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Helovian Native
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Gender: Stallion Species: Hybrid Age: 3 years
Height: 15hh Affiliation: Dragon's Throat Rank: N/A
Thin and frail with long legs and lithe built, his resemblance to a fawn is strong. Kari, as a hybrid mix of unicorn and pegasus possess the gray wings of a heron as well as the black dual horns of an oryx antelope. Paired with cloven hooves and a long tactile tail traced with silken hair, he is a peculiar being that doesn't seem entirely real - he is too beautiful and light on his feet, even as the clumsy, tumbling foal he is.
Kari is a peculiar person. A strange mix between youthful naive innocence and premature wisdom, he knows far more than a foal at his age should. Fed with visions of events from his time in the womb and ever since he was born, his connection to earth and time is strong - as is his mind, for it takes a certain kind of person to accept all that information without going insane. Still developing a sense of self, Kari remains a curious colt with equal parts pride and stubbornness as well as a constant thirst for more knowledge.
Born in DT, separated from mother during Wraith plot, has been wandering on and off for the last two years.
Shadow x Carnesîr

Sister: (onsite)

Magic, Items and Companions
:: [Magic: Light x Time | Able to see the history of a person or location upon contact in direct proportion to heightened emotions.]
:: [Restrictions | Visions will be largely involuntary and arrive sporadically upon physical contact. Requires permission to use in normal threads and can only glean up to 30 seconds of history in battle.]

:: [Magic: EarthxSpark | Able to manipulate the magnetic currents around objects, causing them to move and/or stick together]
:: [Restrictions | Can only manipulate objects within 5m of the body]
OOC Details
Creator: Chan (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: Please be active and return him to me if you can't play him anymore. Please and thank you!

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