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Helovian Native
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Gender: Colt Species: Hybrid Age: 1 Year
Height: 16.1 HH Affiliation: Outcast Rank: N/A
Breed | Draft Mutt
Coat Color | Liver Chestnut
Mane (Feather Colors) | White crown that fades into a dark brown similar to his coat
Tail Color | Flaxen
Markings | White face mask on the right side of his face, along with markings on his back legs and a shared tattoo with his sister (Sariel). The marking itself is a Parabatai rune that is nestled on the inside of his front, left foreleg. The rune is meant to pair two Shadowhunters together, so they can draw on each other's strength.
Eye Color | Blue with one being lighter than the other
Build | Uriel is slightly heavier than his sister, but incredibly agile and strong. His endurance is just as strong as his mind and he is crafted for battle.

Uriel is a fine blend of both his mother and father with a heavier build and the feathering to match. Due to an infection at birth, the colt is unable to produce wings despite their beginnings along his shoulders. The infection also spread into his front left leg and until he is fully matured, he suffers from pain in the joints and the leg itself grows more slowly than the others. Where the colt’s father had a deficiency that deformed his wings, Uriel has just the opposite. He has plenty of feathering to make up the stunning appendages if they had had not been stunted by his own genes, but instead they take precedence over his mane as well as a small plume settled over his dock. Unlike both mother and father, Uriel has striking blue eyes, but one is slightly darker than the other which is somehow beautiful is its own right. He also has a partial, white face mask that encompasses most of the right side of his face.

Being a liver chestnut, the colt has a thick flaxen tail that will one day kiss the earth when fully developed. However, the most interesting facet about the young hybrid is his ability to create iridescent wings where they have failed to grow. When summoned, they materialize from what appears to be a thin shred of light until they are large enough to rival those with a natural ability to fly. Since Uriel is not as heavy as his father, he is quite agile and can use his magic with grace and relative ease. He may not be as fast more refined breeds, but he is strong and possesses a great amount of endurance.
The Guardian | Uriel is quite protective of those he cares about and will go to any length to watch over those he loves. He has a sense of duty that cannot be surpassed and will risk both skin and bone to keep others out of harm’s way. However, that sense of duty can often come at a price, because the colt does not know how to refrain in dangerous situations. He will risk himself if it means that another goes unscathed and with the idea that he is untouchable, he faces the challenge of discovering that he is only mortal.

The Laconic | Along with being overly protective, Uriel is also a man of very few words. He relates what he believes to be satisfactory and nothing more. He is honest to the point of insult and indifferent when it comes to other’s emotions. The world, to him, is a hard place and nothing can ever truly guard one from the heavy weight of the truth. He believes in pushing weak minds until they are again strong enough to claim independence.

The Domestic | Family is the sole dynamic in Uriel’s life that can sway his stony demeanor. His twin sister Sariel makes up the softest parts of his heart, but no one will ever be as lucky as she when it comes to discovering the colt’s inner depths. He admires his father and will find endless ways to please his mother and, in time, his herd. He is not afraid to express himself when in the privacy of family, but guests to the table will receive the curtesy of a stranger.

The Gallant | Uriel knows no fear. He is convinced that he is without flaw and without rival (no matter how wrong he might be). He does not try to avoid pain or suffering and will always find new ways to test his own limits as well as others’. The confidence he pursues is born of the idea that everyone must, at some point, die. Why wait and cower while life beheads you? Why not grab it by the horns and stare fate, destiny, and demise right in the eye?

The Grim | With such ideas about life and death, Uriel can and will shake the ground upon which others walk. He will face his fears and his doubts without reservation and find a way to overcome any who try to stop him. If they don’t oblige the first time, Uriel will find a way to force them into submission on the second. He’s not adverse to threats or mind games and has no problem using his masculinity to his advantage. In this way, he is shameless and somewhat vile… but Uriel all the same.
Dam | Evangeline the Pure
Sire | Thor the Gentle Heart

Siblings | Essetia (Thor x Tamira), Sariel (Thor x Evangeline)
Magic, Items and Companions
Light x Wind | Can create iridescent wings which allow him to fly
Restrictions | Requires more concentration in battle - can only fly in 2 posts. Fatigue and sickness affect his ability to sustain flight for longer duration

Champron | Metal Champron mask sculpted to resemble feathering, that is topped with two horns, and is white in color with red accents
Restrictions | Heavy, and requires assistance to remove
OOC Details
Creator: Linds (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: I just ask that he be returned should you stop playing him.

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