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DarkxWater | Ability to hyper-saturate the blood of another, leading eventually to severe inflammation and cell bursting. **Discovered while attacking Crake, but he is not in control of it.



Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 5 :: Orangemoon Height: 16.1
Roux is a copy of his father, with gentle touches of his mother. His blood bay hide is pulled over strong, taught muscle. His chest is deep and his shoulders are strong and sloping, his hips solid and thick. Roux's head is large and does not display any arabian dip. Save for his powerful arching neck and his high set tail, the boy does not share any delicate features of his arabian heritage. His hanoverian blood, though the least amount, runs through his veins true. He stands at an average 16.1 hands, but his legs are long and powerful for his height. Two, the left two, are splashed with white socks that end just below his black knees. His right legs retain the ebony coloring of his cherry bay genetics, as well as his muzzle and other points. His right hooves are a solid, dark grey whereas his left hooves are a creamy, light tan. All four hooves are solid, unlike his siblings. He has thick and dark hair, as black as a midnight raven dipped in the purest of ink.

Roux's eyes shine a bright silver color, though the beautiful monochrome pieces give him no vision while the sun shines. Roux has a very special case of blindness, in which he was born without cone cells. Only his rod cells function, giving him nocturnal vision. His world is painted in shades of grey, like his eyes, but during the day when it is gone, the stallion can still sense the motions around him. Roux has a solid, twisting horn of ivory bone material that spirals from the middle of his forehead, the same white horn of his mother.


- Generally soft spoken, when angered he gets quieter and quieter and it is rare for him to yell.
- Stoic outwardly, inwardly very emotional
- Calculating
- Curious, though skeptical
- Untrusting
- Determined, stubborn
- Protective

Roux started out as a generally carefree colt, growing and playing and learning alongside his twin brother. However, he had always been the more timid of the two, especially during the day. He stuck close to his parents' sides when he was most vulnerable, learning many stories from his mother. Kou always had a way to encourage and strengthen him and never let himself feel bad for being blind--she never let the foal see it as a handicap. Despite that, Roux was always gripped with an undeniable sense of reality--he could not do everything the others could do.

When he was still young he was captured by Smoke of the World's Edge and kept for months. His mother and twin brother, Sacre, were also captured. Roux had met Smoke on the beach only weeks before and had thought of her as a friend. However, she broke his trust in her. Since then, Roux has not and will not be able to trust easily--he feels he can only trust his brother, Sacre, and his mother. A bitterness and hatred for the horses of the Edge boiled in his gut while he was held captive there and it silenced his tongue. Since his capture Roux has become a more dark, solemn creature of few words. He has also dedicated himself to learning the ways of combat so that he may protect himself from ever being captured again, and he may protect Sacre from that fate as well.

Roux is the epitome of "speak softly and carry a big stick".

D'artagnan and Kou

Sisters: Aviya and Nao
Brothers: Mesec(half) and Sacre(twin)


- Born to Kou and d'Artagnan the Nightshade in Orangemoon of Year Two. Twin of Sacre.

- Plays with Sacre in the basin. Argues that he is fine and not handicapped.

- Meets Smoke the Wildrose, Paladin the Valiant, and Ranjiri in the Endless Blue.

- Goes with his father on an adventure, meets the mare Harmony where his sister Aviya attacks her.

- Is captured and held prisoner by Smoke the Wildrose in the World's Edge. Kou appears, also captured.

- Meets with Sacre, also captive of the World's Edge, and faces his brother's guard, Rishima.

- Travels back to the Aurora Basin with Sacre and gains a Red Kite companion. Names him Edison.

- Travels with the herd to the Sanctuary. Meets with his father and his herdmates in the Sunken Falls.

-Meeks Crake and Moniz in the caves. Crake reveals when he was wraithed he attacked Sacre.

- Roux kills Crake.

- Roux runs from the caves and finds Sacre and Ranjiri.

- Meets Sacre in the Heavenly Fields and they enjoy a spar.

Ages in Orangemoon
Foal images: by imi

Played by
Hertz & Zenobia

:: [ Magic: DarkxWater | Ability to hypersaturate the blood of another, leading eventually to severe inflammation and cell bursting ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects leave opponent weakened and dizzy for 30 seconds ]
:: [ Companion: Red Kite | Rage | 6 yrs 5 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   4 AGL:   3 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
5 7.5 4.5 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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