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Gender: Mare Species: Equine Age: 5
Height: 16'2 Affiliation: None Rank: None
Bay Thoroughbred mare with white reverse brindling. Build ref
Eye colour, facial markings, and leg markings are completely up to the adopter!
She's sweet to a point that's reasonable, trying to keep a happy and polite face to almost everyone she comes across unless they treat her rudely. She's good on feet and fast with thinking and making the right decisions when needed, and is the one mostly in charge making sure those around her don't end killing themselves for eating the wrong food.
Her intelligence is natural enough for her that she expects others to be around the same level as her and can come off as snobbish for it, but doesn't mean it purposely or in ill mind.
Children make her uncomfortable. She's a notorious worry wart, and the presence of children makes her worry that she might happen to do something wrong that affects the child in a negative way.
While fighting is not her forte, she makes good for a spy, acting almost cat-like. She tries to keep herself constantly aware of her environment at all times and chooses to avoid making unnecessary noise.
Comes from the same place as Walkure, Amatersu, and Sabellius. You can check Walkure's profile for a lot more info on it.

Her mother was a healer living in exile with other healers, all of which were female. Their main interaction with the outside world was through those who came seeking their help, and on occasion, through the males that they bred with. Any male offspring would be kept until they were at the age where they felt they could live on their own, and were able to leave then. Sexual relationships of any sort were discouraged, but for those who felt comfortable with it, romantic relationships could be held between the females of their family.

Her removal from her home was by choice. When the life of healer couldn't be found interesting to her mind which was endlessly filled with the need to know the forbidden things of her world, an offering was made for her to become involved in the war if she pleased.
At 2 years, she met Walkure, Amatersu and Sabellius, soon after having the beginnings of a romantic relationship with Amatersu.
While her time in the war wasn't as brutal and violent as her friends, she was the first one to break under the weight of it's actions, and the one to propose giving up on it. After ending her involvement in it, she and Amatersu stayed within the land before finally breaking and leaving.
Mother: Iliyana
Father: Unknown

As is custom of her society's culture, females may only birth a child once, given that they produce a female, therefore Kaveri lacks siblings.


Amatersu: Romantic partner. She is very open about their relationship, and while not a very aggressively romantic person, the affections she gives the other mare are typically light, filled with soft compliments and gentle physical showings of affection.
Walkure: The two do not get along perfectly and wear a mutual air of discomfort around one another. While nothing is very obviously negative between the two, if let alone only small talk occur.
Sabellius: Even though he is a male, she views him as the sibling she would never have, and is more attached to him than she is any one else in the world. They are almost inseparable when together and thoroughly enjoy each others' company to the point that it may come off as romantic.
Magic, Items and Companions
Kaveri is extremely interested in magic, and if shown and taught about it, will purpose gaining it. Whatever it might be is up to the adopter!

Items and companions are up to the adopter as well.
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Creator: Zuno (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
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