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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 7 (Frostfall birthday)
Height: 13.1 hh Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
breed: Caspian Horse x Welsh Pony (section B)

colour: bay tobiano

mane and tail: mostly black, lighter brown chunks as shown in picture

horns: white and brown swirled, like those seashell chocolates

eyes: green

markings: stripe on face, one white leg, stripes on right shoulder, pastern on rear left leg, single white spot on inner left thigh

birthday: Frostfall
Jacob (or 'Jake') is a lot calmer than his twin brother. Although certainly excitable, he takes things seriously and is the more level-headed of the two. He was the first born and being a while .1 hand taller than Johnny has given him a sense of responsibility for the ridiculous candy pony.

- excitable
- level-headed
- prone to brooding
- protective
- comforting
- flirty
- prefers cold weather

This personality is, of course, welcomed to be expanded! Jake hasn't been played in a very long time and is open for development
- mother was cursed by a witch when she was carrying the twins, resulted in Johnny being candy-flavoured and Jacob being chocolate-flavoured
- ran away from home as yearlings after someone tried to eat Johnny
- travelled together, seeking a home and causing trouble on their way
- Johnny eventually separated from his brother (we can discuss why, could be that he just got lost!) and found his way to Helovia
- what Jacob's been up to for the past year is entirely up to you
Mother: Viola | unicorn, grey from dun
Father: Sebastian | unicorn, palomino paint
Siblings: Johnny | twin brother | unicorn, white w/pink points
Magic, Items and Companions
pre-Helovia, Jacob had :: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Body is made of chocolate ] which would require a passive magic pass or design slot to get. If he comes to Helovia, he could always lose the magic upon entrance and have to deal with being a regular, old-fashioned non-chocolate pony!
OOC Details
Creator: Sarah (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: N/A

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