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Helovian Native
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Gender: Stallion Species: Hybrid Age: 84 Months (will need to be aged up)
Height: 17.1 HH Affiliation: Former member of the Grey Rank: Outcast
-Arborun Lignea
-White Gray
-Coat changes to a pale mixture of pastel pinks and oranges in the warm seasons, causing him to resemble a sunset, or the inside of a piece of birch bark.
-PercheronxThoroughbred, displaying mostly draft qualities
-Birch tree, roots underneath the skin that grow up from the hocks, and the tree eventually sprouts up from the shoulder.
-Red leg striping, around which the flesh appears to curl up like slits in bark
-White eyes, red-brown flecks
-Long and thick mane and tail, with bark shavings
-Silvery white spiked metal shoe and boot that wraps over the front left pastern and is tied together by a red leather strip behind the ergot that is engraved with faint patterns of red leaves and vines. Provides traction and improves damage caused by kicks
-Fascinated by Pegasi, or, as he calls them, Avikun
Birch's father of the same name headed a small herd directly outside of Prim'sylvia. The general unification of the lignea, and the species' peaceful ways, were a foreign concept to his family, who were all fiercely proud Arboruns. While his parents were skilled in battle and had the capacity to kill, however, they chose to maintain peace- something he never found himself agreeing with. When Birch was born, he was expected to take over the family duty of leading the herd, and his entire young life was spent preparing for the day when the throne would be his.

When outside invasion struck merely months after a drought that had left the herd weak, the herd was left decimated and they were forced to surrender. In a fit of rebellion, only days prior Birch had decided to leave the herd, but had failed to return to warn them of the invasion's approach. When the battle ended, Birch sneaked back to the border of what was once his herd-land and found his father in a state of disrepair, close to death.

His father's last words to Birch had been to return to the herd and save them- to take his rightful place as the leader of the herd and rebel against the invaders. Birch watched his father die in silence; watched as the look in the senior Birch's eyes had turned to desperation and despair as it became clear that his son had no intention of carrying out his final wish.

Birch remained at his father's side until the next morning when he at last ceased to breathe, and then ran from his herdland. He lived briefly in the area beyond the steppe before one day finally stepping forth into Helovia.
Born to Birch (s-d) and Ivy (m-a)
Magic, Items and Companions
LightxWater: The ability to summon snowfall and storms for a radius of up to 20 feet. Due to the current magical disturbances, his magic sometimes malfunctions and manifests as a storm of fiery ash.
OOC Details
Creator: Jen (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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