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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: 5
Height: 15HH Affiliation: Aurora Basin Rank: Phantom
Solanine is an Arabian cross but more closely resembles her Egyptian bloodline with their dished features and fragile build. Her coat is a deep, solid black that is only marred by the white bands around each of her ankles and another around her eyes. Like her hide, Solanine wears a pair of shallow, dark eyes that do not often portray her emotions. Both mane and tail are also jet-black, however her tail is tinged in white at its tip and despite her breeding the hair is curled.
The little thief is quite cunning. She tends to be sarcastic and rude most days, but is also capable of being quite charming as well. However, her kindness comes at a price so don’t be fooled by her niceties. Solanine enjoys material things… if she stumbles upon something she likes she will fixate upon it until she holds in it her possession. If that something happens to be a someone she will slyly weasel her way into their good graces until she can figure out exactly what it is that makes them tick. Though, she doesn’t typically enjoy another’s company for long... Once she has discovered the reality of them or the “human” part of them, she will often shrug them off in favor of seeking something new and exciting. Her life is based on the “hunt” and the “kill”, whereupon shortly after her fancies will find new prey. However, she is not so heartless as to ward off potential companions of her select choosing even if she can be quite demanding with them. Solanine does not prefer isolation; her habits just make it hard to keep anyone around for long.
Up to player (she was born into an uneventful life).
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Creator: Linds (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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