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Gender: Mare Species: Equine Age: 5 years
Height: 15'3 hh Affiliation: Up to Adopter Rank: None
A blue roan Noriker with a good display of her breed. Littered with scars and one particularly noticeable scar at the right eye, with bite marks surrounding the eye.
Her eyes are a lovely shade of teal and might be the only truly attractive thing to her.
Typically, you'll find her dirty and nasty looking, probably covered in mud. Hygiene isn't so important to her when a good roll in the mud will keep the flies off.

A fun thing to know about Amatersu is that she doesn't a damn about gender binaries, and is okay with the usage of any pronouns.
She's very brutish, and that's saying it politely. She doesn't care about who you are, what you do in this world, and what sort of importance you have, might have, or had in the past. To her, life is about earning your worth and proving it, not getting what you've got because your parents had it, or because you went to some sort of fancy training. She needs the physical proof that you'll do what you need to when the time comes, and even when the time hasn't come.
She likes to brag and get loud, and oh boy, don't dare to look at ANY of her scars. There's a story for every single one of them, and each time she tells them they change into something more dramatic and outrageous. Once you've been caught in her telling stories about "the scar I got from fighting a dragon, I'm telling you, he had to be 80 feet tall and breathed fire AND lightning" or "how I once fought a God, yea, a real life God. He thought I couldn't do it, and hey, I did it!", it's best to sit it through and wait til she gets tired. She'll ask you for cool stories too, and will listen as closely as she can over any of them and ask all the questions she can think of.
As for her voice, she likes to yell. Almost all of her talking is yelling, and her laugh might as well make the earth shake with how loud she can get when she's really found something good to laugh at. She'll tell you crude jokes that you probably shouldn't repeat if you want to keep your dignity(and maybe your friends).
She's seemingly easy to befriend, but her loyalty is hard won but kept until the day she dies.
But not to forget, her favourite thing to do is fight. She'll fight anyone. She'll fight you, your mom, your dad, your third cousin twice removed, a dragon, a god if the chance arises. Unless it's an act of war or a challenge, she typically sees it as sport and nothing more than a good round of fun and will tease(sometimes harshly) nearly constantly through a spar. Any physical contact with her is expected to be rough and pushy, and if you don't watch her, she'll push you down with either her chest or butt.
She also doesn't care if you want to stay clean or not. If she can't get an itch somewhere, she'll substitute the nearest person, regardless of a size, as a scratching post, gladly rubbing whatever mud and dirt on her onto you.

The sight of any unicorn, pegasi, or unipeg is likely to leave her believing she is going crazy. She doesn't think they exist at all.
Same will go for magic! Seeing magic is likely to make her freak out.
As with Walkure, she is from a place where Pegasi, Unicorns, and Unipegs don't exist due to mass genocide. Magic is forbidden, gods are creatures of lore that will kill you and swallow you up in broad daylight just because they can.

Amatersu was born out of a mountain dwelling herd, closely knit when the numbers of females never scaled higher than five.
Her time with warfare began at 2 years, meeting Walkure, Kaveri and Sabellius at their small training group. While she had little interest in the gain of power that would come with her involvement, the idea of being able to fight in the war, not to mention command soldiers in the war seemed like a dream. She was the one to quickly excel in physical fighting and taking risky, unplanned moves and became known for it.
When it came to the proposal of giving up on the war after it's reason had been far extended, she was the last to agree but in the end, gave in after long persuasion courtesy of Kaveri.
Following Walkure leaving, Amatersu spent her time with her romantic partner, Kaveri, leaving with Kaveri.
Father: Kreios
Mother: Livia
Sibling wise, she has many half siblings that are meaningless to her.


Kaveri: Her romantic partner. They hold an extremely tight bond and Amatersu treasures her more than she does anyone else. While she isn't romantic in personality, she's known to try and find ways to compliment Kaveri in her own ways.
Walkure: One of her best friends and true family members. There is nothing more fun for her(other than fighting) than to rub dirt and grime all over Walkure and to laugh when the mare complains, and to tease her over her small stature.
Sabellius: LOVES teasing him over anything possible. While the two rarely fight physically, verbal breakouts between the two of them are common. Friend-enemies comes to mind with these two.
Magic, Items and Companions
Amatersu is unlikely to take interest in magic due to her feelings about it.

Armor just isn't her thing but if it's cool enough, then hell yea, she'll be all over it. Whoever adopts her is free to pick out any companion they like for her!
OOC Details
Creator: Zuno (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: She's likely to search out Kaveri if possible.
Herd life might go weird for her, but once reunited with Walkure, Kaveri, or Sabellius, they'll remain inseparable as a group and will work through issues and agreements together.
The adopter is able to have as much free rein as possible with her as long as it keeps to her main theme

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