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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: Six - Tallsun Birthday
Height: 15.1 Affiliation: N/A Rank: N/A
Breed: Lusitano/Fjord x Lippizaner/mustang

Build: Short, refined, luthe

Eyes: Sky blue

Mane: Midnight blue; hangs down to the ground when free, but is usually tied up with lengths of silver silk.

Tail: Midnight blue, leonine with thick, long hair growing down its length. Drags on the ground when free, usually tied up in lengths of silver silk.

Body: Buttermilk buckskin, nearly white, dark legs blue with white socks on the two hinds. Traditional beard.

Horn: Long and traditional, silver and navy spiral

Hooves: Navy and silver striped
Caring . Cheerful . Self-Conscious . Shy . Anxious . Storyteller

Sweet-hearted boy, lover of story and singer of song, Orpheus is the sunbeams illuminating a room, the soft summer breeze which keeps away flies. Always prepared with the gift of a smile, always a laugh on the bright creamy face, Orpheus forces the world to see him as he wills himself to be, a happy man whose selfless nature draws others to him as moths to a flame.

And though he is truly good at heart, his actions are not fueled by kindness alone. Anxiety rides heavy through his veins, concern and abashment at the loud array of color which he cannot prevent from adorning his world. As such he can appear stilted, subdued, for he is painfully shy and afraid of his emotions, knowing he can be read as a painting on the wall. He loves to use his gift to tell stories about the world, sometimes opting for the prettier version of a reality over the stark and ugly truth. Self-conscious, he is slow to take offence but quick to hurt, and will often simply avoid those who have commented too loudly on his coat, or laughed in their malice at his gift, for he is one who would avoid confrontation at all costs.
Born in a band of nomadic horses, Orpheus was the only one of his herd to manifest magic in such a way. As such he was teased for his 'useless' gift, mocked by those who could burn and destroy. The boy grew up unable to hide his pain, a sweetheart with few friends, though those he had would defend him to the end.

Orpheus' mother was the healer of their group, and taught her son to use his power to tell stories, showing the beauty he could create. When the resulting images were not about him, Orpheus could delight in his gift. As he grew, he was given the task of caring for foals, educating them while studying with his mother on how to be a medic without any innate gift.

Alas, there comes a time when every bird must leave his nest, and for Orpheus that time struck the spring after he turned four. Bidding his mother and few friends adieu, Orpheus struck out in his mission to master his magic and bring good to the world, wandering from group to group until he arrived on the doorstep of Helovia.

Demeter :: Bay Unicorn w/dark navy instead of black :: Mother

Theseus :: Perlino Unicorn :: Father

Many half-siblings.

Magic, Items and Companions
Magic: Passive | Light x Water :: his words manifest visually as oil paint, which depending on his concentration and emotional state can appear as anything from simple colors upon his coat to animated projections

He would seek to remove his ability, to mask it, but regret the decision deeply and return to the gods to re-complete himself.

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Creator: Charks (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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