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Admin Adoptable :: Helovian Native
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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 5
Height: 16.0hh Affiliation: World's Edge Rank: Up to player
A handsome coat of silver dapple, the body a chocolate brown and the mane flaxen and silver. A lion's tail runs to a tufted tip of similar hair as his mane. Cloven hooves prance to the rune his straight and spiraled horn of sterling makes, for it is hollow with notches and holes and he plays it like a most unusual flute.
Deviously charming and good looking, Amarth spends most of his days chasing the mares around and making promises he doesn't intend to keep. He's good natured though and light hearted, so most don't take him too seriously and wave off any offenses he might incur. His songs are often favored and requested by the herd, to which he happily obliges, loving the spotlight and the cascade of compliments. Though his build is strong and full, Amarth's horn would break easily in fights more than a quick spar or full of bravado. He would protect the helpless and the needy in a heartbeat, but he has self-preservation and tends to choose his battles wisely, much more preferring to talk his way out of any situation than let it come to blows.
Born in Helovia within the World's Edge, to a simple mare and stallion of the herd, Amarth has always known this land and its kind. He sticks mostly to unicorn company, feeling more uncomfortable than disgusted or angry at the other species. He creates little quarrels aside those of love, having spent his foalhood in carefree ways as he spends his stallionhood. Young still he may alter his mood given time, but he prefers to be lazy and simple for now, content to batt eyes at the mares and dance for the herd.
Up to player as long as it makes sense genetically.
Magic, Items and Companions
A LightxWind ability that allows him to create mood-altering music should he so desire, amplifying a certain emotion.
OOC Details
Creator: Tamme (PM)
Requires RP Sample: No
Vision: N/A

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