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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: 3 years
Height: 15.2hh Affiliation: Basin Rank: Basin Mare
Ayleid is a light amber champagne with curvy light gray lines crossing her entire body. Each leg has a dark steely gray points. Standing at 15.2 hands, she is very lean and slender in build and she has a very slight roman nose. Her eyes are an orange that resembles the flame of a candle, an early sunrise or the color of an autumn leaf. Her horn is a lighter orange and is in a very loose single helix formation. Ayleid's mane and tail are thick and long and hold just a slight wave to them. Her mane and tail are also a steel-brownish color.
Sweet, caring, nurturing, and motherly are but a few words that can be used to describe Ayleid. She will help any that ask her of it, provided it doesn't endanger her or her loved ones. She loves others rather easily and will love them wholeheartedly. When she befriends or loves someone she will do anything to protect them from any harm – including surrendering her own freedom. Ayleid isn't really a fighter but more of a healer and strives to help anybody in pain.
Ayleid's homeland is a place called Illomere and her parents were the King and Queen over all the clans that called Illomere home. When she was born all the clans gathered and rejoiced for their new princess' arrival. But the celebration was shortly lived, for one clan wanted to take over Illomere and confided in the most darkest of magick in Illomere. Slowly this one clan grew stronger in power and force and eventually posed a real threat to Ayleid and her parents.

The now yearling Ayleid was ushered to the beach during a raid on her home, but she didn't know anything about the ensuing war or that fact that she was a princess. Once on the beach her parents then put her on a raft, wished her well, and told her that they would be together again someday. It was a lie. Shortly after her home was out of her sights her parents were captured and killed.

After a few days out at sea, Ayleid landed on a land which called itself Cimoron. There Ayleid waited for two years for her family to come find her. In the meantime she made some friends and put her efforts into learning some herbal remedies to help healing others. What Ayleid didn't know was that she would fall in love on this land of Cimoron. Ayleid then found herself at a crossroads: give up on that part of her life and take up a permanent residence in Cimoron or go and find her family and home. With her heart aching she chose the latter and left without telling anybody for fear that she might change her mind.

Now she has arrived in Helovia and not only has the magical barrier taken away her magick, but it has also changed the way she looks.
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