearts of everyone she meets, even helping Voodoo makes friends with a gentle woman named Alysanne and a drunkard named Rostislav.

Resurfaced after what felt like forever, the pair return to the Throat to find it completely different. As the ominous creature among the winged, Voodoo once more disappears into the corners of the herd lands, keeping to himself with his newly bonded. He meets a woman speckled with gold one day while trying Rostislav's strange drink that he carries everywhere with him, where they both have their way with her; later in the year, she gives birth to two half-twins, one belonging to Voodoo, one to his friend Rostislav. Upon meeting his son, Ryuu, the man cannot help but constantly think of his child. Aurelia's offer - to stay in the World's Edge and help him raise their family, or return to the Throat and never see them again - enrages Voodoo, striking an argument that only fuels him to stay further away from the stranger who birthed his child.

More solitary confinement allows the man to yearn for a family, but his shy personality keeps him from developing any strong connections with anyone to even consider him a friend. Ryuu ends up living under the wing of a woman named Rajiri, now residing in the Throat. He meets his child for a second time under the watch of his adoptive mother, happy to see that he is taken care of correctly... but angry that his biological dam was so careless with her own blood. Eventually, Alysanne comes back into his life, and Voodoo begins to fall for the gentle doctor.

A bland year passes before Voodoo realizes that he has been gifted with the magic of healing - Ongoing
Dark x Light Magic

Can feel another's pain through physical touch and take away ailments both small and large. He will be stuck with this ailment until he can detox. The ailments will show on his body as if they had been his all along while the one who is healed returns almost immediately to normal health. In order to detox from the healing he must submerge chest deep in any water and then the ailment will leave his body in a cloud of thick black smoke from his ears/mouth/nostrils.
Needs an upgrade to heal very serious injuries.

Ouija is a small female Arctic fox. Her coat is a warm white, decorated with minimal black hairs; both large ears are lined with black, and the end (approximately two inches) of her tail is also black. During the warmer months, her coat will naturally shed into a very light brown. Her big eyes are dark brown, almost appearing black, and are full of life, unlike her bonded's. Fully grown, Ouija will be about ten inches tall. She discovered her voice, but is still having trouble building a basic sentence.

Dam and Sire;

Mother: A lightly dappled grey woman of Thoroughbred blood who bore one single spiraled horn. Her coat would shed out to white with age. Deceased.
Father: A silver grulla with minimal black and similar red markings. Two spiraled red horns and a red cornet band on his left fore; "bloody" snip that spread to his lips.


Ryuu: First colt out of Aurelia, and half-twin to Faeanne (Aurelia x Rostislav). Three spiraled black horns, each laced with gold and red. One eye is gold, the other red. Red and gold barring on his shoulders, a red dorsal stripe, and mismatch stockings decorate an otherwise dark body. Was born with nerve issues in his feet that makes it difficult to hold his own weight.
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:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Can transfer physical wounds onto himself via touch ]
:: [ Restrictions | Will receive the effects of the injuries as if he sustained them; must submerge himself in chest-deep water to detox, which will appear like smoke leaving his ears/mouth/nose ]
:: [ Companion: Arctic Fox | None | 5 yrs 1 mo ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   10 AGL:   3 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   1
7.5 10 2.5 61.5
Notable Accomplishments

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