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Gender: Stallion Species: Equine Age: 8
Height: 15.2hh Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
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Breed: Peruvian Paso.
Gender: Stallion.
Age: Eight.
Race: Equine.
Eyes: Amber.
Mane: Long, black.
Hooves: Black.
Markings: None.
Tail: Long, black.
Jabez is on the darker side of the spectrum. He is not bent on violence, but rather making his mark on the world and making himself known. Despite his darker nature, he is a respectful creature, and believes very firmly in the traditional aspects of a herd setup. He would rather stand back and absorb information before making a move, although his short fuse often times makes this difficult.
[Please note - This is just a very, very brief overview, as Jabez was a character that was played for three years on an old site. If you would like more details before/after adoption, I can provide a link to old posts for ease of explanation.]

Jabez comes from Surreal Isles, where as a four year old, he took reign over the land called Xantacy. He fought many battles to keep his position as leader of the herd, and over the years, built a plentiful family within the marshes.

Eventually, Surreal began to crumble, overtaken by a deadly sickness that took its toll on many of the residents of Surreal. Forced to flee, Jabez now finds himself in the grips of Helovia.
Magic, Items and Companions
None. Would likely quest for fire and/or dark type magic, but it is up to the adopter! Same goes with companion.
OOC Details
Creator: Dingo (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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