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Helovian Native
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Gender: Stallion Species: Equine Age: 4
Height: 16.3 Affiliation: Outcast Rank: none
Standing at 16.3hh, Nym is simple, but rather handsome. Blue eyes look out from a chestnut and white face, a T shaped marking adorning his forehead and down his nose. His build is thicker than most, with feathers trailing behind his hooves and strong legs carrying him. He has the typical build of a draft cross, and is a healthy chestnut tovero. His hips are wide in girth but lean with muscle, carrying him far with their strength. His head is larger, held up by a slightly longer neck, but his barrel and chest suggest a more swifter frame. He may not have much to him, but his eyes are kind and his coat is glossy, making him stunning in his own sense.
Optimistic and polite, Nym is very much his father's son. With a bubbly and bubbly outlook on many things, Nym is never short of something nice to say. He is always courteous to others, diligent in using titles with everyone he meets (sir, madam, etc.). Despite this, he's still very sensitive, and will always put others before himself. He can also be over dramatic, and at times can be insecure when it comes to his confidence. Always the diligent and loyal one, it showed when Nym always followed his twin Abel around during foalhood. Overall Nym is a great friend and companion, and although he has his flaws his kind heart makes up for it.
Born and raise to Torasin and Brooke, Nym spent the majority of his childhood following Abel in his shadow. He had a simple life with just his brother and him, before finally joining the previously known Windtossed Foothills. Tragedy struck when his mother passed, and unable to bear with the pain he left Helovia to console himself, leaving everything behind him. Only when he was two years older did he finally return, and came back with more confidence and independence.
Sire: Torasin
Dam: Brooke
Brothers: Abel (Twin)
Sisters: Sakura(Half), Takura(Half)
Nieces: Merida (SakuraxTyradon)
Nephews: None
Grandchildren: None
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Creator: imi (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
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