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Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Age: Six
Height: 14'1 hh Affiliation: Unnamed Outcast Band Rank: Herd Spy, Adviser
Pyrios deems herself the Phoenix, a title that will always suit her well no matter who has come to lay their eyes upon her.
As much of the Phoenix she claims herself to be, she is small, a frail appearing creature that is nothing of such. Thin with mostly small features, her bloodlines are uncommon, falling within the breed known as a Namib Desert Horse.
Her coat is inflamed, a vibrant chestnut shade that cannot be missed. Wings sprout from lean shoulders, matching her body. The tips fade to orange to recreate a fire look.
Bright green eyes fill her sockets, short black lashes surrounding them. Petite hooves are coloured a dull gray. Markings include an irregular sock on the hind left leg, and a snip that hangs over her right nostril, jutting outwards.
Fiery Temper - Bossy - Loud Spoken - Harsh - Cunning - Cat-Like - Rebel - Pyromanic

When it comes to picking the one that is mostly like to be the trouble maker, child that caused the most chaos whether it was setting things on fire or back talking, then Pyrios was the girl for you. She stands for her views, causing her to appear extremely stubborn. Her tongue is quick to cut with the use of words if that's what she needs to do, and she won't think twice as of her actions. Most are frowned upon and looked down upon, and she can be difficult in the process of gaining friends. Comfort and kind words should never be expected.
Though birdlike, she has the mind of a cat, a skilled master of stealth that hates open spaces, sends long hours lurking in dark places, and even sleeping for long hours. She will commonly go unnoticed, and will make great measures to ensure that she does.
Pyrios is the offspring of something she can't understand, but raised beneath a man she forever owed her life to after abandonment in a wildfire(where she was seen as a Phoenix for then after) left him to save her.
Years within cold mountains makes her comfortable to cool air, to sealing herself off. By the age of three, she falls for the man who cannot ever love her, and leaves all that she has.
Over time, she comes across the only thing she holds dear in her life, Naberius, who becomes her nonbiological brother and traveling companion. The rest is nothing more than boring quests that she ignores the memory of.
Remains unknown
(Parent descriptions given upon request, but they are unnamed to her.)
Magic, Items and Companions
No items, but adopter can add them in if wanted.

Pyrios will never quest for a companion.

Magic To be quested for:

Fire(P) :: Fire proof

All else is left to the adopter.
OOC Details
Creator: Zuno (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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