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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: Six
Height: 14.1hh Affiliation: Hidden Falls Rank: She would be a healer
Above in the picture <3

American Saddlebred x Arabian *aka. National Show Horse*
White with blue splash
blue apron face marking
black star and disconnected stripe
white hair that fades to blue
lavender, pupil-less eyes
glass hooves
black horn
You would like to get to know me, you say? I don't mind explaining a bit about myself, even though I'd prefer you really just hang out around me. That would tell you all you really need to know. I'm caring. I don't want others to be hurt. But I'm also very traditional and dead set in ways such as that. I believe in the good of a herd over the good of myself. And I believe that foals should always be protected. I don't believe in fighting unless it is for self defense, though I have accidentally killed a few people that didn't deserve it and I feel a cloud of guilt pouring over my head every day. I'm a strange girl - a very strange girl. I see colours. Yes. You heard that correctly, I see colours. Not only do I see colours but I see four distinct 'souls' (Verletzt, Schwere, Liebling, and Unheil which I will explain a little bit later). I suppose one could say that I suffer from Schizophrenia and Synesthesia. An interesting mix, really, when you think about it. Here is a tiny explanation of the world as I see it.

Synesthesia is a rather interesting disorder. I suffer more specifically from Sound to Colour synesthesia. Basically, each sound that I hear - no matter what it is - I see in a dancing line of colour, changing in width and hue depending on how the pitch and loudness changes. The louder it is, the wider the hue, softer it is, the thinner the hue. Higher the pitch the lighter the colour, lower the pitch the darker the colour. Much like this or an aurora type creation of swirling lines of colour.

With the schizophrenia I am capable of seeing four distinct souls that I'd come in contact with in my life. My half-sister, I have found, can hear four distinct voices and lacks the capabilities of feeling emotion. She was trained to kill - as was I. But my schizophrenia is only a mild case. I can feel basic emotions such as happy, sad, stressed, anxious. But. When it comes to pure rage or any powerful emotion I tend to lock myself out. I've never once experienced love. I have, though, experienced what it feels like to care for someone. I have felt regret and turmoil for my actions.
Now, don't get me wrong, seeing random bodies that are definitely dead is not necessarily a good thing but I don't always see them. I've found that they only appear when I'm stressed or in a dire situation. I never hear what they say. They move their mouths and the colours are emitted but I can never distinguish the words. We communicate through body movement. Either way I will explain each of these souls to you as they are in relation to me.

My mother. She raised me well. She's the reason I'm capable of feeling. She was always around whenever Schwere taught me to spar and helped me realize that the only true reason I needed to fight was for personal safety. I still see her today and she helps to explain the torrent of emotions that flood through me. She is also a guiding image. She is a greying mare, with a few dappled spots here and there. Short in stature, maybe a hand taller than I. Long, gentle flowing mane and the gentlest baby blue eyes. When she speaks I generally see a light pink flowing around her frame. My mother did suffer from Dissociative Fugue disorder where she would black out and lose track of what happened during certain periods of time, though, making me susceptible to my father's teachings.

My father. He taught me how to spar. He attempted to teach me that feeling was for the weak. That love would screw with my mind and make me vulnerable. I suppose that part of it has stuck as I don't believe I've ever experienced love. He had a glass horn as well as glass hooves and was black with minor white markings. He stood a good three hands taller than I and was a more muscular saddlebred, though still held true to a saddlebred frame. He was slightly abusive to me physically, though definitely abusive mentally. The last time I saw him was when he was killed saving my half-sister Seele, who doesn't know I exist. When he speaks I tend to see dark green swirling around his face and legs.

Oh, this is horrific. What I did to her. But I won't get into that. Not yet anyways. She's a sweet little mare. Or. At least she looked to be. She didn't speak much and it looked like Seele was protecting her, becoming attached to the helpless mare. I'm haunted by her. For something I accidentally did. She stood right around my height. I never got close enough to be a good judge, and this soul view of her never gets close enough to me for me to judge upon that either. She has a slightly dirtied coat with a knotted mane and tail. A dusty chestnut -almost black - pelt and mane. Equine for sure. She speaks a little. Not much. But when she does a light blue swirls around her and spills out in front of her.

