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Helovian Native
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Gender: Mare Species: Hybrid Age: 2 Years
Height: 15.3 Affiliation: Outcast Rank: Outcast
Race: Uniquine
Breed: Haflinger x Dutch Warmblood
Age: Two Years
Birth Season: Tallsun
Height: 15.3 hh
Eye Color: Crystal Blue shattered and speckled with shades of Golden Amber
Body: A large, broad chest and long, elegant legs, with a thick neck and a strong rump. Dark, coppery Gold in color
Mane: Long, silky strands of snow-white ivory
Tail: Leonine with a full plume of Snow-White hairs
Hooves: Hard, solid hooves, White in color
Horn: An Ivory, twisted horn, set upon her brow in a savory spiral
Markings: Primitive Ivory markings - Leg barring, dorsal stripe, tipped ears, and white rings around her eyes, like a cat.
Outspoken | Bold | Tolerant | Cordial | Courageous | Tomboy
Was born in the World's Edge to Romani and Xanthos

Spent most of her Foalhood in the World's Edge, then left Helovia.

At two years old, Jasiri returned to the land of her birth, ready to begin her own story...
Dam: Romani the Gypsy, Haflinger Equine Mare, Heir to Ossic Briar
Sire: Xanthos of the World's Edge, Dutch Warmblood Unicorn stallion, formerly of the Aurora Basin
Magic, Items and Companions
Magic: INNATE :: Guiding Light :: Can summon an orb of warm, pale light that can guide her to a destination or something she seeks
OOC Details
Creator: Sparrow (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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