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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 4 months, 8 years
Height: 8.2, 16.3 Affiliation: Aurora Basin, Outcast Rank: Sneak, Outcast
Dutch Warmblood, wine red base with white varnish spotting, undead stallion/colt.
• A curious nature
• A fascination with creation
• An insatiable appetite for flesh
• A lust for power
• A cunning talent for trickery
• A slight preference for those of his own race
• A love of fire
• A fear of birds
• A voice that is a mere whisper
Prometheus was murdered by his mother, Asia, approximately four months after his birth. In a fit of rage, Iapetus killed Asia for her crimes and the murder of their son, only to regret it immediately afterwards. However, no gods would receive the stallion and grant him mercy, for he had sinned too greatly. Iapetus took his own life, praying that his sacrifice would do some good as he drew his final breath, and the gods took pity on Prometheus, the victim of the poisoned family. The colt awoke beneath the waters of the Spectral Marsh where he struggled for his first breath, only to find he needed none. The gods had granted him a new life as a creature of death—for despite their great power, they would not turn back time for the child. Since awakening, Prometheus has been haunted by memories of his old life, in particular the vivid image of the moment of his death.
Parents: Iapetus x Asia

Believed to be infertile.
Magic, Items and Companions
Illusion magic to appear as he would if he were alive.
Undead passive magic.

Siberian tiger, Hypnotize and Flaming Touch.
- Plays an integral role in Prometheus' history and character.
OOC Details
Creator: Reli (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: This guy is incredibly special to me. I love him so much and would love to write him myself, I just don't have the time to give him the attention he deserves. I will not adopt him out lightly.

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