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Gender: Stallion Species: Equine Age: 3
Height: 16.2 Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
He is the perfect mixture of both of his parents. He is firmly built with muscles to spar. His head is broad and masculine with a firm set jaw line. He is covered in a blanket of muscles. His dark clay legs are long and built perfectly for speed. His barrel is broad , much like his draft blood. His long back, helps even out the broadness giving his lunges plenty of room to expand. His sloping runner's shoulders tie in well to the thick chest. His chest looks like it could knock over a tree, due to the width and muscle tone. His neck once again ties in well, being longer than a drafts and thicker than an Appendix Quarter horse. His hip set is astounding, sloping with lighter Appendix Quarter horse muscling, but still round. His body is perfect for fleeing as well as digging his hooves in and fighting.
Other: He also has a small shoulder back on his right side. It is currently empty
Real Cowboy type man, nice to women rough and tumble with the boys, fighter, strong morals.
Born into a happy heard foal of Celia and a stallion he never knew besides that his mother told him she called the stallion Ty
She taught him to be a gentleman, but would not allow him to be who he really was, wild and crazy.
He left once he knew the basics of how to fend for himself.
He has found his way to Helovia
He left Helovia a few days after Nato disappeared and went back to his mother, where he found out the name of his Father
Tyradon x Celia
Step Father
Paternal Grandparents
Terrador the Earthmover x Soleil the Virtuous
Maternal Grandparents
unknown x unknown
Full Siblings
Half Siblings
Volterra Tyradon x CONFUTATIS
NymeriaTyradon x CONFUTATIS
Magic, Items and Companions
OOC Details
Creator: Pare (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: He is pretty open to anything really! If you end up not wanting him anymore please give him back! Message me on my OOC Pare if you'd like him!

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