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Gender: Mare Species: Pegasus Age: 6
Height: 15.1 hh Affiliation: originally World's Edge, last seen in Dragon's Throat Rank: World's Edge Seer before Moon murder mystery plot, Dragon's Throat crafter
Chestnut splash overo with expressive gray eyes. Wings are large; chestnut on top with white undersides. TWH build.
Sweet, affectionate, cheerful, naïve, optimistic, trusting. Grew up slightly spoiled and used to getting her way, but has largely grown out of it during her time in Helovia (~4 years). Quite emotional and wears her heart on her sleeve. Loves stories and storytelling, rather artistic.
Nasreen grew up a princess in a foreign land called Th'orqui. The monarchy was overthrown and she fled with a nursemaid, who died of an infection days before reaching Helovia's Threshold. There, Nasreen accepted Kahlua's invitation to join the World's Edge. She lived in the Edge for several seasons, eventually becoming their Seer and obtaining rank magic to craft glass. However, after the Moon murder mystery plot, she was overcome by guilt for failing to see what her patron god had done and abandoned her post and the Edge. Hoping to go home again, she sought (and found) Th'orqui, only to discover that it lay in ashes after the rebellion. She returned to Helovia. At Bucephalus' offer, she joined the Dragon's Throat, where she was last seen hoping to become a crafter.
Sire is King Braizier (deceased), dam is Queen Krysanthe (deceased). Her siblings
from oldest to youngest are: Quilyan (deceased), Erigor, Magnus, Anayis, Ishtar (twin sister), and Eirik. Their whereabouts are unknown to her, though she did see Quilyan in Helovia previously.
Magic, Items and Companions
No magic or companion; though I'd imagine that she'd seek crafting magic. Has a few small items (a rope and some wing jewelry).
OOC Details
Creator: Shady (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: You're free to take her in the direction you wish, though I strongly doubt that she will ever go back to the World's Edge.

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