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Gender: Stallion Species: Unicorn Age: 8
Height: 17.1hh Affiliation: Foothills (subject to change) Rank: Warrior
Breed: Medium Warmblood Build
Race: Unicorn
Horns: One, normal spiral black horn followed by three more of decreasing size up over his skull
Eyes: Piercing blue
Mane: Black
Body: Blood, red bay
Hooves: Black, solid
Markings: None
Tail: The top is white and trails into black
Smooth, suave, cold, heartless, brutal, killer, remorseless, charming, dark soul, deep, forward

Rafe loathes the gods and magic, not because of any personal vendetta, but because he hates the idea of not being the master of his own fate. As such, he believes magic to be a drug, a farce, a form of addictive mind control used by the gods to bend the mortals to their will. He rejects it wholly.
Raised by a group of spies and killers who took him in when he was still a child. Rafe found a home in the Grey, a group aligned with his penchant for killing and more devious behaviors. He serves them as a warrior, refusing the title of a head warrior because of the inherent magic it involves from being ranked.
Sire: Dead
Dam: Dead

Siblings: Dead
Children: None
Magic, Items and Companions
OOC Details
Creator: Tamme (PM)
Requires RP Sample: Yes
Vision: N/A

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