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Helovian Native
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Gender: Stallion Species: Hybrid Age: Three
Height: 16.3 Hands Affiliation: Outcast Rank: Outcast
Blackened tears staining the entire façade night. Black spots of the tovero stallion are entrapped by a chilled blue hue. Windows to the world tinted red, with the occasional, golden fleck of light. Heavy blood feathered his feet, with black, ebon locks. His mane and tail are configured with gently waves, a hint of his ancestry, they are also blackened, with the occasional strip of white. Upon his head he is endowed with a long, spiraled golden horn, his fathers contribution.

Please note that Biru is a character I tried really hard to work with, but he just won't click in writing. So I would really like this character to go to someone who really wants to give him some time.
Brooding, determined, reserved, and opinionated, Biru is a quiet, often misunderstood soul. Since birth, he has been submissive, and learneed the role quickly, but yearns to be in power, not in a way of undetermined dictatorship, but in a way to make change. Biru is a loving soul, and is a singular lover, but he has more than once, wooed a mare. He's very charming in his muscular, taught stance, and is very smooth and chivalrous. It would take more than a pretty face to keep him grounded in one spot. His body craves that of a fight, he is often in battle, training, or doing something productive. Being unproductive is something he will not stand for, because there is always something to be done.
Born in the midst of chaos, a flash of a scaly white creature, and a large flaming one is all he remembers. From birth, the child has fought for a breath. Small, childish body quickly adapted to fear, and food. His pathetic form was picked up by a nursing mare, named Lia, and her nursing daughter, Apai. From the moment he was weaned, back into the world he was sent, returning to the rough comforts of his birth land. To Helovia, he returns.
Mother: Adele, Equine, Warmblood.

--- Granddam: Aera The Shadowkissed

------- Unknown x Unknown

--- Grandsire: Terrador The Earthmover

------- Hyena x Misery

Father: Loki, Unipeg, Friesian x Shire.

--- Unknown x Unknown

Adopted Mother: Lia
Magic, Items and Companions

Annabelle is a female royal Cerndyr companion. Most commonly associated with the Fallow Deer. Although female, Annabelle possess antlers like an adult male Fallow Deer. Her back is fawn, speckled like the deer, however in place the white spots, are dark, smoking ones. Annabelle has the power of dark mist, an ability that will grow with age. As she matures, Annabelle will begin to be able to control the thoughts and emotions of others through a dark mist she can summon.
Annabelle is an intelligent being. Her personality closely resembles that of Biru's. Young and impressionable, she will be very curious, approaching anything to learn about it. She is a bit timid around other horses, and when in the presence of a large group will stick close to Biru's side. To others, she prefers to be called Annabelle, only being referred to as Anna by Biru. Being the bonded of a warrior, Annabelle will have a fighting drive, though will stick mostly to the sidelines, and prefers to attack from afar. When needed, she will attempt to distract the opponent should Biru need her help. This "helping" move will develop while she is still to young to use her elemental ability.
OOC Details
Creator: Klare (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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