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Gender: Mare Species: Equine Age: 2
Height: 13.3 Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
“The eyes should be like the mountain lakes on a midsummer evening, big and bright. A bold bearing of the neck like a lad from the mountains on his way to his beloved. Well-defined withers like the contours of the mountains set against an evening sky. The temperament as lively as a waterfall in spring, and still good natured.” – Norwegian description of the Fjord horse x

The pure, ancient bloodline Hildegunn bears is a sound blend of draught muscling and bone, with smaller size and greater agility. Upon her characteristically short and powerful, beautifully arched neck, is carried a well-proportioned, medium-sized skull with a broad, flat forehead and slightly dished profile; the bright expression tapers down to a sooty-brown muzzle with a primitive pale border. Large chocolate-brown eyes are expressive and kind, set below small forward-focused ears, and a dense veil of mingled flaxen and brown. Her neck settles well between strong, sloping shoulders to create an upward and outward flexing image, and she possesses good depth through the girth, a well muscled and short back, and a deep (well-fed) barrel; her back, loins, croup, and brawny-quarters are all in perfect harmony.

Each leg beneath is sturdy and short, with sound conformation and a small amount of feathering at the fetlock; her forelegs are sooty and barred across the knee. Hildegunn’s naturally thick coat is light yellow-brown dun in colour (a dark brown stripe follows the entire span of her spine), and the hair becomes particularly dense, fleecy, during the coldest months. Once roached traditionally, as was the custom of her tribe (a crescent shape to accentuate both the full-length dorsal and strength of her neck), the young Fjord’s mane has been left to grow longer, thick and heavy; a dramatic blend of flaxen and true, dark-chestnut hue. So too does her tail reflect this two-toned colouration, though the darker shade tends more towards the centre and runs to only mid-length; it is also coarse, straight and long, with even ends sweeping the earth as she walks.

The rather stout equine stands at a measly 1.3 metres (13.3 hands) high, and weighs no less than 430.9 kilograms (950 pounds).
Strengths and weaknesses
x Affable | good-natured, friendly, and easy to talk to
x Gullible | easily persuaded to believe something; credulous
x Patient | kind-hearted tolerance of delay or incompetence
x Lazy | resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness.
x Sincere | the quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical; earnest
x Moral | concern for the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong
x Unsophisticated | lacking worldly knowledge or tastes; uncomplicated
x Cooperative | amenability: the trait of working well with others
x Short-Sighted | doing or determining without taking the future into account
x Gluttonous | the act or practice of eating and drinking to excess; to do anything to the point of wastefulness

Likes and dislikes
x Cold | Skjoervø, her beloved homeland, was a frigid, frozen, high latitude wilderness dominated for much of the year by winter; her coat reflects the need to survive in such harsh conditions, and thus all round, she is very much more at home in the cool.
x Spring | For a few months every year, spring brought (small) warmth to the far northern archipelago, Nordmandsvik, and with it came the blessing of sweet grasses, vibrant flowers and new life.
x Water | Life, so important to her tribe, consisted of or was heavily swayed by the existence of water. Rán, the goddess of the sea, is held dearest of all the divine triplets, by Hildegunn.
Wolves | …
x Birth Land | Skjoervø, Nordmandsvik
x Tribe | Skjovic
x Native Tongue | Nordik
x Latitude | Northern

Nordmandsvik is an archipelago located in northern Loorien, long forgotten and seldom understood by the advancing civilisations throughout Loorien. It is a brutal, beautiful wilderness with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands; an environment that would at first appear quite out of reach and uninhabitable - as cruel as the violent wind blasting across it. One small, rugged island nestled amid tumultuous waves in the westernmost fringe of Nordmandsvik, is home to the last indigenous tribe of the region. The horses of cold, wild Skjoervø are a primitive race without need for the magic and worldly complexities of the nations they are so isolated from; they live simply, though richly cultural and are utterly devoted to three deities.

The tribe’s understanding is that nothing might survive without the influence of water; its quality is life-giving, restorative and preserving. Rán, the goddess of the sea, is the eldest, kindest and most beautiful of the divine triplets. She alone controls the water, thus the life-force, of Nordmandsvik. Skaði is the wicked and jealous goddess of winter and her bitterness seems to grip the land everlastingly. The free-spirited and imaginative ?ostre, the goddess of spring, is the meekest of the siblings (smaller and less imposing), and she brings to the archipelago mild warmth and new life for one or two months each year. Each are celebrated for the gifts they bestow upon the little tribe- those ultimately at their mercy, and all the while the goddess’s are contented, the night-lit heavens lash and twist tormentedly in a show of stunning, glowing burst of colour.

x Frostfall 7
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling | Hildegunn's journey has been long and lonely, but as the winter sky begins to clear above a strange, new continent, she finds herself in the company of fantastical creatures - horse-like, but wearing upon their skin avian feathers and other curious adornments - in the depths of an old redwood forest. The native tongue, she discovers, is quite unlike her own and thus conversation is slow and confusing - she does however exchange names in the end, with Vu.
Family tree
Father | Halldor - Brunblakk equine Fjord standing 15hh

Mother - Danhilda | Ulsblakk equine Fjord standing 13.3hh

Brother - Olav | Brunblakk equine Fjord standing 14.2hh
Magic, Items and Companions
Nothing yet.
OOC Details
Creator: Riven (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: No plans or expectations :)

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