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Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Age: Three
Height: 15.3 Hands Affiliation: Outcast (likely to join Regime) Rank: Outcast
Eugenia is an odd sort. She is a mulberry grey andalusian mare. Instead of exhibiting any chestnut color, a pale blue replaces it. Over time, she will fade to white, the only remnants of the grey will be the faint blue that remains on her knees and in her hair. Where a normal tail should be, is a lions tail. From start to finish, light blue hair descends from top to the very ends. Her hair is braided in the most fashionable way. A large french braid descends from her hair, and at the ending braid that hands, a piece of green Ivy is tight woven in, securing the braid from ever coming out. Her eyes glow a vibrant green like the ivy, contrasting against her pale blue body. She stands strong and muscular, following the suite of her breed. From her head protrudes a long, horn that resembles frost glass.
Eugenia's personality has yet to be fleshed out. However, she will be self-loathing of being a unicorn and strive to be an equine. Likely to get her horn popped off.

Eugenia lives what would be a normal life. She was born to two parents in a nomadic herd, her father the band leader and her mother apart of the harem. They traveled, but during the fall and winter months took residence on a beach. That is where Nina got her seaweed. It was a gift from her mother, to remind her of her roots. At age three, her mother wished her to have a better life than that of a nomad, and sent her on her way. That is how Nina ended up in Helovia.
Maternal Grandmother: Unknown, Nomad
Maternal Grandfather: Unknown, Nomad

Paternal Grandmother: Illina
Paternal Grandfather: Marcus the Fighter

Mother: Rane
Father: Luke the Formidable

Full Siblings: Kine (m, unknown whereabouts), Ima (f, unknown whereabouts).
Half Siblings*: Gretel (f. xLuke), Ron (m. xRane), Popin (f. xLuke)
* those half siblings she is aware about, numerous others exist from Luke.

Children: None
Magic, Items and Companions
Has a seaweed strand in her mane to end off her braid.
OOC Details
Creator: Klare (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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