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Lev Fence

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Gender: Stallion Species: Equine Age: 41 Months
Height: 15.3 Affiliation: None Rank: Outcast
Lev Fence is a Purebred White-Grey Orlov Trotter, a russian breed. His mane and tail were once tied up neatly in show buns along his neck by black ribbons, but they have since come partially undone, leaving him with stray locks of hair among the few remaining buns. He is full bodied but svelte, with sharp dark grey curved hooves. On his right foreleg, a pattern very similar to this wraps around his knee, and the black portion extends down the rest of the leg, leaving him with one jet black hoof. Scars from his battles with the shadows litter his form, the most noticeable being an extensive set of large slash marks across his back and hindquarters, and a long, jagged scar running across his nose and over the left side of his lip.
Fence has changed much after his encounter with the shadows in Isilme. Though he was once self-centered, flirtatious, rude, and intentionally obtuse, he has since forgotten the way he used to act. As he rebuilds himself bit by bit, he discovers his own softer side. He is, first and foremost, gentlemanly and kind. He is incredibly selfless, wanting to help others before himself, and this can in part be attributed to his strong sense of loyalty and his newfound protective nature. He loves the little things; to sing and run, but he likes it all better with company. He still maintains his talkative manner, and is just as speedy as before when it comes to a run. He will always be a bit competitive, and he still hates uncleanliness of any sort. He cares less about his appearance than he once did, and he has become somewhat forgetful, if not in an endearing manner. His eyes have begun to wander towards stallions more than mares, but he still remains unaware of his infertile state. He has developed a terrible fear of the dark, and is often haunted by his near-death experience and the memories of those he left behind in Isilme.
-Journeyed to Isilme, Anarore.
-Met Evengeline and Ruske and was (barely) accepted into the woodlands.
-Met Yuri, and flirted with her extensively.
-Carried out his Warrior test with Archibald, struggled with his attraction towards him while fighting.
-Fought his way out of Anarore, barely surviving his battles with the shadows.
His mother was a beautiful black trotter with emerald eyes and a heart of gold. His father was a greying trotter with an accent thicker than russian snow and eyes like coal. He remembers them only faintly; when he does, he misses them with all his heart.
Magic, Items and Companions
None, but has a wishlist!
OOC Details
Creator: Jen (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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