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Helovian Native
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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 4
Height: 17.0 Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A

dappled grey grullo - medium build mutt - black spiral horn - light blue eyes

Soren isn't yet mature, but every day he inches just a little closer to the majesty his bloodlines promise. He is still very dark, his sides showing the faintest hint of the dappling to come. His lanky build is far from graceful -- actually, more than a little awkward. But his mane and tail have grown out from the soft fluff of foalhood, and his body is beginning to take on the harder edges of a creature grown.


bold - inquisitive - outspoken - diplomatic - sure of himself - believes in equality

Though still young, he's clearly a brave and intelligent boy. Soren is eager to speak his mind when he feels the need. Because of this he can seem to lack empathy at times, but rarely intends to hurt anyone. Soren may seem reserved for his young age; powerful curiosity often results in observing rather than acting, and though he has no issue speaking up he doesn't always see the need.

- Born during Frostfall, to Soleil the Virtuous, in the Deep Forest.

- Remained near his mother's side when his father grew distant


Sire: Paladin the Valiant (Riekahn x Tammenia) Deceased

Dam: Soleil the Virtuous(Indy x Gossamer) Deceased


Tyradon (Terrador x Soleil)

Cael (Terrador x Soleil) Deceased

Rain (Paladin x Valhalla)

Ktulu the Constrictor (Paladin x Soleil, twin to Ophelia)

Ophelia the Amarathine (Paladin x Soleil, twin to Ktulu)

Varath (Paladin x Soleil, twin to Vadim)

Vadim (Paladin x Soleil, twin to Varath)


Giselle (Riekahn x Bellona)

Psyche (Riekahn x ???)


Donovan (Riekahn x Vega)


Snö (Mauja x Psyche) Deceased


Roskuld the Sparklight(the God of Time x Ophelia)

Ranjiri (Midas x Ktulu)

Erthë (Vadim x Shadow)

Nymeria (Tyradon x Confutatis)


Hototo (the God of Earth x Ktulu) Deceased

Murtagh (Lakota x Ktulu)

Volterra (Tyradon x Confutatis)

Magic, Items and Companions

Fire x Water: the ability to create blue flames which freeze instead of burn.

Deflection Amulet: able to cast the power of another character back onto that character, shattering as it does so.

OOC Details
Creator: Nessie (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: N/A

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