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Gender: Mare Species: Equine Age: 10
Height: 15.1hh Affiliation: Would most likely be Edge or Outcast Rank: Up to Player, though probably wouldn't want a rank
Iberian Warmblood. Holding the graceful disposition of any dignified warmblood, she is quite the sight. She's a bay-based grey, her points falling behind her snowy coat, fleabitten marks speckling hard rump and thighs. Her points will always remain a dark grey, but her coat will only grow whiter and eventually fade out. This is aside the dark grey mark that covers her muzzle and cups her cheeks, framing her face delicately. Her hair is unique in the sense that it began as a dark black, but soon began to form into a rich navy, aside from the tips that were once a lighter blonde. Her hooves have always been a navy blue much to everyone's surprise. Despite her being beautiful she doesn't take very good care of herself; her mane is matted and unkempt in many places, you can see the bone protruding from her hips since she often refuses to eat, or even takes the time to. She is covered in mud, letting it dry and hide her coat while she carries on her normal business. She often has a dazed or dead look in her eyes, not conveying much emotion and having trouble finding the desire to. Her hooves are chipped and cuffed, no longer giving off the beautiful shine they once head. To be blunt, she's a huge mess because she chooses not to care for herself.
Broken, like her name defines her. She is lost in her own mind and the past, a broken heart and soul trying to find herself in the depths of a life she will never get back. She is self-depreciating, has no self-esteem and feels as if no one truly loves her. She is numbed by the world around her and is slow to respond to most things because she's so recluse in her own mind. It takes time for her to often register things and to think them through, making her come off as dumb. She feels she's dumb, worthless and of no use in this world, but continues to live in an attempt to punish herself for all the wrong she has done. Has a serious issue with codependency, will latch on to any man who shows her any sort of affection. Feels that she must offer herself as thanks for them acknowledging her, and as a result has had multiple foals, all that have left her alone. Has an extremely large dependence on Myrrine, and was always desperate for her company and being by her side.

Despite this she has a kind heart, loves all and is easy to forgive. She will do anything Myrrine asks, even die for her, and is always trying to see the good in others. Is generous and selfless, always putting others first. Has a minor stubborn streak, but it's often over the most petty of ridiculous things. Has such a strong bond with Myrrine, she has always been the favored child even though she was the only non-biological one. Wants to find someone who can make Myrrine happy, so that when she dies she knows that she'll have someone to care for her. Tends to wander off in search of random things, and will be gone for long days at a time.
Briste's childhood was a dark one, much like most of her life. She was beaten and abused by her father who saw her only as a play thing, and her mother was too eager to please said father in order to protect her. Was sexually abused by her father and older brothers often. Would often be starved or chased off for days at a time, before her mother would find the courage to find her and feed her. The cycle would only continue and didn't stop until she was three years old. It finally came to an end when her father found out she was with child with one of her brother's kids. Furious, he nearly beat her brother to death, then proceeded to beat her in hopes of killing the unborn child. He succeeded enough in order for her to have a stillborn, breaking her into two.

She managed to finally gain the courage to run away and stay away for good, living as a loner for many years to come. She refused to go near any herds or stallions in general, until she came across one man who stole her heart. He was kind and charming, and took her in and comforted her in her time of need. They lived happily for a few months, and she thought she was in love. She wanted to be his mate, to love him forever, but he had other things in mind, and as soon as he found out she was pregnant he left her to work it out on her own. Heartbroken and confused as to why she couldn't find anyone to love her, she gave birth to a beautiful filly whom she poured her soul into. The filly grew with her mother until she was about six months old, until one day Briste's former lover returned, wanting to claim the child now as his. He had a harem now, and wanted to continue to make it grow with his offspring and mares. He cast the mare to the side and invited his daughter to join him, insisting that her mother was mentally ill and not a suitable choice as a parent. The child had grown tired of being hovered over and so agreed, leaving Briste alone again.

Feeling heartbroken and defeated, the mare left again in search of something to complete her life. She met more men who she had flings with or minor conversations, yet still remained a loner. She managed to have another filly, who stayed with her until a year and a half before growing tired of her and leaving her to find something for herself. For years after that, Briste continued living as a vagabond, avoiding confrontation at any cost and trying to hide from the world until she died. This all changed the day she came across a little foal only hours old, left to die.

She was a small spotted thing, desperate and confused as to why she had been left behind, and immediately Briste reached out to her. There was an instant connection, and thus began the journey of her and her little spotted babe. She learned through the child that her name was Myrrine, and that she had watched her mother walk away from her without looking back. This broke her heart, and she vowed she would never leave this girl's side and would always love her like her mother didn't. Their bond only grew, and they were inseparable. Myrrine learned to understand the way she communicated, and even tried helping her with anything she needed. Their love knew no bounds, and Briste finally began to feel happy again. Until disaster hit once more.

Her little girl was only six months when she left one day in search of herbs, somewhere close where they both knew well. She wasn't worried until the sun had begun to set, as Myrrine had always returned before then. She went to look for her immediately, only to come up empty-handed. She searched for days and nights, refusing to sleep and trying to find the scent of her precious spotted girl. No matter how hard she looked she couldn't find a trace, and her entire world crashed around her. Ever since then she's been looking for Myrrine, refusing to give up no matter how much it hurts, all to keep her promise to her.
Parents deceased



Foxtrot - Brother
Russel - Brother
Sentry - Brother


Unnamed(xFoxtrot) - Son
Delilah(xCrossfade) - Daughter
Riddle(xPhoenix) - Daughter
Myrrine(xAdopted) - Daughter
Magic, Items and Companions
None, will most likely want a dragon companion or some sort of bird. Magic is up to player.
OOC Details
Creator: Watermel0nBob (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: I'd really like the person who plays her to be active on site in general and in Myrrine's life. Their bond has and always will be very strong, so I would like there to be some commitment going into this. If you feel at any point that you're unable to continue playing her, please let me know (I won't be mad don't worry), and I will happily take her back. I want her to go to a loving home, and I wanna be able to have lots and lots of threads with her!!!

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