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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 11 years
Height: 16,2 hh Affiliation: Aurora Basin Rank: Outcast
Breed: Andalusian-Draft
Height: 16.2 hands
Eyes: Bright red
Body: Dark dapple gray tobiano
Markings: Pale white head to a dark muzzle. Right eye has a dark ring, left eye has white all around and pink skin.
Mane: Gray with some white strands
Tail: Lion
Hooves: Grey, cloven
Horn: Black, smooth, curved
Other: Heavy leg feathering, black. Classical unicorn beard, gray with white streak. Often soot smudged, dusty and dirty. Ash falls from him when he moves and he exhales it in clouds.
Supremist. .. Deceitful. .. Superstitious. .. Vengeful. .. Greedy. .. Patient.
Cinesviam believes himself to be superior to all others, finding little fault in himself and his genetics. He means to seize power and wield it tirelessly to gain even more power, until he sits on a throne across the world. He's an incredibly patient and time-biding individual, able to ride out the storm and appreciate more favorable conditions. Honor has little meaning to him, finding it the excuse for stupidity and missed opportunity. He values intelligence and ability above all else, but knows well the price of loyalty when regarding his followers. He lies as easily as he breathes, and would not hesitate to sacrifice anyone for his own good will.

Cineviam is a bit superstitious despite his other traits. His path of ashes is a precious magic to him, with him ever since birth and the cause of most of his successes, to which he is well aware. As such he's grown incredibly dependent on the magic and reads into the path omens and warnings that may or may not be there. He loathes poor weather, rain and windy says his greatest foe as it scatters and looses his ash. He often hides from such weather, his mood fouling and his thoughts twining about one another.

Capable in body of fighting and well experienced on the battlefield, Cinesviam would prefer not to cut himself up to achieve business if at all possible. He has no qualms with others getting bloody for him, but personally he'd like to resort to the weapon of his tongue than his hooves, but he is a force to be reckoned with should it come to blows or peaking tempers.
There was nothing extraordinary about the birth of Cineviam. It began like most others in a spring night, his dam alone in her pains while the rest of the herd grazed nearby, watchful and anxious for the new life. Her labor passed easy, Cineviam not her first foal. She was a well-natured mare, strong enough to correct and punish her rowdy colt when needed, but soft enough to let him breath and learn at his will. She taught him of the world's dangers and secrets. He grew up ordinary in a herd of mixed blood and species, learning to appraise the skills the other kinds have rather than hate or fear them.

The foalhood was not all sweetgrass and poppies however. The herd was by no means just living off the land, content with their plight. Cineviam's sire and lead of the herd meant to train the young he'd fathered to be capable warriors and diplomats. Cineviam and his siblings worked day after day in practice and training, learning an assortment of skills and theories, honing their magic if they had it. They were whispered to of greatness and power, promised things that such young foals should not be promised. Their hearts steeled and their muscles firmed while their minds sharpened and their hooves turned fleet. They were a grand army, and their father used them well. He took over many surrounding herds and nomads. He showed little compassion to these outsiders, and the foals watched on, learning to love your brethren but defile your enemies. They became terrible, their numbers only ever growing. The mares ate on peaceably, the business of a stallion and his kids none their own so long as they had food and shelter and newborns to keep them busy and content.

Good things eventually come to an end, as they say, and by Cineviam's fourth year his father was slain by one of his ambitious sons. Most of the army was sons, the sisters when of appropriate age and size sent with the other mares and bred back to their father, a believer in the worth of blood, even if it's circulated back, and especially then. This phased the herd very little, but it brought out the greed in many of the other sons. Eventually they tore each other apart, tossing to shambles the weak sense of loyalty and brotherhood, the one thing their sire had not seen to instill in them. Many scattered themselves into the world, Cineviam among them. The longing to wonder and conquer took their hooves and their heavy hearts to conquer other places, where family squabbles did not drive their heads to ache. Many stayed behind, determined to have the home herd their own, to claim their father's empire. It was a grand empire truly, but Cineviam thought he could make a better one. His father and his brothers were skillful, but he thought them too ignorant to the world beyond, as he was and quickly learned upon traveling into it. In the next two years he crossed many regions and learned of customs he'd never dreamed of. He took it all in, biding his time with a glittering grin while he followed his path of ashes to Helovia.

- Met by Hellena, seer of the Edge, in the Spectral Marsh. His ash seemed enthralled by her, so he followed her and joined the edge, possibly to join the Plague.
- Greeted Seiren in the Gateway, interested by her but also easily ruffled by her coy ways. Was calmed when Jackal approached, whom his ash was interested in.
- Brief meeting with Prometheus and Pyr in the Edge, found the boy curious.

- Foolish Preacher xx Listens alongside Mauja as Torasin preaches about the Sun God.

- Burn it All xx Watches the Sun God burn the World's Edge while on his rampage.

- Blood Order xx Meets with unicorn supremiscts, Mauja, d'Artagnan, Lotus, and Ulrik.

- Healing the Scars. xx Watches the Earth & Moon god help heal the Edge & Mauja after the Sun God's flames.

- To Clear the Dead xx Interferes when intruders come to "help" clear the burned trees of the Edge.

- Everything starts xx Meets Daenerys. Attacked by the God of the Sun.

- Everything Burns xx d'Artagnan heals burns from Sun God.

- I'll make your heart bleed for me xx Recruiting Vanamo.

- you're just a game I play xx Brings Vanamo home to the Edge.

- escorting the princess. xx Approaches Kri with several others when she comes for their prisoner of her herd.

- I have returned, bruised but not broken xx Greets and welcomes Zar'roc into the Edge.

- the tunnels tell no tales xx Breeding thread with Lotus.

- Ashes to ashes xx Breeds with Lotus, producing a filly.

- Change of Seasons xx Attends Edge herd meeting called by Mauja.

- Emissary Encounters xx Attends meeting with Lena and Riccardo, held by Mauja, for emissary work with the other herds.

- UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round ONE xx Competes in unciorn swimming race.

- UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round TWO (fixed) xx Competes in unciorn swimming race.

- UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round THREE xx Competes in unciorn swimming race.

- Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND ONE] xx Fights in the Qian invasion of the Edge.

- Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND TWO] xx Fights in the Qian invasion of the Edge.

- Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND THREE] xx Fights in the Qian invasion of the Edge.

- Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FOUR] xx Fights in the Qian invasion of the Edge.

- Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FIVE] xx Fights in the Qian invasion of the Edge.

- Archangel of Vengeance [ex-Edge rally] xx Attends meeting held by Mauja after they lose the Edge to the Qian.

- I'll lay down and bleed awhile xx Meets up with Daenaerys after the Edge fails the invasion and retreats, defeated by the Qian.

- A catch in my throat, Choke. xx Recruiting Mirame.

- swing, swing xx Spars with Faelene. Wins.

- ring around the rosie xx Stolen by Hiroko/Dragon's Throat. Released. Wanders out of Helovia.
Sire: Yaseth [black tobiano]
Dam: Ulmreea [dapple gray]

Half-brother: Ignatius the Firesword

Nephew - Deimos [on site]
Great-Nephew - Zar'roc [on site]
Niece - Zuriel [deceased?]
Niece - Lesse [deceased]
Cousin? - Belial [on site]
Second Cousin? - Sublime [unknown]
Magic, Items and Companions
- Dark.Fire .. body produces ash that can be summoned to create a trail, leading to what is most needed at the time, based on the user's conditions or desires.
- Unlikely to want a companion.
OOC Details
Creator: Blu (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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