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Gender: Mare Species: Pegasus Age: 7
Height: 14.2 Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Breed: Bashkir Curly
Height: 14.2
Species: Pegasus
Wings: Large, falcon-like wingspan. Dark chestnut brown across the top, dirty-white lining the bone, and then a vibrant, iridescent mixture of greens on the underside. ?
Eyes: Deep cerulean blue flecked with striking green pigment - greatly resembles the feather of a peacock.?
Mane and tail: Thick, wild and short. Chestnut coloured with subtle flaxen streaks throughout.
Body: Chestnut base, with odd mossy-green roan markings. Coat is thick and curled all year round, but winter dims the bright-hue and the chestnut becomes more dominant while the emerald hide on the underside of the hairs.
Hooves: Hard, small and perfectly round. Brown with subtle moss-green tinge.
Headstrong and rebellious, Xira has mostly driven herself away from whatever family or friends she had. She had a knack for getting into trouble and a knack for not admitting it or accepting help, which often puts her in some tricky situations, but somehow luck seems to be just as often on her side. Xira believes strongly in her independence and especially in asserting herself over stallions and other species. She's not racist, but she stubbornly believes herself to be better than most, giving her a competitive drive and an often unintentionally insulting mouth. Xira is especially passionate about living without rules, and is desperate to keep her pegasus brethren from assimilating into any sort of herd life like the equines and unicorns, for despite staying on her own most of the time she still keeps tabs on her friends and family. Just for fun she'll try to thwart the government of the herd lands, often interfering when they try to claim someone new or hold a fancy herd meeting. Xira isn't afraid to fight, but she lacks any training or natural instinct for it.
Born to a nomadic group of pegasus, small and often ragged in number, Xira and her dam were ever on the move. The lands were often hostile or unknown, so her younger years were kept strict and her mother's eye watchful. Still, when the pegasus nomads did relax they knew how to have fun and instilled in Xira a sense of freedom and owning the whole world and nothing at all, all at once. Many members of the band would leave or join over time, so Xira was constantly losing whatever bonds she might make with someone, causing her to learn to keep herself guarded and distant, slow to trust but fast to smile as new faces were always abundant to replace the ones that left. She doesn't well understand loyalty, serving herself first, but she appreciates someone familiar and still grazes with her dam from time to time. She has some half siblings, but none she knows well. Two years ago her nomadic band arrived in Helovia, and there they've always stayed. Though Xira misses the wilds of her youth, she finds enough mischief here to keep her occupied.

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Magic, Items and Companions
A red-footed falcon named Kye with Read Magic.
OOC Details
Creator: Jen (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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