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Gender: Female Species: Hybrid Age: 20+
Height: 16hh Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
x Eyes | Dark green
x Mane and Tail | Thick, heavy and unusually long; flaxen hairs frosting a dark brown centre line; quiet accents the same green colour as the leaves on her body plant throughout
x Body | Silver smoky grulla; slightly darker dun muzzle, dorsal stripe and lower legs (including feathering which also has quiet green accents
x Markings | Plump, mahogany-brown fig fruit on right shoulder
x Hooves | Dark dun
x Roots | Buttressed, extensive roots descending both from the trunk and some lower branches; they have grown across their host, appearing as an intricate mesh or armour; varying diameters (thicker and older nearest the trunk, tapered and slender new end growth); covering back, thinning over rump, intertwined and thinning through mane, heavy down each foreleg (scarce down hind legs) and intertwining thickly through front feathering
x Plant | Thick, rough grey-brown trunk with prominent buttressing, marked with various blemishes; trunk appears to swallow Fig’s withers and shoulders, easily as wide; Canopy seems to ‘melt’ with aerial roots dropping towards earth from various branches; vast, rambling canopy which extends easily 3m (or more) on every side and the same high; elliptic, leathery, dark green leaves, 15–30cm long, and they are arranged alternately on the stems; leaves and branches bleed a milky sap if cut or broken
Peaceful, spiritual tries to maintain equilibrium around her. In tune with nature, and favours environments that suit her bonded tree. Fig is a timid and reclusive soul who prefers to hide away in vast forests, away from the troubles and struggles of mainstream life. Her body plant favours these dense wildernesses; tropical jungles and woodlands where humidity and frequent rainfall can sustain its health.

Fig is not terribly fond of any who would naturally feed upon her body plant's fruits, though she understands the role each life must play to aid the survival of the next.
Magic, Items and Companions
x Beluga
Common Beluga Leviathan
Mid-Tallsun 5 :: 12+ Months
Primitive skills :: Sing, flail
Mind Speach :: Mind speech gets better and stronger with time
iElemental Ability :: Bubble Trap: blows bubbles from her blow hole that slow down enemies. Advanced elemental ability is stagnant.
OOC Details
Creator: Riven (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: Completely up to the player!

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