A heavy draft. Crimson coloured. Completely crimson. I didn't get to know him, really, much like I didn't get to know Liebling. But it's in connection to her that he haunts my mind. He's much, much taller than I about 4 hands taller. He blames me for his death and he won't let that go. I thought he'd be able to fend off Seele. But I'm not getting into that, not until later. When he speaks I see deep, deep reds swirling off around his feet and back, even up into the air sometimes. An ominous feeling always presents itself whenever he or Liebling is around.
I've been told pasts make you who you are today. I desperately hope mine has made me for the better. My history is coloured with ups and downs. Horrible incidents have happened and all the ways I gained these images of souls will be included below. I am sorry for those souls I scar in the process. It is not my intention in the least.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was born into a large herd. The leader was my father, and my mother was a quiet mare suffering from her own mental illness. I was taken care of by her mostly, but if she ran off we weren't always totally sure when she would come back. So other surrogate mothers would take me in as necessary. I never got close to any of them, nor could I tell you much about them at this time. My mother raised me well, instilling traditional roles into my head about herd placement and general ways of life. She made sure I could understand emotions. And, she stood up for me when I was told I was an idiot for seeing the sounds which were produced in beautiful arrays of colour. My father trained me during this time, though he continued to put me down emotionally and would sometimes take the training too far - leaving me hobbling around the lands barely able to stand from time to time. It reached a point, though, that even though my mother suffered from Dissociative Fugue states she left the herd and took me with her. She took good care of me. Ensuring my health and well being as well as finishing up the last bits of my self-defense training. But, at the age of two she passed away by drowning in one of her states. Not but three weeks later I was beginning to see hallucinations of her. One of which led me to a lost trinket. A necklace adorned with a glass charm, a sun. In a vain attempt to always keep her close to me I kept it with me, and it is now securely attached to my neck.

Three years later, I managed to run across my father again. It was a much different situation, though. This time, he was saving Seele. Telling his 'daughter' to run. My eyes narrowed slightly at the thought, but upon giving her a second look I realized she really was his daughter. And that I had a half-sister. I followed her in the shadows - not wanting to be seen - for a long time. Again. Three weeks after Schwere's death I was seeing images of him dancing in my head. Taunting me it seemed, when I wasn't acting strong enough to his tastes.

I don't know how much time passed until I ran across Seele again after deciding she was safe. Again. I stayed in the shadows. I didn't want to bother her. Not when it seemed she was living a good life. I cared. And I realized that, simply because she was technically my blood. Two days after running across her, Liebling ambushed me. She didn't mean to. But I didn't know it was her. And, in my haste I struck out and killed the mare. I killed her. Without a second thought. I mentally chided myself before retreating, leaving her in the opening they had just left. I could hear Seele coming back, and I noticed the draft that seemed to have been following them as well. I talked him into taking the blame, believing he could fend Seele off enough without having to kill her and to make her go on her way. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned. He was killed. And, once again, three weeks later I was haunted with two more souls. None speak, all produce colour where sound should be.

In the past couple of months or so I have gained a healing magic. And, I am now set on helping others even more than before. I will make up for the wrong-doing in my past. And I will become a part of Seele's life. Perhaps even explain to her that Unheil had done nothing wrong in the first place...
Verletzt x Schwere (not native to this site)

Seele (Innerste x Schwere) who is now deceased.
Magic, Items and Companions
Her profile is up-to-date on the magic and items and is listed below-

Light x Wind: as each horse produces a colour Rei can see when they speak she will sing to match the colour produced. When the colours match that specific colour will appear before both horses and wash over the wound - in turn healing it.
Restrictions: She can heal minor wounds. Can only heal 1 major wound a RL week and it exhausts her from all of her energy. Incapable of healing in battle or healing herself as she has no colour to match.

She carries a sun charm on a thick leather necklace. It glows different colours when she heals.

Questing for-
She will be questing for (at some point) a psychic magic that allows her to present the image of the souls of someone's dead ancestor by matching the aurora of that dead soul so that the image appears before them. A passive magic as the image of the dead soul cannot be touched or speak. It is simply like a hologram for the two to attempt to communicate.
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