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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: Seven
Height: 15.3 Affiliation: Hidden Falls Rank: Tiro I
Standing at a fair 15.3 hands, I am a long legged, thinly built sculpture. Long strands of thin creamy white hair highlight my neck and back end, neither my mane or tail being notably long. Violet eyes and ancient Celtic designs decorate my dark face, long horns of a Kudu accenting the top of my skull; the white pattern designing the length of my nose starts just between my eyes and ends at a point between brown nostrils. It is made up of softly rounded triangles all weaving into each other. Below my left eye sits five dots of the same color, growing larger as they reach further around my eye. Small white marks and vague scars cover my body, but most of them are old enough to have grown small and puckered underneath overlying hair. Recently I somehow acquired a gauge in my right ear; it's an entire inch wide and made of hollow steel so you can see right through it.
I believe that I am just as normal as every one else.. Perhaps a little better though. I carry myself with pride, constantly trying to keep myself clean and crisp, ready for compliments that I so much enjoy receiving. On guard and smart about my moves, I refuse to allow a stranger to get too close, but I often break that barrier and move in myself. While I may be thought of as insensitive and -maybe even- just a stone cold bitch, I am full of emotions and second thoughts and regrets, even if I don't show it. I have found it a lot easier to stay distant and only keep a few close, even if they are not physically close. A mental bond is much stronger than a physical one. Strangers will likely find me either very quiet and observing, or very curious and nosy; there is no in between, as when my curiosity does kick in, it is an annoying bitch.
Born to Cadeyre and Boudicca of the Meelan, I am the spawn of a king and his worthless slave. My father is a proud and respected warrior, where as my mother was an emotionless, distant mare. She had a cold voice and a dead stare when she had to speak to me or let me eat in order to live; I believe the malnourishment from what little I could eat at such a young stage is what caused my body to become so lanky and thin. As soon as I was weaned from her dry tit, I was put into training along side my father. He was not impressed with me as I struggled to pick up on his swift movements and rough attacks, so I was pushed harder than the others. Boys picked on me in the trainings, mocking how weak and girly I was, so I learned to compensate my size to theirs by taking low, dirty hits. The entire herd's head was designed with antlers just like mine, but they were of close to no use during a fight, so if we were to use them we were punished. I watched as my father snapped ends off of growing horns of the colts, and in fear that it would make me look as ghastly as them, I refused to even think about using them. Nearly two years of violent spars against one another and attacks on outlying herds allowed us to grow into a fear-striking band full of merciless maniacs. Finally, my father was proud of me, and decided it was time to continue my lineage through my side. I stood and watched as the men I grew up training with were brought to the ground and cut open by much older stallions... all in order to claim my body as theirs. Squeals and cries tortured the night and I watched silently, my eyes swimming behind a constant stream of hot tears. Finally, a stallion that was older than my own father won the battle and came out nearly unscathed, proud to blow his venomous breath against my ear as he purred soft words of passion. He towered over me, his hair knotted and full of filth; his eyes were shallow and cold, just like my mother's. A night full of shaking legs and endless tears plagues my mind to this day; the night of my first, unprepared pregnancy. I walked around ashamed of my slowly bloating belly, my head hung low and lifeless eyes cast down from the proud smiles of my family.

It was all wrong, all too soon! I remember the contractions, "No, not yet!" I remember crying, whining to the empty forest as I fell to my knees. Four hours of tears and screams tainted a memory that should be full of love and excitement; what we had produced was not ready for this cold world. It lied there, motionless, my nudges and cries to get up not getting through to the lifeless body. I could feel the anger begin to boil over the painful strike of grief once I finally realized that my pleading would not work. My body had failed me, just as it always has, and it was all my fault. Back up on my feet, I hid the mistake with a distant stare and a frozen heart. Mud coated my now soft feet, and my breaking body refused to quiver any longer; my father's eyes when he saw me.. I will never forget the disappointment in them that left a hot blush beneath dark fur.

"I will see you in the morning." his words echoed through my head an entire sleepless night, I knew exactly what he meant by that simple sentence; it was time for my training to begin again. My brittle bones ached for weeks, my battered body screaming for the nutrition that the foal had taken from me without even asking. I was pushed hard as I was when I was younger, and it took very little time for me to figure out that there was no way out of this. Life returned back to normal after what felt like forever, and I was soon growing too big for my own head. I was advised to leave the herd, so I adventured off to find somewhere else to wreak havoc upon. This is when I found myself wandering through a forest I was completely foreign to, and I was met by a mare with blood hair and freckles; Eris.

Now, here I stand, still unimpressed and once more pushed into physical fitness after a long bought of sickness wracked my body. My family that had been a band of psychos is slowly melting apart, and I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.
Cadeyre: Sire, Saddlebred, Seal bay
Boudicca: Dam, Standardbred, Flaxen Chestnut

Unnamed: First offspring, premature, stillborn
Magic, Items and Companions
Seeks Dark x Water Magic; Can produce a cloud of thick black smoke from her mouth that will choke others around her. The smoke will leave Agrona feeling a high (ex: blurred vision, slow reaction time).

Seeks a Boggart with the haunting ability.

Obtained a gauge (one inch in diameter) in her right ear as a reward for Thread of The Month.
OOC Details
Creator: Nevada (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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