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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 7
Height: 15.2hh Affiliation: None Rank: Up To Adopter
<> Warm chestnut colour with a dusty black mane and tail.
<> Facial features are like that of a Red Panda. Splashes of white of his cheeks, a smear down his face and over his nose with small white accents above his eyes. (Lashes are also white)
<> Legs, chest and barrel area are coated in a wash of soot that extends down to his cloven hooves. Locket also has black belly hair and a white beard.
<> Horn is beautifully curved and coloured shades of black.
<> Eyes are emerald and contain different flecks of green, ranging from dark moss to vibrant jade.
<> He is vibrant in character and full of wild life. He is morbidly fun taking light in grotesque scenes and forever joking amongst peers and even strangers. He is as quick to call you friend as he is to call you enemy, most would presume him ignorant and dim. This would be in fact not true, Locket sees more than he lets on and allows his extreme character to fool those around him. He enjoys the company of mares more than stallions and tolerates the youth, the steed makes little comment on his preference to his own species. Allowing his actions to speak louder than his words.
<> Not note worthy enough for Locket to bother to recite. It is also believed he may of forgotten bits of his past through his need to live in the present. Where most travel with stories behind them Locket is forward in thinking. What we do know is that he grew up in a relatively nondescript places with only his mother to guide him. Part of no herd and no territory they wandered aimlessly from grassland to beaches to mountains. Seeing many things as he grew. No one knows what happened to his mother or why he came to Helovia. Yet there he stood, in the canopy of the Threshold.

--I can give his old helovia threads to the adopter--

** Former warrior of the Foothills
** Has fought in the Grey Invasion of the Foothills, lost but defected to the Grey afterwards
Dam :: Unicorn :: Chestnut Arabian
Sire :: Unicorn :: Blue Roan Arabian
Magic, Items and Companions
Teppei :: Giant Panda :: Stormcall
OOC Details
Creator: imi (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: Only that please try keep him active and, if you decide you no longer want to play him, return his details and such to me! So I can keep his history, profile etc... tracked. + have fun! :D

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