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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: 3
Height: 15.3 Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Himitsu is a tri-color paint. Her Brody is decorated by a dark deep bay, a sunkissed dun, and a crisp white. One of her forelegs has a sock that is a much lighter dun than the rest of her dun markings. On her hocks and knees There are splashes of white. Both of her ears are outlined in black but one is white and the other is the same light dun color as her sock. Her muzzle ende with pink showing through a white splotch. For specific placement of her markings check out here reference.

Himitsu's mane is white and brown and her tail is brown and black. Although she can get around well despite her blindness she will often get her mane and tail knotted by the things that get caught up in them.

Born with no eyes, not even eye sockets, Himitsu instead has to extra horns where her eyes should be. With three horns in total the middle is like every other unicorn horn. It rests in the middle of her forehead and is rather long, it will grow a little longer for every year that she is alive. The middle horn will grow higher on her face than the other two; making a triangle shape. The other two will be shorter, about half the length of her main horn, and grow where her eyes should have been. Her horns are like ivory with a pearlescent shine.

Himitsu feels as though her life is largely out of her control so she gets entertainment from seeing others experience a little chaos. Himitsu will be the type to play pranks with the severity depending on how much she likes the target.


Being unable to see takes more of a toll on her personality than what she would ever care to admit. Himitsu feels as if those around her know more about her than what she herself does in some ways. They know how she looks even whenever she has no way of telling. So in her own form of retaliation Himitsu keeps as much about herself secret as she can. There will be no gut-spillings from her unless it is her twin she speaks to.

||Cool Headed||

It takes a great deal to get Himitsu worked up. Nothing else really holds a candle to hearing her mother's murder. It annoys her whenever others fall apart over little nothings. If they press her too hard then she will give them something to fret about.


Himitsu has never seen the world for what it is. Having never seen anything she has created her own imagining s of what the world must look like. And she has no desire to know what things actually are. Why should she whenever she has her own world?


After her mother's death Himitsu will be weary of and racist towards pegasi and equines. Due to never having seen one in their true real life appearance she pictures them all as terrible monsters.

||Sharp Sense of Hearing&Smell||

Having no sight her senses of hearing and smell skyrocketed in strength. Because of this she will love music and will want to be surrounded by sounds that create what she perceives to be musical. Himitsu will judge someone a lot by the sound of their voice. She will be unnerved about sleeping since she cannot see and will search to find what sound lulls her to sleep the best.


For those that she considers to be family she would do anything. And for the most part she would do it without question.
Taken from Tora's profile:

"Born to a sperm donor of a father and an absent minded mare who tried hard to care for her twin daughters, even with the one's disabilities. Tora and her sister had a rough start to the beginning of their stories. So far there isn't much to tell other than their mother being murdered by a band of equines and pegasi that lead to the young girls being orphaned not far from the threshold of Helovia.

Their mother's death only lit the spark of their racism towards other species. Soon after the death of their dam, the girls ran into a band of unicorns that told tales of a wonderful land full of superior unicorns that would take them in with open arms. So there they went."
Mother: Aki

Father: Never Known

Twin Sister: Tora
OOC Details
Creator: TierRen (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: I love Himitsu dearly but I have never been able to hit that big clicking moment with her. I really just want her to be played.

If she is adopted and it is decided the adopter no longer wants her I would want for her to be returned to me.

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