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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: 3
Height: 16 Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
*White pupils-less eyes

*Rose grey(Dunskin + grey) with bird catcher spots| Will turn solid white roughly around age 7(may change) EE/AA/nCr/Dd/Gg

*Her back left leg/hoof are a bright blue jay blue that ends at her pastern

*Six point white tailed deer antlers

*White pupils eyes

*Two braids in her mane

*Her braids have three bright blue glass beads on the end of each leaving two inches of lose hair under them

*Three more glass beads are on her left antler and three blue jay feathers(different sizes) hang from the beads

*She has a leather necklace browns, blues, white; striped and dotted patterned with thin pieces that hang off all around her neck. These leather cords have three beads a piece that do not move, and a blue jay feather hangs between each strand.
Playful- Blunt- Seems heartless- Caring- Goofy- Pushy- Naive- Inquisitive- Free spirit- Charismatic- Man-eater
Kids: Astarot sire Volterra
OOC Details
Creator: Pare (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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