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Helovia's Heart

The entrance to the massive cave system lies in the center of Helovia next to the ever-burning fire pit. As you descend into the depths, the air becomes cooler and a great, quartz stone wall glows, allowing the viewers to see into the fiery heart whilst being protecting from the churning heat. Many rooms fall off the main cavern with glowing mushrooms, waterfalls and even a wall of Helovia's history. These underground halls protected the citizens of Helovia in their time of need. Despite their beauty, dangerous chasms and monsters of the deep are cause to be wary.

In the center of the realm of Helovia, a vast hole breaks up the terrain. In its gaping depth fire runs eternally, as if the beating heart of the earth itself. Its diameter runs 50 feet, making it an obstacle to circumvent rather than cross. Little foliage grows nearby, too withered by the encompassing heat that even keeps winter’s touch at bay year round. In the surrounding area extends a flat plain of clay and soil, intermittent with glittering gemstones. Eventually the dull crust fades into tall grasslands capable of hiding the average horse, rending most unable to see above the field. Stay wary of what noises this sea of vegetation brings.

The Cave Rooms

The Sanctuary :: What may seem like a hole in the ground becomes so much more as your hooves slide down the wet and rocky slope beneath the surface. Heat emanates from a wall of lava that flows like a water fall into the chasm of the heart. A thick sheet of bright crystal protects occupants from the flowing force of the lava, leaving an open, dark cave room of generous proportions. Stalactites and stalagmites grow in beautiful formations and multiple paths to other rooms are visible in the rivers and pools that ebb and flow beneath Helovia.

The Wall of History :: A side room off of the Sanctuary displays a rotunda with a small fiery light that flickers and wavers in the ceiling many feet above. Along the stone walls is etched in a strange fashion how Helovia came to be when the four gods descended onto the nothingness of the land. The etchings and bas relief appear to glow and shimmer in the fire light. A pool of water bubbles from a carved fountain in the middle of the room which heals afflictions from the hideous darkness of the above world - if you can make it back in time.

Sunken Falls :: A roar fills the vast cavern in which the underground waterfall resides, for its sound echoes gloriously around the room. No one is quite sure where it comes from, but light dances across the ceiling and walls. The flickering illusions cast by the water play tricks on the eyes as they shimmer across the craggy recesses of the cave. The walls are untouched, and the feel of the room is one of ancient, primal beauty.

The Glowing Room :: The stone floor of the Sanctuary becomes soft and spongy with edible moss and grasses in another room branching off of the main cave. Trees, soft and tender and unaccustomed to the harsh environment above grow in beautiful clouds of glowing leaves. They are covered in mushrooms which emanate a blue florescence, and a stream languidly circles its way through the vegetation. Vines hang from the ceiling and little flowers which bloom from the leaves twinkle and sparkle, emulating stars. Toward the rear of the room is a misty, crisp waterfall which provides water and a gentle humidity to the temperate space.

Crystal Cavern :: The winding labyrinth that makes up the Crystal Caverns is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Fantastic crystals of all shapes and sizes adorn the walls and ceiling; even the floor has a glassy sheen. Light emanates from within the crystals, which gleam with the pale hues of the world above. They shift every now and then in a brilliant display of slowly, ever-changing hues - but be careful not to get too distracted! It is easy to get lost in the depths of the maze.


Heart Caves
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