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Helovian Native
Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 4
Height: 15.3hh Affiliation: Basin Rank: Soldier
- Strawberry roan with sooty, black hairs mixed in. Flaxen mane, beard and leonine tail. Light gold eyes with a classic, dark brown horn. Cloven hooves. Very aware of his own beauty.
- 15.3 hh Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred build. Has gained some of the sleeker attributes of the Thoroughbred, with a slimmer, trim build, but still maintains a muscular hind end.
A tempting, beguiling, seducing creature, Chiron is a character of many layers. He hides his intense hatred of other species beneath a veil of deceitful, charismatic facades – charming and alluring, he would captivate and entrance any beast within his midst, all the while leading them to their destruction. Meticulous, refined and calculating, he has an uncanny ability to pinpoint others that he could easily use for his own devices, and despite his social butterfly exterior, remains very detached from the world. He’s very careful, diligent and conscientious of his avaricious whims and fancies, his deceptions are keen, cunning things, and so he never truly reveals himself – a puppet master, a shadow plucking at one’s strings. When he’s not manipulating and constructing his web of lies, he trains rigorously, an excellent, brilliant soldier.
- When he was young, Chiron’s elder, gentle brother, Alarbus, was taken by a rival herd of equines. He was later sacrificed. This moment in his childhood stirred a quiet, haunting loathing for opposing species, and was later extended to Pegasus.
- Journeyed to Helovia, where he offered his services as a Soldier to Psyche, and later Illynx/Deimos.
Emilius (Quarter Horse descent, red roan) x Tamora (Thoroughbred descent, bay)

Full Siblings:
Alarbus (dead)
Magic, Items and Companions
While he does not yet claim anything, Chiron would most certainly quest for anything of a fire and/or dark element.
OOC Details
Creator: Heather (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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